Show: Wrestling Epicenter
Guest: WCW Nitro Girl Chae
Date: 09/03/2021
Your Host: James Walsh


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In an episode dedicated to Daffney, we welcome former WCW Nitro Girl Chae to the show to promote her Ring Along organizational product line and kickstarter. You can donate to her Kickstarter at this link!


You can follow Chae on Instagram at her business account Ring Along here (@ringalong) and her personal account here (@chae_marsh)


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On the passing of Daffney:
"Oh, I was so sorry to hear. Sharmell, because we're all still very close, texted Melissa (Spice) and myself to tell us. It was so unfortunate and heartbreaking. My heart just goes out to Shannon's family."


On the way the fans continue to remember the Nitro Girls:
"You know, that is really interesting. I continue to do shows with Melissa (Spice) here and there. The most recent one was 2 or 3 years ago up in New York. I think that was like the first time someone said to us, "You were part of my childhood!" So, I think 20 years is a good mark... Look at Friends. There is a reason they waited about 20 years for their reunion. It is a really good time (for nostalgia) because fans who were in high school or college can look back at such a care free and fun time in their lives. And, we were a part of it!"


On if she was a wrestling fan before signing with WCW:
"I had no idea (about wrestling)! Of course, everyone knows about Hulk Hogan. I came to the US when I was 11 years old. Somehow, wrestling reached Korea even way back when. I want to say that my grandpa used to somehow watch Hulk Hogan. So, we knew Hulk Hogan even in Korea back then. A friend of mine was a manager and his girlfriend was a bartender at a bar in Savannah - where I used to live. When i got the job, I went there and I said, "I just got a job with this wrestling company. I think they have some kind of a Monday Night show... Something about Nitro." They just about fell off their chairs! "Monday Night Nitro!" I was like, "Yeah, what is that?" (laughs) Apparently, they used to have huge parties at their sports bar to watch Nitro every Monday!"


On the Nitro Girls going to college campuses for Nitro Parties:
"At the time, I didn't really know but as I look back at my life... I grew up with two older brothers and I was a Tom Boy. I had to! I didn't really have anyone else to play with. One of the things my brothers loved doing is they would trap me in a blanket and and tuck all the corners so there was like this round air hole and they would take turns and fart in it. (laughs) So, for me, being around guys was a very natural thing. And, I could go there and be as unladylike with the best of them. So, for me, it was a little like going home and hanging out with my brothers."


On how being a Nitro Girl compared to being an Atlanta Falcons cheerleader:
"The crowd was about the same. We had to be realistic. We were there to entertain. With the Falcons, there were 4 corners where the cheerleaders stood and cheered. They made sure that they had every line met - Blondes, long hair, short hair, It really is like a Basken Robbins 21 flavors kind of thing. That is kind of how it was for the Nitro Girls. But, the Nitro Girls were a lot more personalized because there were a lot smaller numbers of us. But, as far as entertaining, it was really about the same. It was about bringing up the energy level and keeping that energy level up. But, it was nice with the Nitro Girls because we really got to showcase our individuality. We got to do our own style. It wasn't like a cookie cutter, same uniform, same routine... Stuff like that. Both were amazing life opportunities that I just cherish."


On her infamous "Wardrobe Malfunction" on Nitro:
"Well, we were still pretty new to the program. Sometimes the left hand didn't talk to the right hand. So, the right had might have thought this was when we would go on, the left hand would say "Oh No!" They weren't really thinking. So, the costume that I designed with all those straps... It could be pretty restrictive. So, we were ready to go out the tunnel and they said, "No, not this one. It is the next one." So, I loosened it (the top). So, of course, something happened where they wanted us to go on immediately. I totally forgot that I loosened my top. So, I'm dancing and I hear this huge pop! So, one part of the brain is trying to remember the routine and the other part is just thinking... And, it was like two people in one trying to figure out, what is going on? Then, I did feel a breeze.... (laughs) But, I wasn't sure. And, it isn't like it stayed out. I guess it worked its way back in. It isn't like I looked down and it was... You know. (laughs) So, I went back to the dressing room and I was thinking, "Did it? Did it not? Did it? Did it not?" I really didn't know for sure! So, we were sitting in the dressing room and all the girls were so excited because it was like the biggest pop we've ever had up to that point. Fyre was like, "Oh my Gosh! Did you hear that pop?" I was still sitting there trying to decide (if it made an appearance or not). And, I saw Janie Engle walk into the dressing room. She turned the corner, our eyes met, and I said, "Did it?" She just nodded her head really slowly. (laughs)"


On rumors DDP put her up to it because he wanted the Nitro Girls to work for Kimberly:
"Everybody knows me. I am the least person that you would think... A lot of people said "DDP put her up to it" because DDP wanted the Nitro Girls to be over to help Kimberly... I would the the last person that would have volunteered. And, them knowing my personality, I would be the last person that they would volunteer to do it. Not that they would! But, it was horrifying. But, it is still out there (the video and pictures). So, my next dilemma is how do I keep my boys... I have one soon to be 11 and an 8 year old boy... Will they ever come across it? (laughs)"


On Spice disliking the finished product of the Nitro Girls Swimsuit Special PPV:
"I know exactly what she means by that. I don't know who was in charge of producing the video but I do know they originally wanted to keep it really light. They wanted it to be more like a "Girl Next Door" and not sprinkle too much sex into the production. So, the original production of the video had myself, Melissa (Spice), and Ricky Rachman in the same house where the final product was filmed. All 3 of us went there, we did the bumpers for the video. It was really fun! It was really light hearted! I remember the very end was Ricky, Melissa, and I standing next to the pool and Ricky asking, "How do you get the Nitro Girls wet?" We looked at each other and said, "How?" And, he pushed us both into the pool! We went in spread eagle, fully clothed, into the pool. And, that was the end of the video... But, certain people didn't like the finished video. And, i get it. They thought everyone should be featured. But, the one that was released became.... And, I don't know who became too... Like, even sitting there by the pool with our T-backs. It just wasn't what we had created. The first one, which wasn't released, was just so fun and light hearted and entertaining. For it to turn and become too much of something, it was disappointing!"


On Vince Russo wanting all of the Nitro Girls to be wrestlers:
"That was a very difficult time because I never had the desire to transition (into a wrestler). But, at the same time, the concern would be the job and job security. If you don't do what the writers tell you, are you going to keep your job? Obviously, I don't know much about the business, the industry. I didn't even know what it was before I got hired! But, I always thought it was cool that we were under the banner of Turner Sports. We were always centered on family entertainment and it was a family show. And, I know that there were certain things that we couldn't do (in WCW) that they could in New York. I took pride in that. I took pride in the fact that my younger nephews could watch our show and never have to worry about the content. I never had to tell my cousin, "You probably shouldn't watch tonight." It was tough. But, I was very fortunate that a very solid figure in the business told them that "Chae's back will never hit the mat." That was Kevin Nash. I was lucky because at one point, I was the only original Nitro Girl left in a group of new ones."


On Kevin Nash:
"It is cool. We had a good, solid friendship and he told them "Chae's back will never hit the mat." From that, I could take a really big sigh of relief when it came to job security. I did not want to go down that road!"


On women in wrestling today being such a big part of the show:
"I think it is amazing! When we started (The Nitro Girls), it was such a male dominated industry. It was a boys club. I have to say, all the props to the female wrestlers at the time who trail blazed and made a path for what is happening today. Someone like Madusa! She is a force to be reckoned with. I hope the female wrestlers now know that they wouldn't be where they are without somebody like Madusa. And, also, props to the business for not holding back and to the male talent for not feeling threatened by the female talent."


On her new project Ring Along which needs fan support:
"Ring Along came along out of necessity after traveling all over the world. As you know, women require more things when they travel. (laughs) My husband can get ready for a trip in like 5 minutes. For me, it is like a science project! I was always frustrated with a lack of sufficient organizers. Once I became a mom and you throw infants and toddlers into it, kids can die of starvation at the drop of a hat! They can bleed to death from a little prick on the finger. (laughs) We're like a walking CVS! From the snack aisle to the butt cream aisle, we have to carry everything! I tried several organizers and I always came back to just separate pouches. Then, again, I'm still finding myself digging through my big open tote bag. And, I started thinking, "How can I keep these things together?" That is how I came up with the idea for Ring Along. After a couple of years, I made my own home made... I sewed my own rings, make up pouches, and I kept saying, "This is so great! I know other moms and females will love it!" But, I realized I didn't know anything about the industry. But, my daughter said, "Mommy, why don't you make these for other people?" You know, my parents, we came here when I was 11. They were in their mid 30's. They work they put in, they worked their butts off to attain their American Dream. It is so there! So, I thought, what am I showing my kid if I don't really go for this? Am I continuing my parents' legacy if I don't show my daughter that if you put your mind to it, you can do it! This is the land of opportunity. I whole heartedly believe that!"


On the challenges of starting this from scratch:
"Being a one mom show, where I taught myself how to do everything including graphic design... One time, it took me 4 hours to do a 19 second video! With Kickstarter, you set a goal. If it doesn't reach that goal, it doesn't get funded. So, I'm just asking, help me bring my product to life! Help me bring my dream to life! It has been like my 4th child that I've been trying to bring to life over the past 7, 8 years. Anything helps! Even as little as a dollar! No contribution is too small."