Show: Wrestling Epicenter
Guest: Cody Rhodes
Date: 05/27/2021
Your Host: James Walsh

Media briefing time. Again, we don't get to ask a question.

Was it something we said?

Was it something we weren't allowed to ever get a chance to say?

Who cares. It is a great listen! Check it out.


On if they use a "Focus Group" for his promos:
“I’m going to chalk this up to me not knowing what a focus group is because I woke this morning to a very large amount of people in my mentions, almost all of them with a Roman or a Sasha Banks avatar, making fun of me for using the term ‘focus group.’ I did not focus group this promo. What I intended to say, and I did not say it correctly so chalk it up to me being a dummy; I work on my promos very hard. A lot of old-timers say, ‘I was doing it on the fly,’ I would say they work on theirs very hard in the gym or in the car. When it comes to my promos, the process is usually; I voice memo it out to the people I trust the most. Legends, coaches, and members of management and I like to see what they think. There is no AEW focus group that is listening to my interviews. I would chalk up my passion and love for promos, I got to see a really great working relationship first-hand between Brian Gewirtz and The Rock and I know that it’s an incredibly lofty comparison but it’s one to shoot for with him being an exceptional entertainer and promo. I like to take mine seriously and be all business about them. I want to continue to deliver good content when I put the mic to my lips.”

On if there is trouble in paradise between the AEW EVP's:
“When I heard that story was floating around, it is when of the things I chopped up as…we’ve been very successful, AEW, and with NXT and the Wednesday Night Wars, it created a lot of anger, and I understand there is a lot of hardcore NXT and WWE fans out there and that’s why those stories don’t surprise me. People need to cling to something and as sexy as that story is, I talk to Matt and Nick every day, I talk to Kenny very often, I support their projects fully and they’ve been supportive of all my projects. We would not be able to put this show on the air, Tony is the man and he’s the boss, but we wouldn’t be able to put the show on the air if the four of us were not functioning as one team. Unfortunately, it’s not very sexy to say, but there is no truth to that. We’ll remain one team.”