Show: Interactive Wrestling Radio
Guest: ROH's Dalton Castle, Tenille Dashwood & Joe Koff
Date: 06/26/18
Your Host: James Walsh



It is time for a teleconference. This time, it is Ring of Honor doing a conference call to promote Best in the World! We have Joe Koff, Tenille

Dashwood, & Dalton Castle on this conference and we, the Wrestling Epicenter, were there!




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The scheduled speakers are:


2-2:15 ROH COO Joe Koff
2:15-2:30 Women of Honor's Tenille Dashwood
2:30-2:45 ROH World Champion Dalton Castle


The call started by telling us that this Friday will be the Best In The World PPV from Baltimore, MD. They ran down the card and the various outlets where you can watch the show.


Here is the lineup:

*ROH Champion Dalton Castle vs. Cody vs. Marty Scurll.
*ROH Six Man Tag Team Champions The Kingdom vs. EVIL & SANADA & BUSHI
*ROH TV Champion Punishment Martinez vs. Adam Page in a Baltimore Street Fight.
*ROH Tag Team Champions The Briscoes vs. The Young Bucks.
*KUSHIDA vs. Jay Lethal.
*Flip Gordon vs. Bully Ray.
*Women of Honor Champion Sumie Sakai & Jenny Rose & Mayu Owatani & Tenille Dashwood vs. Kelly Klein & Kagetsu & Hana Kumura & Hazuki.


I asked Joe what he would tell fans who have never watched ROH before to get them to tune in. Joe talked about the greatness of the product and how it truly is about the best in the world for talents. Mike Johnson sent this: First question was Dave Scherer, stealing Mike Johnson's gimmick. He asked what would you say to fans who have never seen ROH before what they would do to tune in. Joe said Best in the World will show the immersive experience you can feel in pro wrestling. It’s a great opportunity to experience the Best in the World and he means the Best in the World.


Joe was asked about the future of the Ring Of Honor dojo. He said that they had their inaugural session this weekend. He said that they are really excited about it because it takes them in a new direction. They can bring in people to learn the Ring Of Honor styles. They are very excited about that.


Joe was asked about being in the new building in Baltimore. He is very excited and expects to add a great event to the building's history.


Joe was asked about Bully Ray's "retirement". Did they have any reservations about bringing him back to wrestle? Joe said no, he was fully checked out. Bully pulled himself from action. He was faced with the question of whether he should retire or come back, and he chose to come back.


He was asked about Dalton Castle's title reign and his health. Joe said that Dalton can address his health when he is on later. Joe said that he thinks Castle represents himself as ROH Champion the way that it should be represented. It's a shame he has gotten banged up but he is a fighting champion and he has put his body on the line to defend and he is ready to defend on Friday night.


Joe was asked about what his goals are for this weekend's show. Joe said that he doesn't have specific goals. He just wants to hit the high level that the company always hits. His goal is to meet and exceed fans expectations and he feels it will deliver and then some.


He was asked about ROH going to the UK and doing more shows, maybe a PPV? He said that it's something that they have talked about. He said that they are pretty deliberate when it comes to growth. He said that they just had a great tour there and they like the UK so a PPV is definitely possible.


He was asked about markets they might want to expand into. He said that they are taking steps into new markets that will play out over the next 18 months.


He was asked if the company would benefit from having a set time as opposed to being on different times in different places. He mentioned that the place the caller mentioned, NESN, uses ROH TV in many slots. Joe said that he thinks it would benefit them to have a destination time period. But, their shows are on the company's stations in markets, plus they are on a few Sinclair stations. Sure, he would like to have a destination spot, who wouldn't?


He was asked if he had a five to ten your plan for the dojo. He said he is dealing more in the now with that. He wants to develop talent and bring them through the system and get better before they make it to the main roster.


That wrapped it up for Joe. He thanked us all for the support we give and the fairness in our presentation. He appreciates it.


He got one last question. What does he use as a barometer to know that ROH is on track. Crowd size is big. Storyline growth is important, as well as the people that the have working for them. Ticket sales advances look good so he thinks it's going to be a good summer.


Tenille then came onto the call.


She was asked about if she was interested in wrestling men. She said yes, she has recently been talking about that. She said that most of her training was against men. That is how she started and she is not against it at all. She said that now is the time to do it.


She was asked about her deal with ROH. She said that the timing has been great for her. She was available at the right time. She thinks ROH has a lot planned for her going forward and she's excited.


She was asked about her not so happy reaction to Sumie winning. She said that she didn't get in the ring. She was upset with herself. She pictures herself as champion so it was hard for you. She had to take a step back and realize that tonight wasn't her night but it could/should be in the future.


She was asked about training with Lance Storm. She said it was a great decision by her because he is fantastic. She highly recommends him and said she needed to leave Australia to get better. Going to Lance for training was a great move for her.


She was asked if there was anyone from WWE that she would like to bring to ROH, who would it be? She said it was hard to name just one but if she had to pick, it would be Bayley. She is one of the most passionate, dedicated women she has ever come across. They are very close and even lived together for a while when she lived in NXT. She would love to kill it with her in ROH.


Mike Johnson asked about the freedom she has in ROH compares to the regimented way WWE. She said it was amazing. She found a newfound energy for wrestling, and life. She came up with great ideas and things that she wanted to do now. She it was nice to be able to focus on the wrestling.


She said she was excited to be part of Women Of Honor and continue to bring attention to the division and the women that work there.


She was asked what a Title reign would mean to her? She said that everything happens for a reason. She said that not getting what you want right away keeps you working hard. That is what has driven her in her career. She has so much she wants to achieve. It will be so much sweeter when she finally gets it.


She was asked if being able to show what she can do in ROH has alleviated any criticism that she got when she was in WWE. She said that her fans are great and they never really said that stuff. But she is having people say that she is doing things now that they didn't know she could do. WWE has strict times and storylines whereas ROH doesn't have that. She's excited to explore that now.


She was asked if she became a more serious wrestler in ROH to show there was more to her than what we saw in WWE. She said that that was definitely part of it.

Tenille closed by saying she was excited for this weekend and the 8 woman match. She appreciated us helping get the world.


Dalton Castle then joined the call.


The first caller asked about his thoughts for the match this weekend. He said first off he is excited to be returning to Baltimore. They will put on a great show. He said that he is excited to defend his Title against Cody and Marty. He is excited to be in there with those two.


He was asked how he was doing. He said good question, I am doing well. I laughed out loud. He was asked what he can do Friday to show how he is different. He said that it's a test for him to back up the things he has been saying about himself, as champ. He said right now he is not at 100 percent but he will still show he is a champion and find a way to win.


He was asked if he had plans to go to New Japan or CMLL. He said he has a lot left to do in New Japan. He hasn't proven to that audience that he can be the Dalton Castle that he has shown the ROH fans he is. He has never been to CMLL.


He was asked about how his life has changed, with responsibilities, since he became champion. He feels a lot on his plate to represent the company in the best way possible. It became about ROH more than just him. He wants to show that they are the best wrestling in the world. He said he has never wanted to miss dates but he has due to injuries. He said it hurts him to do it and he hates letting people down. He was asked about Kenny Omega. He is a big fan. He loves his work and he was a big fan before he ever met him.


Mike Johnson asked about his injuries. Was there a specific incident that cause it? How close to 100 percent are you? He said that he thinks it was injuries creeping up on him. He said that years ago he had a stress fracture in his back and he ignored it. When it healed, it moved the discs. He has worked around it for years. He said it's intensified to the point that he feels it all day long. He said he doesn't think it has put him down and Friday he will go to the best of his abilities and even a little further. He said he does not want surgery.


He was asked about doing more stage comedy. He said that he will be doing more in the future. He is writing a show now with a wrestling friend. He said he hopes it debuts in the next six months.


He was asked about Cody saying he will put the Title on the line at All In if he wins on Friday. Is that any pressure on you? No, it's Cody putting pressure on himself. He said that Cody is putting the carriage before the horse.


He was asked what seperates him from the rest of the world. He said he mention Cody and Marty. It's his upbringing and his years of training and amateur wrestling. Marty doesn't know what it's like to be in a real wrestling match. Cody does have a high school wrestling background and then he gave up. He didn't push himself as far as Dalton has.

He was asked about him having more to him than just wrestling. He said that he sees himself as an entertainer and that is what he tries to bring to the that to the people. He said that being a great wrestler is one thing but he wants to be a great entertainer as well.


He was asked about the big shows coming up in Las Vegas and how does it feel being the person at the top when it happens. It's gratifying to be the guy on top when that happens but in no way does that mean it's all due to him. They have a great locker room and everyone works hard and loves the business. He said being on top it looks like he is the reason but that isn't the case. He said that it makes him love coming to work.


He finished by saying that Friday will be very exciting. He is happy to return to Baltimore. He has his back against the wall. If there was ever a time to pull out his back of tricks, it's Friday!


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