Show: Interactive Wrestling Radio
Guest: Drew Donovan
Date: 07/25/16
Your Host: James Walsh

Paragon Pro Wrestling Superstar Drew Donovan joins us for the first time as our special guest this week. This interview goes about 35

minutes and covers Drew's WWE NXT run as Chase Donovan, his involvement in Paragon Pro Wrestling, and why he feels it is the best

wrestling going today.

Paragon Pro Wrestling is available for free on the FITE TV app. Download it free and check out many episodes of Paragon on-demand!

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    On the experience of working with Paragon Pro Wrestling:
    "Honestly, man, I hate to give an over the top positive answer because it almost sounds cliche. But, it is the most fun I've ever had anywhere. I've been around 12 years now. I'm not saying I'm the most traveled veteran or tenured guy but I've had the opportunity to do some cool stuff. Paragon is by far the most fun I've ever had. "

    On how Paragon stands out in the current wrestling climate:
    "It is about the whole product as opposed to the other shows you see these days. I think the production of a show is a lost art. A lot of times, you see on these indy shows guys go out match after match, they're going out there and they're trying to have the best match - Trying to have a better match than the match behind them. I mean, that's cool. I know some companies even try to fly with that as their motto. But a wrestling show, an event, is a 3 ring circus. It has to have a little bit of something for everyone, it has to have a flow to it... It's gotta be television. It has to be something entertaining to sit through and watch. Paragon has such a great flow. It has such great characters. It just feels like a wrestling show that you came up watching and made you like wrestling."

    On the relationship with the FITE TV App:
    "It is kind of like being on that first wave of something that you know is going to be big and you know within a matter of a couple years, it is just how things are going to be done. Honestly man, you could see TV just going away. Obviously, that's a bigger topic for another time. The FITE TV app, the WWE app, the WWE Network, YouTube... Everything is online now. YouTube is booming right now, everybody watches wrestling on YouTube. "

    On disliking the word "Veteran" for Wrestlers:
    "If you call yourself a veteran, cut it out!" Donovan says he gets annoyed hearing people use that word to describe a guy who has worked for a while feeling it is overused and sometimes not deserved.

    On working for WWE NXT:
    "It was great, man. How can you not learn in that environment where you have Ricky Steamboat, Steve Keirn, Norman Smiley... These are the guys that were our coaches day in and day out. If you went there and say you didn't learn anything, you're bullshitting!"

    On the "secret" of making it to WWE:
    "I never doubted it would happen. It was kind of like, "What do I have to do? ... Cool. Job #1 done. Job #2 done. Move here, done. Train there, done. Get bigger, done. Cut a better promo, done. I can do all these things, it might take me a while, but I can do all these things to make it to my goal. I did. There's no secret formula to getting there. It is a crazy thing you get asked a lot. Find out who hires you for your job, ask what they want to see to get the job, and then show them what they want to see!"

    "I didn't expect it at the time at all. I was very proactive to make sure get what they want to get out of me. This is a business, I'm a product... This isn't my line, it is an old Stone Cold line but I'm a gear in a machine. They put that gear where it needs to be. That gear comes out, another gear comes on. I am going to make sure I'm the gear that they need where they need it so I can get paid! I was always reassured that I had a good standing there, a good spot there. At the end of the day, I didn't. I can't pin-point any reason. It certainly wasn't any issue with attitude. It is just a situation that I can take ownership of, I didn't stand out at the time enough. "

    On the changes to his appearance/approach since leaving WWE:
    "Everything about you doesn't have to scream fake UFC! Why do we have to be the fake version of the real thing? I wanted to be larger than life. I wanted to be a character. I was huge on presentation. Undertaker, Hogan, Rock... It has been about 2 years of that coming together. Nothing happens overnight." He jokes that he now has put on 30 pounds and screams at people and it works. He jokes that he has never been able to give a darn about an arm bar and he doesn't now nor should he expect to make fans care about them.

    On Impact Wrestling joining the FITE TV App After Paragon Did:
    Donovan says having more wrestling on the FITE TV app is a good thing because if you put Paragon side by side with the other wrestling shows, he feels their show is much better than theirs. He says if someone gets the FITE TV app and searching for wrestling to find TNA Impact Wrestling and instead stumbles on to Paragon, they may check it out and be turned on to their show when otherwise they'd not have been found that way before.