Show: Interactive Wrestling Radio
Guest: "All Ego" Ethan Page
Date: 01/03/19
Your Host: James Walsh


One of Impact Wrestling's fastest rising stars, "All Ego", or, #AllEgo Ethan Page joined the Wrestling Epicenter to discuss his X Division Title

Match that takes place at Homecoming. Oh, and did we mention that match is Ultimate X against Rich Swann, Trey, & Jake Christ of oVe? Well,

it is!


The largest of the men in the match, Page discusses his concerns going into the match including if the X will even support his size! Plus, just

after New Years, Ethan celebrates a Festivus tradition of airing a grievance about being left off a recent Impact poster and how that has fueled

his desire to ensure he will not be left off promotional materials for anything after what he accomplishes at Homecoming and in the 2019 year




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On his concerns heading in to the Ultimate X at Homecoming:
"Yes, will the cables support my weight. (laughs)"


On his if his size will work for or against him in Ultimate X:
"Realistically, it will probably work against me. I will try and use it as a benefit. Like, it will probably be real easy for me to reach up and pull a guy down off the cables - Being tall and strong. But, it won't help me when I'm dangling from the cables trying to get across. I'm trying to devise a strategy. I can do chin-ups. But, I don't know if I can monkey swing across a vine to try to get to the championship. (laughs) We'll find out! It is on live pay per view!"


On sounding concerned about the match in his prior answers:
"Of course! I've been walking on 2 feet for 29 years. Now I have to not walk to a championship, climb a ladder, or jump off the top rope... Now I have to use my hands to support my 260 pounds and ascend a cable and try and clime across like a freaking super hero. Ugh! I don't know how I got myself into this. But, I want to walk away with the championship. So, I'm going to do my best!"


On being an understudy perhaps hiding his huge personality on Impact:
"Hey, I don't write the shows. I'm just waiting for people to open their eyes and see what is in front of them. Then we will see who plays second fiddle by the end of 2019."


On defeating Matt Sydal in a critically acclaimed match recently:
"That match was a big victory for me personally in 2018 just because the way the year started with me as Chandler Park versus the way the year ended with me, Ethan Page, getting a big win against a big name star like Matt (Sydal) heading in to a pay per view. It was a big win. We had two segments to have the best match possible. We both delivered. It was a good way to end the year for me and to kind of show what I have going into the next year."


On the overall experience being paired as Matt Sydal's understudy:
"It has been great experience working with Matt. Again, he's a big name star and has done a lot of things. He has a lot of experience. For me to be able to attach myself to him coming into Impact is great. But, I'm kind of his understudy and I've got a big personality, some say ego, so I don't know how long I'll be able to be second best."


On the "All Ego" name:
"I mean, I'm sure I've got a lot of other stuff going on. But, if we're going to label me just one thing, it would be All Ego!"


On performing at Impact's birth place - The Asylum:
"Oh, it is amazing! Just like you, I was a big fan of Impact. I might be a little younger (than you) but I never really got into WCW or ECW. So, Impact was kind of my first alternative to WWE. I watched the weekly pay per views. I was with them when they got their big deal on Spike TV. I was a huge fan and getting to go back and be where it started in one of if not the most famous match that Impact has ever created, Ultimate X, getting to be a part of that... Knowing the size of my frame and my style, I never assumed I would ever have the opportunity to be in this style of match. So, the fan inside of me is more excited than the wrestler."


On what moving from POP TV to Pursuit means to to the performers:
"As a performer, not much. I have the same job no matter what station we're on. Realistically, Impact is a global company. So, the TV channel change really only effects the United States. Everywhere else in the world, I believe, gets Impact right after it airs on the GWN. So, they can watch Impact on an app right after it airs everywhere but in America. (laughs) Here in Canada, we've got Game TV and the FITE Network airing it so not much of a change there. Show up, lace up my boots, and wrestle is what I'm going to do no matter where we air."


On of inter-gender wrestling could be accepted by the mainstream audience:
"Yes, if done correctly. There is contingencies in male versus male wrestling. If a guy weighs 80 pounds and the other guy weighs 300 pounds, I don't think he should be able to lift the 300 pounder if that is not what would happen on the street. So, if we're going to make this as real as possible, if a girl is one third the size of the guy... But then again, if you have a power lifter like Jordynne Grace, she's going to be able to suplex me! (laughs) There is nothing I could possibly do to stop her from that in real life. So, I don't understand why she couldn't do it in the ring. It just makes sense. Once you get past, and I think most people have, one person being a female and one being a male and just look at them as athletes... You're going to tell me a girl can't beat a man at a one on one basketball game? If you're better, you're better. That is just the way I hope it will be in wrestling eventually."


On his goals for 2019:
"Well, I was a bit butt hurt that when they announced the channel change to Pursuit, they put out this beautiful graphic with the entire roster... Literally everyone but me! I'm a little bothered by that. I refuse to be an after-thought or somebody that is forgotten. I have too much talent to be an understudy or second place. By the end of the year, I would like to be one of the faces of the company, never forgotten, always promoted. Honestly, that is my goal anywhere new that I go is to eventually take it over! (laughs) If you follow my career, you could see I have pretty much done that. Everywhere I have gone, I've either become the main event, won the championship, gotten all my friends booked there... I'm hoping I can eventually do that on a big stage like Impact."


Final thoughts on his opponents in Ultimate X at Homecoming:
Rich Swann: "You can dance to the ring but I promise you will not be dancing to the back."
Trey: "I don't know him that well and I'm not excited to get to know him. But, he's also the smallest person in the match so I will enjoy brutalizing Trey. I'm praying that the rest of the Rascalz stay in the back."

Jake Christ: "Jake Christ's Twitter handle is Mini-Draw. Jake is admittedly playing second fiddle, or third fiddle, in oVe to Sami Callihan. I've beaten Sami Callihan in the ring before so I'm pretty sure I can beat the smaller, mini version of Sami Callihan in this match."


Final thoughts heading into Homecoming:
"2019 is the year that the most unlikely winner becomes the X Division Champion!"