Show: Interactive Wrestling Radio
Guest: Richard Holliday
Date: 08/16/19
Your Host: James Walsh

"Super Genius" Mark Madden used to quote a Kevin Nash quote with some Madden-ism inflections by saying, "He's got the look, he's got the wrap... I smell money!" Well, that statement is certainly true for "The Most Marketable Man in Wrestling" Richard Holliday! Here's a guy who has a million dollar body, a strong understanding of his character, and that character is real and a part of who he is. In fact, it should surprise no one that he is in a faction with MJF and Hammerstone as all 3 are in that same boat of having, quite literally, every tool necessary to be massive stars in wrestling. And, don't look now, but they're quickly becoming just that.

One half of the MLW Tag Team Champions with MJF, we speak to Holliday about training under Paul Roma, his influences, the growth of MLW, his praise for the Hart Foundation in spite of everything, and even a little talk about AEW as well.

MLW presents War Chamber from Dallas, TX on September 7th and their debut live pay-per-view on November 2nd titled Superfight. For more informaton, visit

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On the meaning of being "Most Marketable":
"The "Most Marketable" thing is a real thing. I have a degree in marketing. That is what this business is predicated on. In its finest form, all wrestling is predicated on marketing. When you take someone like me and you look at me in the ring... Everything that I do, the way that I speak, the way that I conduct interviews, the way that I can represent a company like Major League Wrestling - Well, I think everything just makes sense."

On learning under Paul Roma:
"I couldn't be more grateful to have been trained by Paul Roma. For me, personally, he fits the way that I wrestle. There is a lot of Paul Roma in me today. Paul has a very controversial view of professional wrestling both from his view and the vantage point of others. Paul is a "Tell it How It Is" type of guy. He tells you exactly how he feels. I'm sure you got that from him when you interviewed him especially 13 years ago. But, Paul's perspective on the business is exactly how mine is as well. The way he teaches it, the psychology of wrestling and what it means in its grass roots, I couldn't be more appreciative than to learn under Paul. Truly a blessing."

On the incident where he spat coffee in Paul Roma's face:
"(laughs) Oh, when I spit the coffee in Paul's face? Of course we did (get over it). I'm his prized student! We can't let one accident of spitting coffee in one's face tarnish a relationship."

On how the Dynasty came together in MLW:
"Well, when we first came together... We're talking 3 guys who are all alpha-male personalities. We're all type A. We're all extroverts. One might assume that 3 type A's, three alpha-males, 3 extroverts aren't going to get along. It is going to be oil and water... It isn't going to go well. That is the complete opposite of Max (MJF), Hammer (Hammerstone), and I getting together. It is just instant chemistry when we're on camera together... Even when we're off camera. We feed off each other! We make each other better! And, for the consumers, from their viewpoint, it has got to be the best thing on wrestling today! So, the Dynasty truly is an enigma. It is a once in a lifetime thing for 3 self made superstars to come together and form what we have made on Major League Wrestling television."

On the Dynasty's problems with the Hart Foundation:
"Well, I am very sick of talking about the Hart Foundation. But, I will answer your question out of respect. Davey Boy Smith Jr and Teddy Hart are legends in their own right. They've created their own path. Their family obviously has its own history and lineage. But, I have to have respect for the fact that they're paving their own way and making their own lineage in this business. So, for me, my first major match in Major League Wrestling was myself and Max against Davey Boy and Teddy for the World Tag Team Titles in Chicago in front of a sold out Cicero Stadium. So, that was obviously a very big moment for my career and I have nothing but respect for them."

On Brian Pillman Jr who he recently took a Fusion TV loss to:
"Then there's Brian Pillman Jr who is around the same age as us (in the Dynasty). He's doing his own thing too. He is coming from a great wrestling family also with his father (Brian Pillman). But, that is what I always say about the Dynasty. We're self made superstars. There is no other Hollidays, no other Hammerstones, and there are no other MJFs. Listen, if I came from a wrestling family, I'd want to carry on that name as well. But, I do take a little bit of pride knowing we're doing it on our own."

On some of the guys that inspired him to wrestle:
"Everyone has their own inspirations. Like, they see a guy and they can say, "I'll take a little bit of that and a little of that." But, I will tell you it is very important to stick to your own lane. However, guys like (Ric) Flair, Randy Orton, guys like "Macho Man" (Randy Savage)... Ted DiBiase. And, especially Paul (Roma) because I had such a hands on approach with Paul that I ended up watching him and researching him a little bit more than other people. But, those are the people who inspired me and who I've been able to take little pieces from and make them into my own."

On the growth of MLW in 2019:
"I could not be more confident about the landscape of Major League Wrestling at the moment. Think about it. There is this huge change going on in the industry and there are so many moving parts. So many people are talking about this and that and the other thing. But, MLW is very much in its own lane. Think about what we have! We have live national television every Saturday night on beIN sports at 9 p.m. Then, we're going to take that episode and we're going to put it on YouTube on Monday at 7 p.m. so we're going to get the Internet exposure. We have a great social media presence. On top of that, we have television in Africa. We have television in the UK, Ireland... We have a relationship with Pro Wrestling NOAH for a talent exchange. My boy Hammer (Hammerstone) is in Japan right nowrepresenting the Dynasty, representing MLW! We just signed a deal with The Crash Lucha in Mexico - Who knows? Maybe another one of the Dynasty will go down there? We are just growing and expanding at a rapid rate. It is a pleasure to be part of that growth."

On MLW having respect for the past by honoring Gary Hart in Dallas on September 7th at War Chamber:
"We're a professional wrestling company. That is what we are. So, going to a historic landmark like Dallas that the Von Erichs made famous. So, to go there with the Von Erichs is obviously very cool. But, the consumers might come to see the Von Erichs but they're going to leave talking about the Dynasty. On what you said about Gary Hart, we have to pay homage to the history of professional wrestling. We understand what professional wrestling is and we have to pay tribute to it."

On MJF working with AEW as well as MLW:
"I don't think it impacts anything we're doing in MLW at all. If anything, it is great that Max is doing his thing in AEW because, at the end of the day, what is that going to do? It is just going to get more eyes on MLW. If they follow Max, they'll find out he is in MLW, they'll say "What's this", they'll watch it. Boom, there's another click for us."

On AEW in general:
"I think it is proof that the business is prospering. If another company is able to do what they're doing at the moment, that means that the market is good. We all want the market to be good especially when you're in the business. Having the market be good is never a bad thing. Having competition is never a bad thing. I'm not paying too much attention to it because it is not my lane. I'm not trying to make AEW grow, I'm trying to make MLW grow. So, that is my focus. But, I have no negative things to say about it (AEW) and I'm happy for Max."

On his future plans:
"MLW is home for me. I'm a big believer in being where your feet are at. If you're not, you're not going to give 110%. You're not going to make the most of where you are. I am fully focused on growing this brand, growing my brand within this brand. We'll grow together. That is what we're trying to accomplish."

On being an MLW Tag Champion:
"Growing up in the business, I always fancied myself as more of a singles competitor. So, to hold the MLW Tag Team Championship was definitely a change of mindset for me. But, one I've grown accustomed to and I'm very proud of. This is just going to be a launching pad for more great things in MLW. There are a lot of championships out there. My boy Hammer has the National Openweight Championship. So, he can keep that title for as long as he wants and I think he's going to keep it for a very long time. But, there's a Heavyweight Chmpionship. There's a Middleweight Championship. So, who knows where I could go? Maybe I could hold 3 championships in MLW! It is possible!"