Show: Interactive Wrestling Radio
Guest: Johnny Impact, Jake Crist & Daniel Edler
Date: 12/21/17
Your Hosts: James Walsh

This is a milestone episode of Interactive Wrestling Radio from the Wrestling Epicenter . We started this dream back in November of 2002.

Here we are 15 years later and this marks interviews 500, 501, and 502! Plus, this is our Christmas special. So, you know, Merry Christmas

and Happy Holidays to all! Our first guest is Johnny Impact ALIAS Johnny Mundo ALIAS Johnny Nitro ALIAS John Morrison. The top guy of

Impact Wrestling hot on the heels of Eli Drake's Global Championship, Johnny joins us to talk about Impact's return to Orlando for Impact

tapings on January 10th through the 14th i! Second up, Ohio Versus Everything oVe, Jake Christ joins us. We did say it was our Christmas

show, right? Well, merry Christ-Mas. I'm sure he's never heard that before. And finally, 15 years ago we started working together on this site.

Almost 13 years ago, we split and have not spoken, voice to voice, since. For the first time in nearly 13 years, Daniel Edler comes back to the

show he co-founded with me!



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On being more polished since Sami Callihan joined the group at Bound for Glory:
"I do find that is the case. Sami is our best friend, our legit best friend. He brings a whole different approach as far as my brother and my game. I feel very comfortable beside not only my brother (Dave) but also beside Sami Callihan as well."


On what "Ohio Versus Everything" Means:
"It is in our water. There is a sense of pride when you're from Ohio! There's a reason we are the heart of America!" He continues, "As far as I can remember, it has always been my brother and I versus everything. That is kind of the approach we take in our personal life as well as our professional life is us versus everything. If you fall into everything, I'm sorry! (laughs) But, it is Ohio Versus Everything!"


On rumors of WWE trying to acquire the HWA Heartland Library:
"That has been a rumor for as long as I can remember. We actually started there. Sami Callihan as well. As far as the video library, I have no idea. That could be the office being the office. But, I remember that rumor going as long as like 10 years back."


On oVe versus LAX in a no-ropes barbed wire match on Impact:
"I think hardcore wrestling was altready legitimized by guys like Tommy Dreamer, Terry Funk, Cactus Jack, guys like that. As far as us, we're happy to be a part of the first no rope barbed wire match ever ti air on national television.


On oVe having bad luck getting national exposure before now:
"I'm very grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of Impact Wrestling. As far as us being on the cusp and having it taken away, that actually has been the story of Dave and Jake Christ. It has always been taken away. Whether it has been injuries or whatever it may be, that is the cards that were dealt to us. To be completely honest, I'ma ctually very happy it took us 15 years to get to this point. My brother and I, and Sami, are polished to the point that people can see that these guys are no joke."


On rumors of his retirement:
As far as that goes, I was doing a thing with my home town promotion Rockstar Pro. I was doing a retirement tour there. But, that was the only place I actually announced it. I was getting ready to have my second child so I wanted to take time away from the business. I wanted to do things right the second time around. The first time, I missed so many things. I never really planned on retiring. I planned on coming back. It all depended on my daughter and how she grew and became independent as a child."


On comparing oVe to the Fabulous Freebirds:
"There is. I think me and Sami kind of said it as a joke but if you look at it, there are a lot of similarities! (laughs)"


On the changes backstage at Impact:
"I can't complain at all. I'm very happy with everything I've been a part of. As far as changes, I don't know what is going on. What I know is what I'm doing as far as wrestling goes. Does that make sense?"


On oVe's plans when Impact returns to Orlando in January:
"As far as us going forward, you'll find out why we are Ohio Versus Everything and why it is us versus everything. We bring a different flavor, a different taste as far as Impact Wrestling goes. We are, we ARE the best trios hands down. I'll put that up against anybody. As far as what is to come, we are just scratching the surface!"