INTERACTIVE WRESTLING RADIO INTERVIEW - "The King of the Mountain" Jeff Jarrett

Show: Interactive Wrestling Radio courtesy of
Guest: Jeff Jarrett
Date: 04/29/16
Your Hosts: Patrick Kelley & James Walsh

Ain't he great? Join us as we welcome the "Chosen One", the "King of the Mountain", and the founder of Global Force Wrestling, Jeff

Jarrett to our show for a one-on-one interview for the first time in over 13 years!

Jeff Jarrett joined us some 13 years ago for his first appearance on our show. He has appeared since on an episode of The Piledriver

and via teleconference, but this is our first 1 on 1 interview with Jeff Jarrett on Interactive Wrestling Radio in 13 years! Making up for lost

time with limited time due to Jarrett's meeting schedule, we discuss Global Force Wrestling's birth, TNA's financial troubles, Chyna's

death, and his recent altercation with "Nasty Boy" Brian Knobbs.

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On GFW in 2016:
"We started in late January in Poughkeepsie. One thing has lead to another. It really has exploded. We just got back from Germany... New York City for some meetings last night. Baseball shows, stadium shows, we've got a fair date that we're going to be announcing real soon. I appreciate you asking about it. We're glad to hit the road and let people experience the VIP experience and a night of our action. Combining our Global Force stars with that of the local promotions has created some really cool matches. We are really super excited about it."

Has getting GFW off the ground been easier, harder, or just different than getting TNA off the ground:
"Yes, both, and all of the above! (laughs) In reality, there have been some things that have not been near as challenging. But, there have been some things that are just a completely different animal. We (TNA) started strictly on pay-per-view in 2002 and here we are in 2016, we (GFW) went to Las Vegas, taped some shows... It has been a tedious process... A laborous process. But, it is something I'm pretty excited about. We have some huge, huge things happening now. Things are just done differently now. It isn't just networks, it is media companies. It is a completely different set of circumstances. We're not just launching a TV show. We are in the process, and have been for 2 years now, of launching a brand."

On the GFW growth process:
"Patience is not in my DNA," Jarrett said. He says he's learned a lot through his experiences and with over 70 years of history in the wrestling business for his family, he understands it. He says the past 6 weeks, though, have been productive with licensing and getting the merchandising and the digital state ready for Global Force Wrestling.

When will GFW's TV series AMPED hit American TV:
"I will be sharing that soon! That is all I will say. I was in New York yesterday. That was one of the meetings. I would love to announce it right now but it would not be productive for all involvd. But, we're getting there. I'll say that much!"

On his reported WrestleCon incident with "Nasty Boy" Brian Knobbs:
(Laughs) "They came to Tennessee either the year I broke in or the year after. We've always had a joking relationship. It was all in fun and games. It made me laugh so hard I came to tears. I'll let Knobbs tell you his side because it is going to be a lot funnier if he says it." James mentions that the story implied there was heat there, Jarrett says he'd find it hard to imagine a way that they'd ever have heat with each other. It was "horse play".

On if he ever considered purchasing majority control of TNA to absolve it and own the footage given their current search for a financial change:
"I don't even give that any thought. As it relates to business, I'm 1000% laser focussed on Global Force Wrestling. For me to spend a minute thinking about those guys... I wish them all the best. I wish all wrestling the best. I don't care if it is Ring of Honor, Lucha Underground... I'm a wrestling guy. I come from a wrestling family. I want to see all wrestling promotions thrive."

On if he wants to wrestle under the GFW banner as he had once said he did not wish to but has:
"In-ring performing, obviously, was my first love. But, I am 100% dedicated to wearing my promoter hat. This past summer, on the strictly Global Force shows, I did not wrestle. But, it started with the United Kingdom shows. The promoters, quite frankly, said "If we're going to do this, it is not an option. You've got to wrestle!" They seem to believe, for whatever wacky reason, that there is value in me wrestling. I still enjoy it (wrestling). Am I in my prime? (laughs) I'm not joking or kidding anybody. But, I'm really proud of my last few matches in WXW. Heading forward, I'm putting on the tights and lacing up the boots several more times. But, strictly Global Force Wrestling? I'm devoted to being a promoter and not wrestling."

On the death of Chyna and their rumored problems:
"I love wrestling fans. I was a wrestling fan before I was a wrestler. But, they love to complain, argue, and make something of nothing. There was a lot of sensationalistic that people read into. It is unfortunate, Joanie's situation. I don't think there's anything I could say that hasn't been said over the past week. Trail-blazer. Kicked down doors. But, the one thing I can say is, in the series of matches I had with her, Chyna... got it. She wasn't spectacular with her skill set. But, what she did, she did very, very good and it speaks volumes for the talent that she had for being that persona. She was as important part of DX as any member that had ever been there. It spoke volumes. The Attitude Era? She was one of those talents that really defined it. Someone interviewed me over in Germany. They brought up my last WWF match was against her and Joanie's last match, ever, was against me in TNA. Our paths had crossed multiple times. My condolences go to all of her family."

On where fans can keep up with the latest updates from GFW including merchandise, tour dates, and that pending TV deal:
Jeff plugs and his Twitter account, @RealJeffJarrett. He says it is the best place to get the updates and to keep an eye out because there will be some major announcements coming in the very, very near future.