Show: Interactive Wrestling Radio
Guest: Jeff Jarrett Conference Call
Date: 07/12/17
Your Hosts: James Walsh

Global Force Wrestling has taken to doing their monthly press conference calls once again after many years of going radio silent on them. In

fact, I'm fairly sure Bully Ray's 2013 presser was the last one prior to Scott Steiner's last month. Regardless, this has become a welcomed

return to the show as we post the whole audio as we always have.


Jeff Jarrett responds to the Alberto El Patron investigation... Matter, maybe? He also discusses the current ownership of the Broken Universe

gimmick between Anthem and the Hardy Boyz, GFW's advancement with a younger viewing audience. Lots of goodies here!



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Jeff Jarrett addressed the GFW World Heavyweight Championship situation as it relates to current champion Alberto El Patron's suspension. Patron was suspended as the company investigates the allegations of domestic abuse against him.


Jarrett said that they haven't decided how to handle the championship right now, noting (per Wrestling Inc), 'The decisions obviously' again I want to be as transparent because it's the world we live in. I'm totally on board with this [investigation]. I've got five kids and, you know, communication is the key to any relationship whether it's personal or business or whatever. So to communicate with you folks who are taking the time out of your day to jump on this call. It's an ongoing investigation ' sounds so legal but it goes a lot further than legal.'


He added, 'At this time, that situation has not been addressed as it directly relates to the belt because it's far from the most important in my opinion.'


Jarrett was asked if the Hardys have gotten the intellectual property rights to use the 'Broken' gimmick in WWE. Jarrett said that they have not gotten the rights from Global Force Wrestling.


On moving PPVs out of the Impact Zone: “It has to make financial sense. It goes without saying that, you know, taking Impact on the road several years ago was a financial disaster and so you have to methodically look at every decision and make sure that it makes financial sense.


On touring again: “But you know, we’re going to start with our live events and again, I’ll say put our toe back in the water. We realize that we’re not going to put an event on sale and it’s going to go clean and sellout. Quite frankly, the WWE doesn’t do that for live events. But they’re out there, they’re touring. An organization, publicly traded, been around 50-plus years, so they’re brand awareness in every market they go they don’t have that situation.”


On the re-branding effort: “We’re obviously in a re-branding situation in every sense of the word. And so we’re getting back out in the markets and we’ve got to make the right decisions. That’s why we’re excited to partner with NOAH, partner with AAA, get into these markets.”


On if PPVs will go on the road: “Absolutely we’re looking at taking [pay-per-views on the road]. Not just Bound For Glory, but we’re looking at adding another live pay-per-view to our schedule in 2018.”