Show: Interactive Wrestling Radio
Guest: Jordynne Grace
Date: 03/20/19
Your Host: James Walsh

Jordynne Grace is the number one contender to the Impact Wrestling Knockouts Championship after defeating Tessa Blanchard last week on Impact. The powerhouse of a Knockout discusses defeating Tessa, her Dark War to rescue Allie from the Dark Side, United We Stand, and finally getting mainstream attention at All In Zero Hour and how that landed her in Impact Wrestling. Plus, a lot of talk about United We Stand and the big wrestling weekend in New York/New Jersey just a few short weeks from now.



On her crazy past calendar year:
"I debuted there in October. It has been a whirlwind year in general but it also has been a whirlwind there also. Debuting, I had like a 30 second match (with Katarina) to having a number one contenders match against Tessa (Blanchard). "

On appearing at the All In Over Budget Battle Royal and how that help her get to Impact:
"I think that night was the biggest night of my career, obviously. It solidified, I think, my place in wrestling. I think everything that has happened since All In was because of All In. And, yeah, especially Impact."

On the more theatrical side of wrestling she's been a part of with the Dark War:
"It is definitely a lot of fun to watch. Most of the time, it is not as fun to do because they don't add all the side effects until after the fact. But, it is really cool to go back and watch all the things that they have added in."

On her Knockouts Title Fatal 4 Way match at United We Stand:
"Yeah, I'm really excited. It is a huge match and a really big opportunity. All the girls have something different to them. So, I feel it will all come together and be a really good match!"

On Katie Forbes:
"I don't know if you watch WOW, Women of Wrestling. She is Chloe Hurts. Not that it matters but she is Rob Van Dam's wife, fiance, whatever it is. On the WOW show, she has this thing that she does called the "Ring Rats." I think that is hilarious! (laughs) Her whole persona is to do everything she has to do to be a persona. I think she's really funny. (laughs) It will be interesting to get in the ring with her for the first time."

On Rosemary being physically imposing:
"Oh, absolutely! 100%! Her facepaint alone is terrifying! She is definitely intimidating."

On facing Taya Valkyrie at United We Stand and one on one:
"Yeah, I'm facing her before that (United We Stand) too. She's definitely one of the most versitile wrestlers in the entire world. She's from Canada, she lived in Mexico for a little while, she speaks Spanish. She's like America personified! She's like a melting pot of everything America has in store. (laughs)"

On her highly praised win over Tessa Blanchard from Impact:
"I have told people this all the time but I think Tessa Blanchard is one of the best wrestlers in the world. It is easy to have a really good match with her. I think I'm a pretty good wrestler, usually. But, when you are in there with someone like Tessa, I think we bring out the best in each other."

On if people are ready to accept inter-gender wrestling from a national wrestling brand like Impact:
"I'm going to say no. A lot of people don't like inter-gender wrestling. A lot of people who don't understand wrestling at all hate inter-gender wrestling and are not comfortable with it. It is really unfortunate. But, I think as soon as a company like Impact Wrestling takes a chance and makes it a little more mainstream, then people will see good inter-gender wrestling and it will make it more palletable. Then they'll realize that this is something that people can watch and want to watch and actually makes sense."

On the vindication of her and her fiance both being part of huge shows in the New York area:
"It is funny you should mention that because we talk about it on a weekly if not daily basis about how when we first moved out here to Pennsylvania, no one knew us and we weren't really making any money. And now, we'ree doing what we're doing! Wrestling is our full time job. His matches are way crazier than mine. I mean, he's doing Madison Square Garden! It doesn't get any bigger than that. It is definitely surreal!"

On her plans for Impact's Rebellion PPV on April 28th:
"I have no idea. I feel like I never know until I get there.(laughs) "t.