Show: Interactive Wrestling Radio
Guest: Madison Rayne
Date: 03/07/19

Press Pass Podcast audio of Madison Rayne talking about returning home to Impact Wrestling!



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Rayne on if she thinks the Knockouts of Impact get enough credit for the women’s revolution: “I don’t like that question because I don’t think you can target one specific group and say, ‘They did it.’ I think this has been an ongoing, uphill battle for women for many, many years and long before any current division of women came into the wrestling world…. This has been a collaborative effort throughout the years.”

Her thoughts on Gail Kim returning to face Tessa Blanchard: “I’m disappointed that I’m not going to be involved in that match, but I’m thrilled. Not too many people are as skilled or has the resume that Gail Kim does. To be honest, I’m really excited that she and Tessa get to experience working with each other because I believe that’s going to be one of the best wrestling matches possibly of all-time.”

Her thoughts on Scarlett Bordeaux: “Scarlett’s a character and it goes back to my love for the theatrical aspect of what Impact Wrestling brings to the table. I appreciate what Scarlett does for the company. She brings a level of sex appeal…and has no shame in showing her sex appeal. But she’s also an athlete so I’m starting to wonder if all of these vignettes aren’t a bit of smoke and mirrors to distract us from the fact that she actually is a competitor.”