Show: Interactive Wrestling Radio
Guest: Matt Taven
Date: 03/12/19
Your Host: James Walsh

He's Matt Taven! And, he's challenging Jay Lethal for the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Title on Friday night, March 15th live from Las Vegas, NV as we will likely see Taven's "Real World Title" get unified with the currently accepted World Title held by Lethal. Winner Takes All, the actual name of the pay per view as it appears on your provider, is an appropriate title as the winner will take that World Title to Madison Square Garden and defend against Marty Scurll at G1 Supercard! Taven has fun with some podcast names during this. But, he says ours is good. So, we're accepted by the King of the Kingdom. We'll take it! Please do NOT forget to hit that SUBSCRIBE button! And, check out for more great interviews like this!


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