Show: Wrestling Epicenter
Guest: Sami Callihan
Date: 10/11/19
Your Host: James Walsh

Sami Callihan was one of the first to choose to leave the comfort of a WWE contract and find his own path to success. Since then, the stories of those who have followed suit are well documented. But, the original rebel who some could say was "causin' all this" joins us for another fun interview to talk about Impact's new home on AXS TV, his title shot at Bound for Glory against Brian Cage, and all things wrestling going into 2020!

Sami picked on my introduction in July saying I needed to put more pep in it. So, we kick off with me showing my new approach and being told to do it again by the leader of oVe. Hey, I might have been doing this for 18 years now. But, if Sami says do it again, I do it again! :) This was a fun improv session between us that I really think came off funny. Totally not scripted or planned. Just riffing.

Sami challenges Brian Cage from the Odeum in the Chicagoland, Chicago, IL area on PPV next Sunday, October 20. This could be 2 years in the making for Sami to finally capture the Impact Wrestling World Title! Be there!








On Impact Wrestling moving to AXS TV:
“It’s HUGE! Impact Wrestling is hard to kill! They have T shirts that say that on it now and it is true. Impact Wrestling was a company that was about to go out of business. No one believed in it anymore. But, over the past 2 years under this new regime with this new roster, including myself, this company is being talked about again and is at one of the forefronts of professional wrestling.”


On main eventing Slammiversary with Tessa after the World Title match:
“It is where I belonged the past 2 years that I’ve been in Impact Wrestling. It doesn’t matter if I’m on last or not, my match, story, or feud is the match, story, or feud that everyone is talkign about after the pay per views. I said we would change professional wrestling forever and that is exactly what myself and Tessa Blanchard did on that night. We changed professional wrestling forever at Slammiversary.”


On finally challenging for the World Title at Impact:
“Companies don’t want people like me as their World Champion. It doesn’t matter if it is WWE NXT, Lucha Underground, or here at Impact. But, through my hard work… The numbers don’t lie. There is a reason I’m “The Draw” and “The Draw” delivers results. Now, I’m going to be the face of this company and people are going to have to listen. Anything Sami Callihan touches turns to gold!”


On if any wedding receptions ever went well in wrestling:
“I don’t think so! I was really… I tried to get a cobra! I’m not going to lie! I really wanted a cobra for the wedding!”


On smashing the glass over Melissa Santos’ head:
“That was Brian Cage’s fault! He put his wife in harms way instead of being a man and just letting bygones be bygones and letting sticks and stones not break his bones! He got a little offended and wanted to put his hands on me then he ducked out of the way! Watch the footage! It’s his fault that Melissa got hit with that bottle! That bottle was meant for Brian, not her!”


On if he would defend the title more than Brian Cage has since winning it:
“100%! Brian Cage hasn’t defended the championship, what? Two times since he has been champion and he’s been champion since March! I don’t care if I’m hurt, injured, if I’m half-dead! I will defend that championship every night of the week if I have to! I will always be the person the company can rely on and put the company and the championship on my back to lead this company to bigger and better things!


On being the first guy to take the risk of leaving the WWE to find success elswhere:
“I created my own future! I have that tattooed on my body for a reason! 100%! People may not want to give me the credit than I deserve but my blueprint… My fingerprints has been on a lot of things and those things turned to gold. I helped change this business for the better and now it’s time for me to do that with Impact Wrestling to bring Impact Wrestling to the promised land!”


On Impact being overlooked:
“They say wrestling isn’t pulling the numbers they did in the 90’s! No! It’s pulling more numbers than they did! Because, people watch their content differently now. Wrestling is now on pretty much every day of the week and some people don’t watch just television anymore! Streaming services! People watch YouTube! There’s a reason that on social media every week, professional wrestling is one of the top trending things in the entire world!”


On possible contenders should he capture the title at Bound for Glory:
“I’ll work with the entire roster! I’m a diverse professional wrestler. It doesn’t matter if it’s hardcore, strong style, Lucha Libre! I’ll work with and try to elevate every single person on this roster and around the world!”

On feeling like a star in LA:
“I’ve been sitting here at LA Live looking out this window at the Staple Center, looking at the Xbox Center and I’m feeling like a star because I am one!”


On what to expect from Bound for Glory:
“Once again, Impact Wrestling is going to put the wrestling World on notice! Slammiversary, for two years running, was one of the best pay per views of the year! Now, Bound for Glory this year! Some of the matches.. X Division Ladder Match will get crazy. Michael Elgin vs Marufuji! True dream match that only Impact Wrestling can bring! You’ve got me and Brian Cage in the main event! I’m going to walk out the impact wrestling world heavyweight champion because it’s about time that a company put their stamp of approval on me and put me as the face of the company!”