Show: Weekend Warriors of Wrestling
Guest: Scott Steiner
Your Hosts: Patrick Kelley, Chad Perry, & Missy Hyatt


Big Poppa Pump is your hook up, holla if you hear me!


Well, you'd better start halla'ing, foks, because the Big Bad Booty Daddy is about to step into the Epicenter for the first

time ever!

Speaking of booties, Missy Hyatt stops by and the usual and timeless insanity takes over!



The call begins at 1:10pm with the SPIKE TV representative joining us for the ratings breakdown.

Thursday scored a 1.1 rating, with 1.4 in the men 18-49 demographic. The average audience was 1.3 million. SPIKE TV was #1 in the 18-49 demographic during the 11pm hour. Lockdown is this Sunday.

Scott Steiner joins the call.

Q. Is there anyone in TNA you are looking forward to working with?
A. I came to beat up Sting, so we'll see that this Sunday. He's the reason I am here.

Q. Will you be touring Japan anytime soon?
A. No plans as of now, I did the Japan thing.

Q. Is there a meaning to the new tattoo.
A. It's between me and my freak show, not good for radio to discuss it.

Q. Why TNA and why now?
A. Timing man. Jeff called me up to take care of Sting and that is why I am here. The fans love Sting, but it won't be easy for him to succeed with me here.

Q. You were champion in WCW and Jeff was your 2nd, do you have designs to be the NWA champion?
A. Eventually, but right now I am set on Sting. I have watched TNA, and everyone praises Sting. He's champion of trash and I will put him in his place. Sting is no match for me.

Q. A lot of people have been chanting for Goldberg, would you like to see him in TNA.
A. I beat his ass before and I'll do it again.

Q. You look in great shape.
A. I am the genetic freak.

Q. Billy Graham doesn't think he influenced you, what do you think?
A. I never really took much from him. He had a different style to me, but I was a big fan of him.

Q. AMW is one of the premiere tag teams. Do you think that they are a throw back to the great teams and would you like to bring Rick in to challenge them?
A. Never say never.

Q. What did you think about your WWE run?
A. Same as always, HHH. Same old shit. It happens to everyone, Goldberg, Nash, HHH is insecure. If he wasn't banging the boss' daughter, he'd be nothing.

Q. How to you feel that TNA compete with WWE?
A. Back in 96 WCW was where TNA is now. There are a lot of similarities between the companies. With a few changes, things could pick up. I think if it all falls into place and we get some of that audience, we can succeed. Not everyone wants to watch the WWE trash.

Q. How do you feel about the TNA drug policy.
A. I am all for it. I have never failed a drug test.

Q. Can you talk about your injuries and you health status?
A. I feel and look great.

Q. How is the drop foot?
A. I had that in WWE and the end of WCW. I got some surgery with screws and a tendon transfer. I feel great.

Q. How has your perception of the business changed?
A. In life women are the greatest thing placed on earth. Wrestling has changed, there are a lot of small guys and there is a lack of good wrestling. Hell, WWE pushed a retard.

Q. Rick has moved on in life, what are your post wrestling plans?
A. I broke Wilt Chamberlain's record for doing women; that is my legacy.

Q. Since you have been back, you have run wild over TNA.
A. Damn right I have.

Q. Sunday will be your first official match. Have you had a chance to work the 6-sided ring.
A. I think it's cool and different. We'll see what happens, I want to ground and pound anyway, so it will be ok. Sting may not even make it to the ring.

Q. Have you seen footage of last year's Lockdown and what do you think of the all cage concept?
A. I saw some of it, and it adds an element of danger. You have to focus and go at it.

Q. You have a long relationship with JJ, has it changed at all?
A. It's the same really. We go back to 1987 so we have a great relationship.

Q. If a group like AMW came to you for advice, what do you say to them?
A. I am pretty much in my zone when I arrive, and I am on my own. I don't talk that much.

Q. Do many people misunderstand you?
A. Possibly, but I don't care.

Q. Have there been any handcuffs placed on you by TNA on the mic?
A. There hand is on the button, but I have a lot of freedom.

Q. What is the difference between you now and a few years ago?
A. Little bigger but the same attitude.

Q. With the work you have had done, have you had to change your training?
A. No, it has been the same. I was in a cast for 5-months, it took a long time, but I am all good.

Q. Did you still have the same passion to come back?
A. The time away was good and I really missed it. I am just glad that I can still do it. The rush is awesome.

Q. You had great success with Rick. Individually you had great success as well. Do you miss the "old" Scott Steiner at all.
A. No, Big Poppa is more me and I love pissing people off. Back in the day that is who I was but I evolved.

Q. Do you wish that you could still pull the frankensteiner out from time to time?
A. Maybe, but I dig the ground and pound aspect of what I do now.

Q. After you take care of Sting, where do you go?
A. If someone gets in my way, they'll go down.

Q. Sting is looking forward to working with the TNA crew, is there anyone you really want to work with?
A. No one can go to my level, I am the genetic freak. You can't make Chicken Salad from Chicken shit.

Q. Any chance of Midaja returning?
A. I will unleash the freaks when I feel I want to, you never know?

Q. Any other friends of yours that may be returning.
A. You never know.

Q. You return this Sunday, are you excited?
A.I just want to beat some ass. I went to the bar the other day to look for someone to beat down.

Q. What do you think of team Sting?
A. No one matches up to me, but they have their styles but I am focused on Sting. If they get in the way, they will pay.

Q. What can you bring to TNA?
A. We want to get TNA up to a WCW like level to get some real competition. Vince didn't get the WCW audience.

Q. How is TNA different from everyone else.
A. The ring obviously. They are developing a new style. People want to see wrestling, personality and showmanship. We just have to push that and let it be what will be.

Q. You're currently with JJ's team, could it be N W O like?
A. You never know, you have to have the right guys to pull that off.

Q. After Sting what do you do?
A. Who ever steps to the plate for a 1 on 1 battle will get beat up as well. I hate Sting and have for a while. He is my target and I will make sure his redneck fans see the last of him.

Q. Do you have an opinion about AJ and Batista's comments?
A. Hahaha, that's their war not mine. Batista can call me anything he wants.

Q. How was the lap dance from Stacy Keibler?
A. She has phenomenal legs, I loved working with her.

Q. Where can we purchase a Steiner Recliner?
A. I donno, but we need to market that.

Q. You and Rick were great innovators. Do you think the X Division is like that?
A. They come up with some great stuff like the Frankensteiner, but not at 275…hahaha, but when you get in the ring it is man on man and if I hit them I'd knock them out.

Q. Do you think you and Rick had a lasting effect on the business?
A. Maybe, but that isn't for me to decide.

Q. The Bill Watts book had some strong word for you. He said you were against his drug policy and you refused to turn heel. He said if you did it earlier you would have succeeded earlier, what do you think?
A. Watts is an asshole. Wahoo always said so and I thought he was a bully. I called him out but he didn't do anything.

Q. Looking back on WCW, do you think it was out of control?
A. If the higher ups ran the company right we'd still be in business. They didn't want wrestling on their network so nothing could have saved it because of that. They never appreciated us.

Q. Do you think the lack of respect caused a lot of the no shows and fake injuries.
A. I can't speak for others, but probably. I bet they regret it, but without that support we were dead in the water. Bishoff gets shit, but he did so much.

Q. You and Sting have a chance to help the next generation. What do you think about these guys?
A. Well TNA management wants wrestling and SPIKE supports us.

Q. How is TNA different management wise from WWE?
A. Well, it is hard to comment on since I haven't been here long. Up north it is just so different. Vince runs things with his yes men. It was brutal there and backstage sucked. There are a lot of miserable guys in WWE.

Q. TNA has tested some house shows, do you think that is what they need to do?
A. I think it is good to travel like that. When you tape in one place you don't get a true response from the fans.

Q. I am curious, around the industry tag tem wrestling is fading away, what is going wrong?
A. I wouldn't say that. I think tag teams are still relevant and there are good tag teams still around. The quality has gone down in certain places, but it is there if you look.

Q. Have you considered retirement?
A. I was done after WCW, but WWE offered me a ton of money.

Q. Was there anything good about the WWE run?
A. Not really.

Q. If they called again or put you guys in the Hall of Fame would you go?
A. No, it's Vince's deal and not a real hall.

Q. What's worse, David Arquette as champ or a Mike Awesome promo?
A. They are equally bad.