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TNA Destination X 2005 2 Disc DVD

TNA Destination X 2005 2 Disc DVD
Official DVD release with original artwork.

Match results courtesy of Wrestling Epicenter.

March 13, 2005 in Orlando, FL
Universal Studios drawing 775 ($0)
Shown live on PPV

Bobby Roode, Petey Williams, Eric Young & Alistair Ralphs beat Chris Harris, James Storm, Konnan & B.G. James (8:53) when Roode pinned Konnan.
Chris Sabin beat Chase Stevens (6:18).
Dustin Rhodes beat Raven (6:10) in a "Bullrope Match."
The Harris Brothers beat Phi Delta Slam (10:18) when Don pinned Big Tilly.
Monty Brown beat Tryton (5:26).
Jeff Hardy beat Abyss (15:48) in a "Falls Count Anywhere Match."
The Outlaw Billy Gunn beat Kevin Nash (11:20) in a "First Blood Match."
A.J. Styles & Elix Skipper beat Christopher Daniels & Ron Killings (8:06) when Skipper pinnd Killings.
A.J. Styles & Christopher Daniels beat Elix Skipper in a "Three Way Match" when Daniels made the pin (9:04).
Christopher Daniels beat A.J. Styles (8:09) in an "Ultimate X Match" to win the NWA X Title.
NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett beat Diamond Dallas Page (21:40).


Match #1 Konnan, BG James and America’s Most Wanted © vs. Team Canada (Williams, Young, Rude and Alister Rouse) w/ Coach D’Amore and Devine


Konnan with the retro mic work and the same for BG. He gets cut off from the “soon to be Tag Champs” line as Harris took the mic, HA!


Devine is down on crutches with his team, uh oh! He has an MCL and ACL tear.

BG and Rude to start. Rude clubs him down, off the ropes…juke and jive by BG and Rude is down as well as all of Team Canada. Konnan tagged in and so is Young. Kick by Young, reversals by Konnan and a shoulder block to Young. Clothesline to Young and Konnan loses a shoe, and then throws it at Rude. Tag to Storm, great reversal sequence off the ropes and a hip toss to Young. They do some odd series the Rude is in, and tossed to the floor with Young. AMW both in, and Harris throws Storm onto Team Canada on the floor! Harris up top…CROSS BODY TO TEAM CANADA! He then nails Devine for his troubles. Williams in and in control now of Harris, then a tag to Rude. Quick tag back to Williams and Harris tries to fight back. But a swinging flat liner to Harris and a count of 2 for Williams. Arm bar to Harris, and a tag to Rouse. He is a big dude like Rude, and an Arn Anderson like body slam with the hammerlock. Chokes out Harris now, then tags in Rude. He beats down Harris and a quick tag to Young. Arm bar variation to Harris as they are focusing on his left arm. Harris fights up and a lariat to Young! Harris crawls for the tag…Young tags Rude and Konan is in as well. Clothesline to Rude, Alabama Slam to Young! Face buster to Williams! Drop kick to Rude! Tequila Sunrise on Rude but Rouse breaks it up. All 8-men in now and they are on the floor. D’Amore on top…TOSSED by Konnan! NORTHERN LARIAT to Konnan and that is all!

Winners: Team Canada @ 8:55


Johnny Fairplay is back with Dusty and the ladies. He begs Dusty for another chance to be his assistant. Dusty says he has some time to impress him. Trinity and Traci argue about who’s team is better. Dusty cheers them up by kissing both ladies!


Match #2 Chase Stevens w/Candido and Douglas vs. Chris Sabin

Stevens attacks at the bell and nails Sabin with right hands. Head lock by Sabin now, reversal and a RANA to Stevens! He goes to the floor…SWEET DIVE to Stevens and Sabin takes out Candido and Douglas now. Stevens catches Sabin on the way in, and then a double foot stomp to the face. Stevens chokes him now, and then Douglas does as well! Sabin tries a springboard, but Candido stops him and pulls him to the floor. Rolled back in and Stevens covers for 2. Sabin fighting back now, and rocks Stevens with right hands. Sidekick to Stevens, LOW BLOW by Stevens and Sabin is down. Stevens covers and gets 2. Inverted back breaker, then a reverse Russian leg sweep by Stevens for 2. Stevens with an Asai moonsault for 2. Surfboard like move to Sabin now, Sabin battles up but Stevens pulls him back down. Lock it in again and tries to make Sabin give up, but he fights out again. Sabin with elbows, off the ropes and gets an atomic drop. Clothesline to Stevens, and another! Leaping Enziguri by Sabin! Tornado DDT gets a CLOSE 2! Eye poke by Stevens, Sabin off the ropes, reversals…Sabin tries a Cradle Shock but Douglas stops it as Candido distracts the ref. Stevens tries a roll up, but Sabin gets a bridge and gets the 3 count!

All 3 beat Sabin down after the match, and a masked man hits the ring and lays them out! He tosses Candido to the floor, and then hits a sweet flip dive on all 3 men! He unmasks and IT’S FUCKIN SHOCKER! (from the McDonalds Commercial and CMLL!)

Winner: Chris Sabin @ 6:15


Tenay puts over Shocker’s resume and accomplishments.


Match #3 Bull Rope Match: Raven vs. Dustin Rhodes

Raven tries to waste time, but is pulled into the steel post by Dustin. Cowbell shot to Raven, and he gets rammed into the steel railing. Raven back in the ring, shot to the gut and then Dustin nails him again with the cowbell. Dustin wraps the rope around the post and then pulls Raven into the turnbuckle with it. Raven undone, and Dustin hangs him in the corner now as he sits on the tope rope. Right hands by Dustin, but Raven pulls him off the top and he crashes to the mat. Raven to the floor and gets a chair. He wedges it in the corner, and whips Dustin into the chair. He grabs the chair again, and then works the knee with the cowbell. Chair shot to the back of Dustin, drop toehold of Doom on the chair. Raven misses a 2nd rope shot, and then gets crotched with the rope! ROPE BURN! Atomic drop to Raven, and a clothesline. Dustin mounts him in the corner and punches away 10 times. He then sets and gets thrown off of the bulldog. Raven with the chair again…WAFFLE to Dustin. Off the ropes…BULL DOG on the chair and that is all.

Team Canada storms the ring and beat down Dustin! AMW is out and we have a wild brawl and the faces stand tall!

Winner: Dustin Rhodes@ 6:19


Match #4 Phi Delta Slam (Bruno and Big Til) w/Trinity vs. The Disciples of Destruction w/Traci

Ron and Bruno to start, lock up and they shove off. Headlock to Bruno, off the ropes and a clothesline to Bruno. Tag to Big Til, and he and Don now shove at each other. Big Til with a headlock on Don, off the ropes and a big boot to Big Til. Big Til is tossed to the floor by Ron and Don and they talk with Trinity. Bruno back in and Ron grabs him but Big Til comes in and is taken down. Choke slam on Bruno. Big Til in as Don works over Bruno on the floor with a chair shot. The DOD work over Bruno and then take him down with a double clothesline. Bruno clotheslines Don over the top as he was distracted by Trinity. Big Til rams him into the steel and then tosses him back in. Big Til tagged in and a boot to Don. Tag back to Bruno and they just lay out Don with repeated shots. Don to the corner, tag to Big Til…corner splash to Don. Tag back to Bruno and they double team Don with a clothesline. Don back with boots, but Big Til nails him with a right hand. Running knee by Bruno and a tag to Big Til who gets a big leg drop. Don tossed to the floor again and he’s rammed to the steel. Big Til goes up top and knocked down but Trinity up top and moonsault to the floor on Don, who catches her (sort of) and then tosses her over the railing. She’s hurting and Bruno with a DDT to Don I think. Up to the 2nd rope and Bruno misses an elbow. Clothesline by Don, and yes I am sure. Tag to Ron and clotheslines for all very slowly. Right hands now and Don is back in as well. Big Til taken to the floor by Don, and Trinity kicks away at him. They now work over Ron in the ring and off the ropes…double clothesline. My soul is leaving me. Big Til up top for the Tsunami splash…NAILS IT! The ref is distracted…and the Harris’s switch! Big Til goes back after Don now and picks him up, sets him in the corner…BIG BOOT to Big Til! And that is all!

Winners: The Disciples of Destruction @ 10:29

Worst match of the year.


Dustin and AMW talk as Fairplay talks to them. He is looking for a tag team. He wants to manage them. They have a test for him. They throw hay on him and then Storm “rides” him. He runs away, I can’t blame him.


Match #5 Trytan vs. “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown

They stare down, and Trytan is a big dude. Right hands by Monty, and Trytan tries a choke slam, reversed and a Press slam on Monty that ALMOST killed him! You fucked up chant for Trytan. Monty is down still, but gets back up. Monty fights out of a choke slam again and tosses Trytan to the floor. Trytan rams him into the steel railing though and is in control. Monty rammed into the ring apron now, and then has his arm rammed through the steel rigging for the Ultimate X. Elbow to Monty’s throat and he is laid on the apron. Monty back in the ring and Trytan taunts him. Boot to Monty and then shoulder blocks in the corner by Trytan. Boot to Trytan as he charged Monty, and right hands by Monty now. Choke Slam on Monty! 1…2…NO! Trytan picks him up and Monty escapes and a clothesline, another and a drop kick by Monty! Chops to Trytan, and off the ropes..F-5 countered by Monty and grabs him up…fall away slam! Monty is pumped! Off the ropes…and the lights are out! WHAT THE HELL! Another masked man is in the ring! POOOOOOUNCE TO THE MASKED MAN! He covers the masked man as Trytan is gone and wins?

Trytan in on the ramp way and taunts Monty. They chant for him to remove the mask and Monty leaves.

Winner: Monty Brown @ 5:35


DDP is stretching and says he will defeat JJ.


Video package of the Abyss and Hardy feud.


Match #6 Falls Count Anywhere: Abyss vs. Jeff Hardy

Abyss has a chair, but Jeff takes it away and boots away at him. Jeff clotheslines Abyss to the floor. Sets up the chair…triple jump dive to Abyss! Abyss rammed onto the steps now, but then rams Jeff to the railing. Into the crowd we go and to the backstage area. Abyss drags Jeff to the back and rams him into a door. Abyss rams Jeff into a steel gate and they are in the catering area. Abyss has a table now, and sets it up. Jeff back up but Abyss slams him down and grabs another table. Dudleyville construction! Chair shot to Abyss, and Jeff lays him on the table. Jeff climbs… up the rafters that are in a big X…SWANTON TO ABYSS! Both men are laid out now and try to get to their feet. Jeff covers for 2. Right hands to Abyss now, and then Abyss rams him into a wall. We head back stage again and into the crowd. Jeff rammed into the bleachers and Abyss takes him back towards ringside. Crotches him on the steel railing and that has to hurt. Abyss and Jeff back at ringside and in the ring. Abyss gets a few chairs now, and he has bad intentions. He wedges one in the corner, and Jeff has another chair…triple jump Van Daminator! Clothesline to Abyss now, but the big man gets a bog boot to Jeff. Abyss goes to the 2nd rope and has a chair laid on Jeff…and Abyss KILLS him with a splash! 1…2…NO! Abyss sets it up again…off the ropes…Avalanche blocked by the chair! WALLFE CHAIR SHOT TO ABYSS! ANOTHER! 1…2…NO! Jeff to the floor and looks for toys. He can’t find what he wants. Grabs a chair and nails Abyss. Back under the ring now, and it’s LADDER TIME! Jeff puts it in the ring, and sets it up. He climbs, so does Abyss…they throw right hands and Abyss is down! LEAP FROG LEG DROP TO ABYSS!!! 1…2…NO! Abyss is alive! Boot to Abyss…but Abyss grabs him…SHOCK TREATMENT! 1…2…NO! Abyss grabs Jeff, and misses him and eats the chair! Roll up by Jeff and only 2! Jeff up top…but Abyss knocks him off. Abyss grabs the ladder and sets it in the corner. He then goes to the floor and looks for something. He has a table! Jeff to his feet in the ring and Abyss puts the table in the ring. He sets it up and goes after Jeff. He lays him on the table and goes up top! Abyss is up…but Jeff crotches him. Jeff up…RANA TRY…NO! SUPER POWER BOMB TO HARDY THROUGH THE TABLE! Abyss is up and pulls the table pieces from the ring. He has the ladder and lays it down. He grabs Jeff, but he fights back. GOOZLE! Hardy fights out…Twist of Fate on the Ladder and that is all!

Winner: Jeff Hardy @ 16:00


Abyss is pissed and attacks Hardy. He grabs the thumbtacks! He lays them out on the mat! Jeff off the ropes…BLACK HOLE SLAM TO HARDY ON THE TACKS!!!!!!! Hardy’s back is covered in tacks!


Team Canada is backstage and he is glad to add Rouse and they want the titles! They are new and improved. Johnny Fairplay is there with a Canadian Flag. He needs a tag team, and he wants 2 members of Team Canada. They take the flag from him and tell him to piss off. He sings Oh Canada, kind of. Then he runs away.


Match #7 No DQ, First Blood Match: The Outlaw vs. Kevin Nash

Nash’s fists are taped up and he is all business. Right hands by the Outlaw, but Nash with a knee. Right hands by Nash and the Outlaw is rocked. Corner elbows by Nash and then a right hand. Choke by Nash but the Outlaw fights back. Clothesline by Nash, then a flurry of right hands to the Outlaw. Chop block to Nash and now he works over his knee by ramming it on the apron. Now he slams it off the rigging for the Ultimate X and again! The Outlaw looks for some toys, I think they are all gone! He finds a toolbox and gets a screwdriver! Nash tries to hold him off…great camera work here and Nash fights him off. Nash has him up and takes him down. Sling shot to the Outlaw and he flies to the floor! Nash follows and rams him off the steel railing. Then into the light rigging! Nash grabs a chair and they go back to the ring. LOW BLOW to Nash! The Outlaw has the chair and NAILS NASH! Nash is down and the ref checks on him. No blood. The Outlaw kicks away at him now and now back to the toolbox. He removes the turnbuckle with wire cutters and it is off. The ref tries to stop him, why? They exchange right hands now, and big boot to the Outlaw! The Outlaw rams Nash to the ref and he is down! Nash then eats the turnbuckle that was exposed, but then gets a LOW BLOW to the Outlaw. Nash exposes another turnbuckle and SNAKE EYES to the exposed turnbuckle! ANOTHER and the Outlaw is down. Nash fires away and the Outlaw is busted open! Nash goes for the ref and JJ is out! BELT SHOT TO NASH! The lawyer is down with a doctor who wipes the blood from the Outlaw, so Tully vs. Dusty here! He puts Vaseline on the Outlaw and the ref is still out. They try to stop the blood from the Outlaw and Nash is busted open. They leave and the ref sees Nash bleeding and that is it.

Winner: The Outlaw @ 11:27


Nash is pissed and beats down the Outlaw and then gets the Jack Knife power bomb… and fell on his ass afterwards.


Match #8 Ultimate X: AJ Styles © vs. Ron Killings vs. Elix Skipper vs. Christopher Daniels

4-Man tag, Styles and Skipper vs. Daniels and Killings. Then after a pin to a triple threat. After another pin or submission it is 1 on 1 in Ultimate X Rules for the title.

Elix and Killings to start. Arm bar by Elix, reversal by Killings and then a back elbow by Elix. Killings quickly up top…Missile drop kick to Elix. Running power slam to Elix and he covers, Matrix out and a butterfly suplex to Killings. Elix up top…Missile drop kick of his own. Rams Killings in the corner and a tag to AJ. AJ wants Daniels, and Killings goes to tag him and Daniels drops to the floor. AJ and Killings in and AJ off the ropes, reversal and a waist lock. AJ tries a RANA, tossed off and right hands to Killings. Off the ropes, Drop kick and now Daniels rushes in and takes AJ down. Flying forearm by Killings, and he tags Daniels. Right hands to AJ by Daniels, and a leg lariat to AJ. Covers and gets 2 as we get dueling chants for AJ and Daniels. DDT to Daniels, and a knee drop by AJ and he covers for 2. AJ off the rope sand Skipper NAILS AJ and Daniels and Elix are on the same page. Daniels covers for 2 and then locks in a rear choke on AJ. AJ escapes, off the ropes…Flat liner by Daniels. Cross face by Daniels on AJ and he tries to fight out. AJ crawls and gets the ropes. Slam to AJ and split legged moonsault by Daniels for 2. AJ and Daniels exchange right hands, and then AJ gets an Enziguri! Daniels tags Killings and AJ tags Elix. They both toss him in and Killings with right hands now. Back flip, leg split into a leaping kick by Killings. Up top now…AX KICK TO ELIX gets 2 as Daniels saves Elix! Killings now punches away on Daniels, and Daniels to the floor. AJ with a HUGE DUVE onto Daniels and they are both doen on the floor. SUDDEN DEATH TO KILLINGS right on his head and he is GONE @ 8:06.

Triple threat time now. Elix and AJ in the ring now and a rear waist lock by AJ, reversal and a German to AJ, who flips out but Elix and AJ exchange stiff kicks. Double clothesline and both men are down. Daniels up top…and he climbs the cables? He pulls himself up and sits there! GENIUS! BIGGEST MOONSUALT EVER TO AJ AND ELIX! HOLY SHIT!!!! All 3 men are down, and Daniels gets a cover on AJ and only gets 2! HUGE chants now for all 3 men. Forearm shots to AJ now, and then Elix is up and he is pissed at Daniels. Daniels tries to calm him down, and Elix seems cool with it. Daniels double crosses him and lays him out! Right hands to Elix now and AJ tries to get up off of the floor. AJ up…and knocked to the floor and hits his head. Elix with a clothesline to Daniels. Belly to belly! Right hands to Daniels now and XX HAS EXPLODED! Spinning leg lariat to Daniels and Elix is pumped up. AJ flies in and takes out Elix. Gut buster by AJ to Daniels. Right hands by AJ and he sets Danielson the top rope. They fight it out…and AJ rams his head off of the rigging. Elix is up as well now…Elix on the cables now…AJ still up there…INVERTED RANA TO AJ! Daniels flies…power bomb to Daniels! Elix kicks away at Daniels, then a reverse drop kick. AJ up on the cables…he flips around the cables…SHOOTING STAR PRESS FROM THE CABLES TO DANIELS AND ELIX! All 3 men are up and AJ with right hands to Daniels and Elix. Suplex into a neck breaker to Daniels by AJ gets 2! AJ tries the clash…super kick by Elix to AJ. Elix grabs him up…SUDDEN DEATH TO AJ! He covers and Daniels rolls Elix up and pins him @ 17:30! Daniels is a sneaky bastard!

ULTIMATE X TIME! Daniels tells Elix XXX is over with and AJ is still down. Daniels climbs up to scale the cables. AJ pulls him down, and Daniels lays him out with a clothesline. Daniels up again to try for the belt. AJ pulls him down again, and nails a back breaker on Daniels. Head butts by Daniels now, and AJ back with the PELE KICK! Both men are down and get up. They both climb. They go across the cable at the same time…and AJ kicks Daniels off. Daniels leaps and pulls AJ off though and back to the mat we go. AJ and Daniels up on the top rope now…and AJ is on the cables, he turns around but Daniels leaps at him and gets the STO OFF OF THE CABLES! Daniels pulls himself up and goes to climb again. AJ is up and trying to get up there as well. Daniels with head butts again, and then slams AJ into the rigging. Daniels climbs across, AJ follows though. Daniels is down, and grabs onto AJ and pulls him down just inches from the belt! “This is awesome chants” by the crowd. They are climbing again and go across the cables… Daniels wraps his legs around AJ and gets a THEZ PRESS off of the cables! AJ and Daniels up again…they both grab the title and fall…BUT NO BELT FOR EITHER MAN! AJ goes up again and goes across as the ref went down that last time. AJ gets the title but the ref is out. ANGELS WINGS! Daniels grabs the belt and the ref sees him with it and THAT IS IT! NEW CHAMPION!

Winner: and NEW CHAMPION Christopher Daniels @ 25:26


Fairplay is backstage and sees Quartermain and Lex Lovett. He wants them as his tag team, and says he can get them on PPV. They seem to accept.


Match #9 Ringside revenge for the NWA Title: Jeff Jarrett © vs. DDP

The “police” for the match are Monty Brown, Killings, James, Konnan, Larry Zbyzko, Chris Candido, Chase Stevens, Andy Douglas, and the Lawyer “Dagert.”

The police aren’t “supposed” to be lumberjacks, just stop JJ from cheating. I still think James is turning heel.

Borash is out to do the super special ring intros.

Here we go! JJ bails quickly and they try to get him back in. JJ has a black eye, most likely from this Friday in Mexico. He bails again, and apparently he went to the Larry Z school of stalling. Back in and he nails DDP from behind. Tries the stroke, reversal, Cutter try and escape by JJ who now goes to the floor and talks smack to Monty. DDP follows, and rights hands are flying! JJ to the steel railing and more right hands by DDP. Back in the ring, and JJ catches him and grabs a headlock. DDP escapes but JJ right back to the headlock. Shoulder block by DDP, and another. Covers and gets 2. Spinning clothesline by DDP and DDP then clotheslines JJ to the floor. He follows and slams him on the announce table. Rams him face first now on the table. He then HHH’s him with water and then a clothesline to JJ takes him into the crowd. Garbage can shot to JJ by DDP in the crowd. Up into the bleachers now and JJ rammed into the wall. Again into the wall and DDP is in full control. Through the crowd and JJ rammed into the bleachers. Back to ringside we go and then rammed onto the Spanish announce table. DDP just kicking JJ’s ass all over the Impact Zone! Grabs a chair, and puts it in the ring. It’s an announcer’s chair on wheels. Atomic drop, JJ on the chair…right hands as he spins in the chair! Big boot to JJ, cover and only 2. DDP mounts JJ in the corner and a 10 count punches, but a LOW BLOW by JJ! JJ grabs the chair and slams it onto DDP. Again and DDP grabs his knee. A shot to the back with the chair now and JJ is back in charge. JJ works the knee now. JJ goes for the figure four, but DDP shoves him off, roll up and a 2 for DDP! Another roll up for 2 by DDP. JJ back to the knee and then a strut. DDP up…tosses JJ to the corner and unloads with right hands. Knee by JJ, Flair style knee buster to DDP. Figure four on DDP! DDP tries to fight out and almost gets counted down for the pin. DDP tries and reverses the figure four but JJ rolls through and keeps it locked in. DDP gets the ropes and a break. Right hands to JJ, sunset flip and JJ with a right hand. Another try and DDP gets 2. Sleeper by JJ and DDP down to the mat. DDP fights back up to his feet, escapes and another sleeper by JJ. DDP escapes and both men are down. The ref counts and they fight to their feet. DDP blocks a right hand and fires back at JJ. Big boot to JJ off the ropes and then DDP takes and rams him in the corner. Clothesline by DDP and he gets 2. Rock Bottom by DDP gets 2! JJ takes DDP down, covers and gets 2. Jarrett sucks chant now, and DDP to his feet, power bomb to JJ gets 2! DDP sets for the cutter…off the ropes…shoved off, and Candido grabs DDP! STROKE BY JJ! 1…2…NO! BRAWL AT RINGSIDE NOW! James moves the steps and everyone else is brawling. The Outlaw gets JJ a guitar. James grabs it…Konnan in and James NAILS KONNAN as JJ MOVED! Killings is back in and James leaves. Konnan is pulled out. JJ up top…CROTCHED on the top rope and the ref is down. Outlaw is back and FAMEASSER ON DDP! JJ covers and the ref counts 1…2…NO! Waltman is here. Spin kick on The Outlaw! Bronco Buster to Outlaw! One for JJ! Clothesline to the Outlaw over the top. He chases him away and JJ on top…crotched again. Dagert is on the apron, knocked down. Cutter for Candido and Douglas! One for Stevens! Crowd hot for DDP. JJ on top…CUTTER ON JJ! Dagert is back in, Monty is in now…POOOOOOOOOUUUUUNCE TO DDP! That was lame and unexpected. He puts JJ on top of DDP and 1…2…3!

Monty celebrates and picks up JJ and hands him the title. They shake mid-ring and then hug! WHAT THE HELL!

Winner: JJ @ 21:40

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