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TWA Texas Wrestling Academy Episodes 1-12 featuring Shawn Michae

TWA Texas Wrestling Academy Episodes 1-12 featuring Shawn Michae
Shawn Michaels TWA TV shows from October, November, December, and early January 199-2000. It features some great talent young stars like Daniel Bryan as American Dragon, Spanky AKA Brian Kendrick, and the late Lance Cade as Lance Kade. Plus, former GWF talent such as Chaz Taylor... And, of course, the "Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels himself.

TWA TV - October 16, 1999

American Dragon VS Rudy Boy Gonzalez (TV Champ)
Venom (Paul Diamond) Interview - Wolfie D comes out and is granted a World Title shot by Venom is Wolfie defeats Buster
Buster VS Wolfie D
Wolfie D wins but Venom turns on him - Claims no Title shot to be granted
Wolfie D gives post-match comments

TWA TV - October 23, 1999

Ultimate Bad Guys VS Chaz "Love Machine" Taylor/Wayne Knight
Monbassa Interview - Lance Cade comes out and is spit on, then attacks Monbassa with a chair
Venom (World Champ) VS Wolfie D

TWA TV - October 30, 1999

American Dragon/Spanky/Rudy Boy Gonzalez Interrupt Shawn Michaels and show host, giving a promo
Spanky VS American Dragon
Lance Cade Interview
Monbassa returns the favor attacking Cade viciously
Shooter Schultz comes in to take out Cade as well but is cleared out
Buffet Brothers (Tag Champs)(w/ Hooters Girls and a ton of food) VS Ultimate Bad Guys
Big Bad John runs in; Ultimate Bad Guys win the Titles

TWA TV - November 6, 1999

Board Of Education VS Chaz "Love Machine" Taylor/Natural Born Thriller
Venom Interview
Monbossa VS Lance Cade - Hardcore Match

TWA Total Impact 11/13/99
- Shooter Schultz interview
- Chaz "The Love Machine" Taylor interview
- Chaz "The Love Machine" Taylor vs. Shooter Schultz
- Buffet Bros. & Nugget interview-Board of Education deliver Buffet Bros. pizza then attack them
- Board of Education interview
- Rudy Boy Gonzales vs. Spanky (TWA TV Title)

TWA Total Impact 11/20/99
- Wayne Knight interview
- Lance Kade interview
- Lance Kade vs. Wayne Knight
- Ultimate Bad Guys vs. Buffet Bros. vs. Board of Education (Tag Team Title)
- Venom vs. Tiger Steele (TWA Title)
- Shawn Michaels is found bloody and unconscious

TWA Total Impact 11/27/99
- Board of Education interview
- Buffet Bros. & Nugget interview
- Board of Education vs. Buffet Bros.
- Monbassa interview-he announces that his new name is Sir Francis Alexander Gibbons
- Spanky vs. Shooter Schultz (TV Title)

TWA Total Impact 12/04/99
- "Natural Born Thriller" Wayne Knight interview
- Chaz "The Love Machine" Taylor interview
- Ace Cage vs. Francis Alexander Gibbons
- Shawn Michaels interview
- Chaz "The Love Machine" Taylor vs. "Natural Born Thriller" Wayne Knight

TWA Total Impact 12/11/99
“Best of TWA Total Impact 1999”

This is a great show, and features the early career of Spanky, Daniel Bryan, Lance Cade... and Shawn Michaels as Comissionar and Colour Commentator...

TWA Total Impact 12/18/99
- Interview Shooter Schultz
- Interview American Dragon
- Shooter Schultz vs. American Dragon
- Shawn Michaels & Vanom Brawl
- Tiger Steele vs. Lance Kade

TWA Total Impact 01/01/00
- Interview American Dragon
- Interview Spanky
- American Dragon vs. Spanky
- Interaction Francis Alexander Gibbons & Lance Kade
- Hardcore Match: Venom vs. Monbassa

TWA Total Impact 01/08/00
Interview American Drago & Spanky
Interview Gonzales & Bonecrusher
Buster Time Vs. Big Bad John
American Dragon/Spanky Vs. Gonzales/Bonecrusher

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