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WWE John Morrison - Rock Star DVD

WWE John Morrison - Rock Star DVD
Sealed DVD in package. Never opened, wrapped in plastic.

Call him Johnny Nitro, Johnny Mundo, John Morrison, Johnny Impact... This is a DVD that looks at the rise of fame of John Hennigan in the WWE. A fantastic DVD look!

Here is a solid review of the DVD that includes a rundown of contents.

The Shaman Of Sexy, The Monday/Friday Night Delight, Johhny can call him by almost any other name but he's mostly known by the name of John Morrison. Overtime he's become one of the WWE's most popular characters either through his entertaining personality or his inring matches so here is a brief showcasing of matches throughout his career in "John Morrison: Rock Star".
ECW Championship Match vs. C.M. Punk - After these two had various matches on TV & the previous 3 PPV's (Night Of Champions, Great American Bash, SummerSlam), this was C.M. Punk's last chance to face Morrison for the ECW Championship. Both men traded offensive moves of grounding their opposition along with stiff kicks while breaking out other manuevers like Punk doing a springboard crossbody from the apron to the floor while Morrison was able to reverse a top rope attempt by Punk into a powerslam at one point & used "Starship Pain" for the first time in his career. This was a very competitive match & the best encounter from their series of matches throughout the summer. "ECW On Sci-Fi" Sep. '07
w/The Miz vs. D-Generation X - Unfortunally they didn't show the comedic pre-match promo from DX on Miz & Morrison but this was a match that went back & forth between both teams that showed Miz & Morrison constantly attempting to get one over on DX by constantly mocking DX by doing their trademark crotch chops along with stealing their signature moves like Miz's attempt at a pedigree while Morrison executed his own version of Shawn's "Sweet Chin Music" but DX prevailed in the end. It was a good match but their match the next week against Mysterio & Shawn (on the "Allied Powers" DVD) was better in quality. "RAW" Nov. '08
vs. Evan Bourne - This happened the day after the 2009 draft when Miz was drafted to RAW & turned on Morrison in the process but before the "supplemental draft" later that week when Morrison was drafted to SmackDown so this turned out to be his last match as a member of the ECW roster. This was a very athletic contest between both men as they didn't hold anything back by exchanging chops & kicks several times leading to such moves & moments like Morrison executing a running knee strike into Bourne's face while he lying on the apron causing him to fall to the floor & gave a loud kick to boot afterwards, Bourne reversing a modifed "torture rack" backbreaker into a head sissors, Morrison dropkicking Bourne's knees while he was running the ropes, Bourne delivering a crossbody block that went both men over the top rope, and Morrison pulling out a rare submission hold as he worked over the arm with an armlock into a modified chickenwing crossface. This is one of those matches (just like a few others on this disc) that constantly got overlooked in the long run because this didn't have a big storyline/feud going into it or took place on a bigger stage like a PPV but it was definately one of the best matches on free television that year. "ECW On Sci-Fi" Apr. '09
vs. Chris Jericho - Before I get started, it should be noted that this is the first match from the new version of "WWE Superstars" to make it onto DVD. This match went back & forth between both men as Morrison was able to match Jericho as far as athletic moves but Jericho had more heelish tactics & heavily kept showcasing his arrogance early on. Whenever Morrison gained momentum, Jericho was able to counter but that didn't hold back Morrison as it took Jericho cheating to gain the victory but definately an impressive showing that left you wanting to see more of these two against each other. "Superstars" June '09
vs. Edge - They had a small conversation before the match before it started with Morrison grounding Edge early & working over his arm. Edge was able to recover beating Morrison with various kicks & punches along with choking him on the ropes. The focus then shifted to Morrison's ribs after Edge hung him on the top ropes then later applying the sharpshooter but Morrison was able to recover & even pulled off a head sissors driving Edge into the ringside steps. The rest of the match went back & forth between both men resulting in Todd Grisham stating afterwards that it was a "breathtaking performance from both athletes" and he wasn't lying. "SmackDown" June '09
vs. C.M. Punk - Punk was the World Champion at the time but this was a non-title match. This wasn't the quality that we saw in the earlier ECW Championship match but still a good encounter between both men that saw early chain wrestling between both men along with a series of each men countering each other's moves based off their past of knowing each other so well. The finish was a complete shock to everyone but overall was a nice encounter. "SmackDown" June '09
vs. World Champion Jeff Hardy - Just like the previous Punk match, these two also had a history dating back to the "Johnny Nitro" days feuding over the Intercontinental Title & wrestling against each other in their tag teams of The Hardys & MNM. Both men's styles are almost mirror images of each other with the arial & grounded attack which resulted in Morrison kicking out of the swanton bomb while Hardy was able to counter "starship pain" at various points in the match. This was another highly competitive match. "SmackDown" July 31, 2009
vs. Intercontinenal Champion Rey Mysterio - The match started off quick paced & kept that way throughout the bout leading a match full of non-stop action such as Mysterio rotating about Morrison's body twice to get a head sissors, Morrison doing a backwards flip kick to Mysterio's face & later doing a dropkick onto Mysterio in mid-air while delivering the most impactful "Starship Pain" I've seen. Add in both men giving each other loud kick & so many close near falls that the crowd couldn't help but chant "THIS IS AWESOME!" in a performance that had Jim Ross say, "No one can say that John Morrison didn't earn the Intercontinenal Championship." Just like the Evan Bourne match earlier, this was one of the best matches on free television throughout the year. "SmackDown" Sep. '09
Along with the matches are various segments starring Morrison himself such as highlights of his online show "The Dirt Sheet" with The Miz, answering fan questions, showcasing his training style called "parkour", discussing his signature moves, showing his love for surfboarding, and a DVD extra showing the birth of the John Morrison character. In the end, normally I would point out how WWE completely ignored the career of Johnny Nitro & M-N-M amongst other things but this DVD was setup to be just a one disc release that viewers can watch in one session instead of the usual 2-3 disc sets that take more than one viewing or a bunch of time to get through the presentation & matches completely. Taking that into concideration, I'm really happy with this release as the matches themselves where action packed for the most part while the other segments had it's entertaining moments ("The Dirt Sheet" had me really laughing, he gave some funny answers to the fan questions, and I find the parkour training interesting) so this is a release that I would recommend.
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