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NAWA/SAPW TV 09/15- 10/06/90 DV

NAWA/SAPW TV 09/15- 10/06/90 DV

Hosts: Tedd Webb & Vince Torrelli
â— American Bulldogs vs. The Enforcers
~ Robert Fuller’s “Stud Stable” Interview
Segment with his Stable again….Fuller again plays the guitar
& sings…terribly…Fuller also calls Luther D
“Boy” again, and Luther once again states his
unhappiness about it.
â— Chris Chavis vs. Dan Grundy
â— Matt Borne & Luther D vs. Bo Ragin &
David Isley
â— Jack Victory vs. Tom Atlas
â— Ranger Ross vs. Mike Rexx
~ Interviews include the likes of Jack Victory, Bulldogs,
Chris Chavis, Vince Torrelli, Paul Jones


Hosts: Tedd Webb & Ricky Steamboat
â— Ranger Ross vs. Dan Grundy
~ Robert Fuller’s Stud Stable w/Matt
Borne…..Fuller claims Borne was jumped by Steamboat,
Torrelli & Paul Jones in the locker room and beaten with a
crowbar…Borne comes out on crutches with a wide gash on his
head and two black eyes….Luther D then agrees to face Vince
Torrelli on behalf of the Stud Stable.
â— Chris Chavis vs. Cruel Connection
â— Curtis Thompson vs. David Studemire
â— Nasty Boys vs. David Isley & Jay Eagle
â— Vince Torrelli (w/Paul Jones) vs. Luther D
(w/Robert Fuller) (Fuller leaves Luther in the ring by himself
after Torrelli gets the win)
â— American Bulldogs vs. Trent Knight & Bubba
~ Interviews include the likes of Bulldogs, Ricky Steamboat,
Curtis Thompson, Robert Fuller


Hosts: Tedd Webb & “Mr. Wrestling” Tim Woods
~ “Mr. Wrestling” Tim Woods passes the title of
“Mr. Wrestling” onto Vince Torrelli!!!
â— Chris Chavis vs. Tommy Landell
~ Robert Fuller’s Stud Stable Segment. Fuller
introduces the newest edition to his Stable…..The American
Bulldogs!!! The Bulldogs have turned heel in order to replace the
Nasty Boys who have left for WCW!
â— American Bulldogs vs. Butch Malone & Mike
â— Ranger Ross vs. Chuck Roberts
â— Ricky Steamboat vs. Tommy Royal
â— Vince Torrelli (w/Paul Jones) vs. Curtis
â— Heavyweight Champ Robert Fuller vs. Bob Emery
~ Interviews include the likes of Curtis Thompson, Vince
Torrelli, Chris Chavis


Hosts: Frank Dusek & Robert Fuller
â— The Pit Bulldogs vs. Butch Malone & Mike
~ Vince Torrelli “Welcome to the Jungle” Music
~ Robert Fuller’s Stud Stable Segment. Fuller talks
about Matt Borne’s health and discusses how the Stud Stable
jumped and attacked Vince Torrelli….This brings out Paul
Jones who cons Robert Fuller into signing a contract to defend the
title again “Bo Ragin”….Once Fuller signs he
realizes Ragin’s name wasn’t on the contract, but
rather PAUL JONES!!!! Fuller had no issue signing to wrestle a
wrestler but now fears the retired Paul Jones….This really
makes people take Bo Ragin seriously!
â— Curtis Thompson vs. Butch Malone
â— Ricky Steamboat vs. Greg Brown
â— Ranger Ross vs. Tommy Landell
â— Chris Chavis vs. Allen Kensey
~ Paul Jones & Vince Torrelli emerge from the locker room
and run off Robert Fuller. Torrelli is sporting two black eyes from
the hands of the Stud Stable. Jones then announces that next week
it will be Robert Fuller defending his title against #1 Paul
~ Interviews include the likes of Chris Chavis, Paul Jones,
Ricky Steamboat, Vince Torrelli

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