IWA International Championship - Season 2 - 6 Disc DVD Set

IWA International Championship - Season 2 - 6 Disc DVD Set
In the 70's, International Championship Wrestling came about to be the first company to try and go national. In the end, it did. But, it really was out of Cleveland, Ohio and that is as far as it really got. Nevertheless, it made it to such stations as ESPN and was even fairly recently parodied and poked fun at during an episode of ESPN's Cheap Seats. The show is very 70's. In fact, I find myself humming the theme song to Three's Company after watching it and no, that theme song is not used. It just has that feel... And, there's not a darn thing wrong with that!

Episode #38:
Season 2, Episode 1:

Tex McKenzie and Jack Reynolds host
Bull Zomar versus Ernie Ladd
Tony Morris and Rip Kelly versus Dick Brauer and Ivan Koloff
Joe Turco versus Mil Mascares (c) - Non-Title
Al Costello and the Love Brothers interview
Atti Tago versus Eric the Red w/ George Cannon
Red Wells and Buddy Porter versus Dino Bravo and Gino Guido
Mil Mascares interview
Mighty Igor and Tex Mckenzie versus Beautiful Bruce and Rip Hawk
Tex McKenzie interview

Episode #39:
Season 2, Episode 1:

Carlos Calon and Miguel Perez versus Bobby Garcia and Cisco Gramaldo
Mil Mascaras interview
The Mongols versus Red Kelly and Tommy Livingston
The Mighty Igor versus Bull Zomar
Argentina Apollo and Luis Martinez promo
Dino Bravo and Guido.
Gamma Singh versus Luscious Larry
Thunderbolt Patterson versus Joe Turco
Former Atlanta Falcon "Big" Jim Wilson interview
Argentina Apollo versus Dick "The Bulldog" Brower

Episode #40:
Season 2: Episode 3:

Tex McKenzie versus Jim Lancaster
Ox Baker promo
North American Title: Ox Baker versus Ron Martinelli
Mils Mascaras versus Terry Yorkston
Empty arena interview, in the ring with Mighty Igor performing the "Feats
of Strength." No word if this was recorded on Festivus.
Dick "Bulldog" Brower versus Rujet Woods
Rip Hawk versus JW McKinney
Argentina Apollo interview
Reginald and Hartford Love versus Argentina Apollo and Luis Martinez

Episode #41:
Season 2: Episode 4

Tex McKenzie versus Terry Yorkston
Love Brothers versus Young and Becah
Dick the Bulldog Brower versus Al Schiller
Mil Mascaras and Dick the Bulldog Brower promo. Uncomfortable exchange.
North American Championship: Ox Baker versus Rojet Woods
Mil Mascaras versus Ali Baba
Rip Hawk promo
Luis Martinez versus Bull Johnson

Episode #42:
Season 2: Episode 5

Lou Thesz starts the show
Dino Bravo and Victor Rivera and Jim Hawk and Tony Romano
The Mongols and George Cannon interview
Luscious Larry versus Rick Garner
Feats of Strength with Mighty Igor
Mighty Igor versus Lancaster
Bulldog Brower versus Eddie Dean
Johnny Powers versus Joe Wilson
Bulldog Brower discusses winning the North American title
Martel Brothers versus Nelson Royle and Luis Martinez

Episode 43:
Season 2: Episode 6:

Lou Thesz starts the show with a promo.
Luscious Larry Heiniemi versus Billy Jackson
Mil Mascaras and Luis Martinez promo
Pez Whatley versus Joe Wilson
Eric the Red w/ George Cannon versus Eric ???
Mighty Igor and Nelson Royle test of strength.
Luscious Larry Heiniemi obliterates Mighty Igor!
Mighty Igor versus Tony Romano
Johnny Powers versus Jim Lancaster
Mighty Igor promo.
Tag Team Titles: Bolo and Dino "The Mongols" w/ George Cannon versus Dino Bravo and Victor Rivera

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