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WWE ECW BloodSport - Most Violent Matches Volume 1 2 Disc DVD

WWE ECW BloodSport - Most Violent Matches Volume 1 2 Disc DVD
ECW BloodSport - Most Violent Matches Volume 1 DVD. Original DVD featuring matches from ECW released by WWE Home Video. NTSC, Region 1.

Be;pw is a detailed review of the DVD. It is NOT our opinion. But, details the content on the disk in a way we thought you might enjoy.

-This DVD “BLOODSPORT” was put together due to the overwhelming success of the Rise and Fall of ECW DVD Collection that was released just the year before.

-This DVD was hosted by Paul Heyman who gave you an insight about the match that was about to take place before you witnessed it.

-This 2 Disc Set has 19 ECW matches on it including extra’s.

Disc 1 Matches:

1) The Public Enemy (c) vs Cactus Jack and Mikey Whipwreck for the ECW World Tag Team Championship -Hardcore TV: August 27th, 1994 at The ECW Arena

The Public Enemy were basically unstoppable at this point.
They had gone through every team in ECW and Joey Styles makes this clear at the beginning of this match, and then Rocco Rock got on the mic and told the hostile ECW crowd to be quiet so they could concentrate.

In other words, the story of this match was the fact that Foley didn’t stand a chance no matter who his partner was, even if it was of course…Mikey Whipwreck, the young skinny man from the ECW ringcrew.

Mikey Whipwreck seemed ready, or ready enough to get things going here and the crowd was behind him. Cactus let Mikey start things off with Rocco Rock and the bell rang.

As always with ECW crowds they were very lively.

Mikey Whipwreck attempted to run away from Rocco Rock after some heel mic work but Cactus grabbed him and gave Mikey a little pep talk. Both guys got ready to lock up but Mikey Whipwreck turned around and begged Cactus to not let him face the Enemy.

Good story at the beginning.

Foley in now and while Rocco aggrivates Mikey Whipwreck on the outside he took off and then when Cactus went for him, the Public Enemy went after Foley and threw him in the ring.

Cactus headbutted Grunge and then took Rocko Rock off the top down on the mat. Grunge slammed Cactus face first to the top turnbuckle, Flyboy Rocko Rock and Johnny Grunge stopped on Cactus. Mikey Whipwreck came back with a board and cracked it over the head of both of the Public Enemy. The fans applaud a special moment where Mikey Whipwreck was set to get it on now apparently. Fans chant his name.

Mikey Whipwreck still on the outside and Foley tied up with Rock and he backed Cactus Jack in the corner and slapped him in the face followed by a slow dance, Cactus was not impressed. Rock shoulder blocked Cactus four times in the corner, an irishwhip to the corner but Cactus Jack brought up the elbow and caught Rocko Rock in the face. Mikey Whipwreck tagged in and the fans approve, Mikey Whipwreck took down both Public Enemy inside the ring and against Grunge on the outside. Cactus used Mikey Whipwreck as a weapon and they sent Rock to the outside. A textboot dropkick by Mikey Whipwreck to Grunge and then a back body drop off the ropes.

Joey Styles did a good job and putting over Mikey Whipwreck as a major underdog against the Public Enemy. Cactus threw Grunge out of the ring and hit a neckbreaker to the floor. The fans on there feet by this point, the action now on the outside. Cactus Jack with a chair smacked Rocko Rock and then Grunge. Mikey Whipwreck making sure he stayed down and he was coming into his own. Johnny Grunge went face first into a table. Mikey Whipwreck stalking Grune and Styles was shocked, but Grunge gave Mikey Whipwreck a DDT onto the chair and Grunge did the Cabbage Match dance and Mikey Whipwreck got up. Grune levelled him down with a right fist between the eyes. A short arm clothesline by Grunge to Mikey. Mikey Whipwreck then caught by Grunge and he got hit with a long standing vertical suplex and now Mikey Whipwreck was in a tough predicament but Cactus Jack broke it up at two. Styles said it would of been over. Rock then dropped an elbow to Mikey Whipwreck and he somehow kicked out which Styles of course put over as if it was was the most amazing thing he had ever seen. Rocko Rock with a powerslam to Mikey Whipwreck and then Cactus made the save twice with a double axehandle twice to the back of Rock.

The Public Enemy were in control. Johnny Grunge with a face first piledriver and somehow Mikey Whipwreck kicked out and Styles can not believe it. Mikey Whipwreck irishwhipped and a double elbow to Mikey by the Public Enemy. Rocco Rock with a side slam attempt but Grunge tagged in and he dropped the elbow off the top, but AGAIN somehow Mikey Whipwreck kicked out and the ECW fans applaud. Rock kicked at Mikey Whipwreck and Cactus did not take to that as he evened the odds after all the times Mikey Whipwreck kicked out. Mikey Whipwreck dropped on the floor, Rock dropped a double axehandle to Cactus, and they took it into the seats. Rock hit Foley with a chair and he swung back a couple of times hitting Rocco Rock with it.

Some sloppy brawling in the stands between the teams here and the camera could not do a very good job at following the action here unfortunately.
Grunge set up Jack in the corner by the stands and Rocco Rock hit a crossbody to Foley. Public Enemy sent Foley over the railing towards the ring. Grunge sent Foley in and Mikey Whipwreck still was down on the canvas.

PE put a table in the ring. Cactus slowly got up and Grunge and Rock levelled him with shots. Public Enemy put Foley on the table face first. Mikey tried to grab Grunge, but Rocco Rock hit a moonsault through the table to Foley and Cactus Jack seems finished as the table snapped in half.
A reverse neckbreaker by Grunge to Mikey Whipwreck and Rocco Rock tagged in went to the top and then Cactus broke it up as he was pulled off and straddled the top rope. Mikey Whipwreck then curled up Rocco Rock and got an upset win as the place goes wild.

In the end at 15:27 Mikey Whipwreck and Cactus Jack won the match and the tag titles in a shocking result just as Paul Heyman elluded to on this DVD before the match aired.

Some pretty fun stuff, a little sloppy but it had a nice story to it and flowed in a typical ECW way, memorable for the result anyway.

** 1/2

2) The Sandman and Terry Funk vs Cactus Jack & ECW World champion Shane Douglas (c) -Extreme Warfare Volume 1: March 17th, 1995 at the ECW Arena

Shane Douglas was the World Champion in ECW during this tag contest.

Shane Douglas teamed up with his buddy Mick Foley known here as Cactus Jack in ECW to take on Funk and Sandman, two crazy personalities who could no doubt get it done, the ingredients of a great match were certainly here.

In this match were four of the most important men in the history of ECW so it was a nice touch to see al of them together here delivering a strong, solid match.
The brawling began!

Shane Douglas wasted little time pounding on the Sandman who he threw to the outside and then he got back in only to get more shots, and then The Franchise hit Sandman and Funk with Kendo stick chants. Stiff shots to the head of Cactus by accident. Foley pushed him back as he caught his own partnet. Douglas apologizes and Foley wants to know what the deal is. Funk throws a chair in the ring and caught Cactus in the leg. Cactus Jack picked up a chair and levelled Funk and Sandman both. Sandman and Funk then double team Cactus as Douglas left him high and dry as they exchanged words and Cactus is in trouble.

Shane Douglas left Cactus Jack momentarily but he came back eventually to help out Foley with Kendo Stick shots to the opposition. Cactus with a running clothesline that took Funk the outside, then another signature Foley clothesline took Sandman to the outside. Douglas threw Funk back in and Cactus with another one. Great athleticism by Foley. Never thought I’d say that. Funk showing his toughness and Nancy Benoit ran out to look on.

Cactus with his fourth running clothesline and over. A bloody Terry Funk clotheslined into the steel chsir by Douglas. Cactus Jack drops the elbow to Terry Funk from the second turnbuckle to the concrete floor and Terry is down. Foley then watched Douglas irishwhip Sandman over the barricade to the first row. Douglas then elevated his own partner by irishwhipping Cactus over the barricade and he hit Sandman on the outside.
Shane Douglas is awesome here.

Both The Franchise and Cactus work over Funk and then get him in the ring, a double irishwhip and a double reverse elbow. Cactus dropped Douglas in an atomic drop into a leg drop fashion, great team work and Sandman made the save. Funk with DDT to the Franchise and he threw Cactus to the outside giving Funk and Sandman a breather. Funk then with a chair missed Foley’s head, then connected. Sandman layed Cactus out with it on the outside and proceeded to choke out Foley. Douglas got Sandman in the ring but Sandman was able to hit a DDT to Shane Douglas.

On the outside Sandman and Funk tore apart the steel gaurdrail and had something on there minds to possibly inflict more punishment to the team of Cactus Jack (Mick Foley) and The Franchise Shane Douglas. Shane Douglas took the gaurdrail and threw a section of it in the ring with chairs to a huge pop, Styles said you can’t do that! Shane Douglas got levelled with it by both Funk and Sandman twice. Cactus kicked out. Cactus threw a series of chairs inside the ring but not hitting either opponent. Funk connected with a chair thrown at Foley from inside the ring to the outside. Douglas thrown into the steel. Terry Funk atomic dropped Douglad on the the gaurdrail and The Sandman clotheslined him in sloppy fashion. Funk then targetted the legs of Shane Douglas with a chair on the apron. Sandman missed shoulder block on Foley but Terry Funk connected with a chairshot to Foley. Small “Terry” chants were evident. Cactus grabbed Funk and sent him over the first row, Sandman charged towards Douglas and just made it to his feet on the ground. Cactus and Funk battling on the outside. Funk threw Foley face first into the pole, and then Funk hit a DDT on the floor. A toolbox from underneath the ring was opened by Terry Funk by the entrance area. Foley knocked him down, and sent a trashcan to Funk who is now down as he wasted too much valuable time. Foley grabbed Sandman by the head and smashed his head against the chair a fan was holding up. Sandman though out of desperation his a belly to back suplex on Cactus Jack on the concrete.

Cactus thrown back in but cut off Sandman coming in, hits him with a chair and layed it on Sandman’s face before dropping a leg on him. Sandman hit Foley back and then DDT’d him on the chair. The momentum by either team wasn’t clear but the action was fun, entertaining and back and forth. Sandman went high up top and dropped the leg on Cactus.

Shane Douglas, The Franchise rushed back in the ring to make the save and he dropped a chair on Sandman head first in the middle of the ring. Sandman then elevated himself over the top onto Sandmnan and hit a crossbody. Funk ran back in with a flaming iron.
Funk is trying to burn Cactus, he did it. Funk burns Cactus with a flaming burning iron, crowd screams and Joey yells OH MY GOD.
Funk sets up Cactus with a piledriver on a burning iron and gets the fall.
Extremely dangerous,.

In the end at 13:48 the match ended.

Hardcore to the extreme, just a fun match, well worked by four ECW legends and the ending was extremely violent.

I bump up the match 1/4* for the sick ending.

*** 1/2

3) Axl Rotten vs Ian Rotten in a Taipei Death Match -ECW Hardcore Heaven: July 7th, 1995

Warning: This match is not for everybody, be very cautious when waching this one if you can not deal with blood or glass. But chances are if you are watching this DVD then it is not a problem.

What this match is all about is explained by Paul Heyman at the beginning chapter before they show the sick match.

Two brothers who tape there hands in glue and then broken glass, legitimately and proceed to punch the hell out of each other.

Sick concept, but fitting for this DVD set. Hardcore fans should enjoy it.

This was the first ever Taipei Death Match and as pointed out by Styles the most disturbing thing was these were siblings. It was real glass and the fans chanted for blood early.
Here we go.

Styles claims to the fans watching and there chanting, “If it’s blood you want, it’s blood you’ll get.” Not sound like Saw’s Serial Killer Jigsaw but it seems evident, there will be blood.

Axl Rotten opened this disturbing bout with his brother by ducking a roundhouse by Ian and he gives him a jab and Ian goes down as Axl Rotten lands trhe first punch. Ian has a small knick of blood over his left eye and the official checks it out.
Alfonso acting as official said he was going to stop the match.

The Gangsta’s and Public Enemy started brawling near ringside. New Jack was taken to the outside, he didn’t make this DVD very often and I wonder why. Cops take out New Jack, never heard of that before.

Anyway, back to the match as Commish Gordon came into the ring and announced that Bill Alfonso left the building, and he said in that case the Death Match was on.
Ian then raked Axl’s face with glass on his face. A Chop to the gut by Ian that caught his arm and it was bloodied all over no matter where you hit. Axl Rotten was being raked by Ian over and over again and both men by this point were ALREADY BLOODY.
Axl Rotten then digged the glass into the head of his brother Ian.

The match couldn’t last much longer as they’d run out of blood. Ian originally turned on Axl when they lost the titles to the Pitbulls so Axl Rotten was the babyface and he had the chants.

Both guys, especially Axl were bloodied on the outside with his arms and face. Ian chased by Axl back into the ring. Both men losing blood could barely stand, and Ian kicked out as he got the shoulder up. Axl continued to grind the glass into the forehead of Ian which is a sick shot.

Ian then dropped his head into the groin of Axl Rotten and he gets smashed by Ian Rotten as he smeared Glass across the forehead of Axl Rotten.

Blood all over the mat and the bodies of both brothers. Axl Rotten set up for a DDT by Ian Rotten to the canvas to his bloodied head. Ian Rotten ieth a bag of tacks, and what next?
Thumbtacks chant was heard. A backdrop to Ian Rotten who was bloodied onto the hundreds if not thousands of tacks, and he was a bloody mess. Words don’;t do it justice, the most blood you’d ever see. Axl Rotten gets the pinfall after a splash onto the tacks by Axl Rotten onto Ian Rotten.

In the end at 11:41 Ian lost to his brother Axl Rotten after a splash on the tacks and a backbody drop, mixed in with a loss of blood.

* 1/2 For the brutality alone.

** 1/2

4) Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Psicosis in a Mexican Death Match -ECW November to Remember: November 18th, 1995

There match on “The Rise and Fall of ECW” in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match was the defenition of a Classic Match. Definately a **** 1/2 match there from my perspective of course.

I have provided a link to that match’s review at the top of this review for the Rise and Fall of ECW.

Paul Heyman says this was as good as Lucha Libre got.

Here we go for aother fun ride, beteen Rey Mysterio Jr and Psicosis, and this one was a Mexican Death Match.

Psicosis and Rey had a tremendous chemistry,
This caught Bischoff’s eye for the great lucha libre style that would be presented in North America for years to come.

This match here could be a classic in every way. Rey and Psicosis were truely two of a kind together inside the ring in there prime back in the 1990’s and this was a treat and it made sense this one definately got taken to the extreme.

Two bitter rivals clashing in an extreme lucha libre clash between Psicosis and Rey.
A staredown on the top buckle upon entering by Rey and a masked Psicosis tells him to stick it and jumps down.

Here we go.

Psicosis against his longtime nemesis and this one really felt special as it would no doubt be taken to the extreme. Psicosis came dressed for the occasion instead of his usual cape and ring-attire he came with a Harley Davidson jacket, and an EC F’N W shirt.

Fans chant “Lucha”.

Mysterio comes out to a terrible edit job on this DVD of his “Who that jumpin out the sky?” theme. Anyway Rey meets Psicosis on the top rope and the two have an interesting staredown. Styles is bang on when saying THIS is like no match they have ever had.

Time to take this feud to the next level in a Mexican Death Match.

If a Wrestler is pinned or forced to submit, he will have as ten count to answer the bell, if he can’t, his oppponent is declared the winner, all bets are off. Simple enough, I’m ready.

Rey Mysterio Jr and Psicosis both individually had there own little following here and both talents were showcased quite well on this stage, inside the ring and especially out during this paticular encounter, which its best known for.

Rey Mysterio avoided Psicosis charging him and he hit his knees in the corner, Psicosis reversed an irishwhip but Rey with a flying hurricanrauna and Rey flipped over the ropes landed on the apron, Psicosis charged towards Rey again on the apron and missed once again. Rey on the top turnbuckle went for a hurricanrauna and got it even though Psicosis tried to avoid the pinning predicament. Rey got him.

Psicosis answered the count, match continues, a good thing because that opening sequence was amazing,.

Both men criss-cross and Psicosis misses a third charge attempt. Psicosis flipped Rey over and landed on his feet like a cat on the apron, Psicosis went for a vertical suplex but Rey landed on his feet once again and did a hurricanrauna for a third time to the outside this time, beautifully executed.

Fans are loving this and why shouldn’t they.

Psicosis catches Rey outside the ring after he sets up the steel-gaurd rail and Rey tried to plunge off the top but falls and this is what we call a botch.

It happens, especially in risky matches like this, they are humans and therefore I don’t subtract anything from a match in this regard if its minor like this, especially in a MATCH as incredible as this one. Psicosis grabs a chair as Rey lays flat on the outside ground are and just throws a chair at Rey who catches a chair to the face. Psicosis throws Rey in the ring and ascends from the top turnbuckle and hits Mysterio both feet to the chest. 1/4 isn’t bad, right?

Psicosis slams Rey to the mat and hit a moonsault from the top and it got a three count.

Psicosis with his first pinfall and now Psicosis waits to see if Rey’s leg gave out on him or not to answer the ten count.

This is a spot I’m confused and somewhat amazed with. Rey Mysterio is either brilliant at improv or the BOTCH I called a botch wasn’t that. You’ll have to decide for yourselves but either way Rey plays on the leg being damaged from falling to the floor earlier on the outside and barely answers the ten count.

It’s also funny how moves like this don’t put away Psicosis and Rey in other matches, but since they CAN in matches like this there are pinfalls. I thought the same thing when watching Randy Savage take on Crush in a Falls Count Anywhere match at Wrestlemania X. However people bitched when there WERE NO pinfalls or submissions for over one hour with Bret and Shawn in 96 so I guess you can’t win either way.

Psicosis is mad that Mysterio DOES manage to make it to his feet. Psicosis goes 2/5 in the charging dropkick attempt and caught Rey up high in the turnbuckle with no where to go but back first. Psicosis then press slams Rey with great elevation dropping him ribs first across the top turbuckle. Psicosis charged to Rey and dropped a double axehandel to the ribs of Rey. Fans chant LUCHA some more. Psicosis elevates Rey off the ropes from an irishwhip and dropped him face first to the mat. Psicosis shoots Rey to the ropes and catches him with an AWESOME POWERBOMB.

Just awesome looking powerbomb by Psicosis that gets him his second pinfall of the match. Rey gets up this time at the count of nine. Just barely.

Psicosis rams Rey in the corner squashing him down to the mat. Psicosis picks up Rey up high and what originally looks like an over the shoulder back breaker, Rey is flipped by Psicosis and lands chest first on the top turnbuckle.

Psicosis goes outside the ring for a chair and then throws it away which gains a chorus of boo’s. Okay? Psicosis slams Rey hard chest first into the corner again and then slams him on the mat with a Press Slam. Psicosis up high and goes for a nice swinging legdrop, a half moonsault/senton combination. Once again Psicosis gets a pinfall, his third of the match not that keeping score matters as its not an Ironman Match or anything, I just thought I’d throw it out there. Rey answers just barely. Psicosis dropkicks Rey in the chest. He begs for Rey to answer. Rey showing nice resilience.

Psicosis with a dropkick into the bruised chest in the corner. Psicosis decides TO NOW use the chair which gets a pop. Psicosis drags Rey and plants him with a DDT to the chair.

Psicosis lifts the chair and drops it against the back of Rey. Psicosis on top hits a Senton again flipping in the air with a chair on the top of Rey and ONCE again he gets the three count. Fourth time and Rey is in trouble, will he answer the ten count again? Rey getting to his feet and right bseside a CHAIR, he doesen’t grab it!? Strange. You’d figure this would be an easy way to get back in the match.

Anyway Psicosis charges him again, what else is new and then dropkicks Rey to the knee. Psicosis is picking apart Mysterio and is practically begging him to get up and then slams a steel chair to the knees of Rey. Psicosis went up top for a Senton and Rey was smart enough to plant the chair above his knees and his Senton connected a chair and now Rey is up and threw a chair to Psicosis’s face.


Mysterio purposely took a slow count on the last two pinfalls, well that’s the explanation given by Styles and it certainly makes sense to the story of the match here.
Rey with two quick offensive moves, make it three. A clothesline off the apron, a springboard to the outside on Psicosis, and then a springboard off the top ropes to Psicosis landing on him. Nicely done, and fans chant ECW. Rey with a chairshot to Psicosis. Rey followed Psicosis to the far corner of the building and both men brawling in the crowd.

Rey Mysterio Jr slams a chair viciously at the head of Psicosis. Psicosis dumped back over the gaurdrail and Rey slams a chair across the back of him. Rey then threw Psicosis over the gaurdrail once again. Rey then grabbed the chair and went looking after Psicosis who was heading the way of Styles int he crowd. Rey hit Psicosis with a chair. Both men go up on a stage area of sorts so most of the fans can see. Rey throws a chair to Psicosis. Chair to the face. Mysterio goes up to the very top of the building and hit a hurricanrauna and then got a three.

Pretty brilliant spot, fans loves it.

Rey goes back to the ring to a standing ovation. The count starts and Rey picks up a chair and is going apeshit in the ring. Psicosis tries to get up and then falls over the stage to the lower one and was not able to answer the ten count. Mysterio wins.
Psicosis surrenders the Mexican Death Match, the fans applaud and Styles calls it unbelievable that a 20 year old Phenom in Rey could battle back to win.

The end came at 16:20.

Heyman takes a shot at Bischoff after the match and says Heyman discovered Jericho, Psicosis and Rey and NOT HIM. He helped make them, NOT HIM.

Anyway, back to this match.

How can I sum this up or describe to you what it was to perhaps freshen your memory or give you some insight to what exactly went down if you haven’t seen it.

Psicosis dominates the entire first half, gets four pinfalls on Rey and takes advantage of his legs. (Like they’d do in the next Rey matches for years to come)

Rey somehow gets the will to battle back and does so in the 2nd half and eventually wins.

Good hurricanrana’s and Senton’s and Springboard splashes, and the finish off the top of the building was sick.

I’ll give it a good grade for the excitement but there was noticeable flaws and an overall lack of substance. Well to the likes of there other match from Rise and Fall anyway.

I didn’t like the outline of the match, the way it was structured, it just didn’t feel logical. It was great and exciting but I’m just not a fan. There better bouts were on R and F of ECW as said and dare I say perhaps in WCW. Still this is a sight to be seen for some of the spots alone, and the consistent pace.

*** 3/4

5) Chris Jericho (c) vs Shane Douglas vs 2 Cold Scorpio vs Pitbull #2 (W/Francine) in a Four Corner’s Match for the ECW TV Title -ECW Heatwave 96

It’s on right away here.

We see Pitbull #2 (nice name btw) walk to the ring and all of the sudden he is greeted with a flying chair to the skull from the “Franchise” Shane Douglas. Nice to see a match from him on an ECW DVD.

Scorpio and Jericho get things going in the ring. Jericho with a chop and a side headlock to Scorpio and he elevates him to the ropes, a leapfrog by Scorpio and then one by Jericho and both guys dodge each other in a nice exchange, Jericho kicks Scorpio to the outside and he goes for a walk.

Styles is right when saying “we’re off to a fast and furious start.”

Chris Jericho locks up with Scorpio and Scorpio applies a hammerlock after a waistlock go-behind, and it was reversed by Jericho but Scorpio hits an armdrag, the two exchange leapfrog’s and then Scorpio caught Chris Jericho with a dropkick to the chest and Douglas on the apron laughed at Chris Jericho on the outside since the two had trashtalked previous. Scorpio slams Jericho to the mat and then hits a nice summersault legdrop to Chris Jericho. A headbutt, irish-whip then Jericho countered it into a nice powerbomb and Scorpio kicks out. Jericho with a drop toehold and then he had Scorpio tied up with a boot above the head while he stretched the arm. Scorpio then on the mat turned him over and put him in a rear chinlock of sorts while pulling the hair on Jericho.

We are being treated to some fantastic chainwrestling but the fans chant for tables.
Chops back and forth and then Scorpio got the better of it and hit a high kick. Douglas tagged in when Chris Jericho was down and Douglas opened up on Jericho and applied a front facelock followed by a suplex attempt but Chris Jericho with a reversal and got a suplex to Douglas. Side headlock takeover to Douglas by the reigning TV Champ in Chris Jericho, and a two count momentarily with Franchise’s back on the mat. Chris Jericho shot off the ropes and then a shoulder block, a unique rollover and a two count. A shot to the cranium by Jericho and then a springboard legdrop to Douglas by Chris Jericho and the fans chant Lionheart. Jericho rams Douglas’s head into the top turnbuckle and then the middle one repeatedly. Jericho taunts Scorpio on the apron.
Chris Jericho looking exhausted hits Shane Douglas with a high knee in the corner, then a couple of hard knife edge chops while the fans WOO in style. Another one, and then Douglas hits back, stiff shots back and forth.

Awesome, just awesome physicality, stiff stuff.

A boot to the mouth of Douglas from Chris Jericho and then a Lionsault which gains him a two and a half. Chris is amazingly fatigued by this point but hits Shane Douglas with a knee lift. Jericho tagged in Pitbull #2 and The Franchise tagged in Scorpio and the fans chant “Pussy.” Pitbull gets flipped off by Douglas on the apron and Scorpio gets some right hands from Pitbull, Scorpio presslammed and countered, but back into a successful press slam by the powerful Pitbull #2. Francine getting the fans riled up for him, and then with Scorpio in the air, was going for a reverse victory roll and was planted by Pitbull #2. Fans chanted Pitbull and he was pretty over here, which is rather surprising given the talent the other three men had in this match, you figure he may be the lone guy to not get heat in a positive way but did. A nearfall and Scorpio fought back and elevated Pitbull #2 up by hooking him in the air using his mid-body strength (his core) and sending him over the top and Pitbull 2 hit the gaurdrail on the outside. Scorpio on the outside with a boot to the face, and then Scorpio sent Pitbull face first into the steel and he was all bloodied open. Pitbull told Francine he could continue. Scorpio grabbed Putbull and dragged him back in. Pitbull 2 got a high knee from Scorpio again and then an oppurtunistic Shane Douglas was eager to tag back in.
Styles complains that the Franchise Shane Douglas only comes in when his opponent is in a vulnerable state, but Douglas didn’t care being the arrogant heel he was. Obnoxious and loving it was Douglas who came in and went right to work on an already beaten down opponent inside the ring in Pitbull #2 who then taunted his manager in Francine. Shane Douglas with a Northern Light’s Suplex and a two count. Douglas in cocky fashion tagged in Jericho with a slap. Chris Jericho picks up a beaten down and bloodied Pitbull and hit him with a snapmare and a kick to the back. A dropkick to Pitbull 2 and Francine was of course concerned again. Jericho with a righthand and a chop, Pitbull even got chants over Chris Jericho here and hit a reverse elbow out of desperation to Lionheart. A small Francine chant starts up, and Styles puts over Jericho as the last survivor of the Hart family Dungeon. Pitbull plants Jericho hard to the mat taking the wind out of him momentarily and gets a two. Jericho iriswhipped by Pitbull, ducks the clothesline, waistlock reversed and a spinning heel kick out of no where by Jericho. A german suplex by Jericho followed by a bridge and a two count only, Pitbull’s strength allowing him to kick out of Jericho’s prowess and wrestling skill.

Pitbull 2 was a bloody mess and the story was evident where he was on his last ride here but Jericho was planted by Pitbull out of no where. He finally tagged out and Scorpio tried to finish off the reigning tv champ in Chris Jericho. A scoop slam and Scorpio went aerial where he is best and Jericho got to his feet and knocked him off landing groin first. Jericho yells out “Oh yeah!” Jericho on top with Scorpio and Lionheart hit a standing hurricanrauna from the top, Styles does his usual “OH MY GOD” call and the fans applaud. Douglas tags himself in, pins Scorpio but he kicks out.

Non-Stop Action.

A spinning heel kick by Scorpio to Douglas and hard blows and the fans love seeing the bad guy getting knocked out of the ring. Scorpio not finished as he levelled Douglas who played a heel to perfection on the outside and sent him into the steel gaurdrail and proceeded to make him eat a chair according to Styles since he had a BIG MOUTH and it was certainly possible. Scorpio with forearms and then sends him into a steel chair face first which then dents as a result. Scorpio covers Mr. Douglas and he kicks out. Scorpio tags in Pitbull #2 and he goes after Douglas who leaves the ring and tags in Jericho and he gets out of dangers way again. Jericho almost gets pinned by Pitbull #2, and good selling by Jericho for his knee to give out against a stronger, more powerful Pitbull #2. He knocks Chris Jericho head first into the top turnbuckle and then gives him impactful kicks to the mid-section. An irishwhip tot he corner and Jericho hit sternum first, as he mistimes the Pitbull and lands chest first. Fans chant that he messed up to put it politely but I don’t know if that was the case. Pitbull tagged in Scorpio and he kicked the bruised chest of Jericho. See, I figure it was apart of the story to damage Jericho’s mid-section all along, but that may be just me. Franchise with cheap shots, no surprise there. Scorpio sends the mid-section of Jericho into the steel. Jericho hit a DDT to Scorpio inside the ring. Jericho with a high kick to Scorpio and then Pitbull #2 tagged in and put Scorpio into a fireman’s carry and takes him to the top rope. Pitbull #2 with a nice powerful fireman’s carry slam backwards to the mat. Douglas tagged in and went for a reverse armdrag on Pitbull, but he hiptosses him to the outside and the two brawl. Chris Jericho launches himself off the apron to the outside connecting with both men. Unbelievable.

Scorpio then launched himself and landed on all three, and another Oh My God.

What action, amazing really that they can all keep up this pace.

Jericho the MVP of the match from a workrate point of view backdropped a charging Scorpio over the ring gaurdrail to the floor. Both men exchanging blows, chops in the seats. Action galore, everywhere. Jericho hits Scorpio with a chair between the eyes and tosses him over the ring post. Jericho with a shot to the back.

Jericho must of lost about ten pounds in this match already, and despite the obvious exageration I wouldn’t doubt me being far off on that speculation. Douglas bulldogged Pitbull 2 and he kicked out, more Pitbull chants. Scorpio wanted no part of Douglas’s tag attempt and neither did Jericho.

The Franchise has been left for Pitbull #2 to take control and the fans loved the coward getting his due. A corner slingshot and then Pitbull went for a pressslam, and dropped him for Jericho to dropkick him from the top. Pitbull and Jericho argue as both guys could of arguably put Franchise away, both men hated him so much they wanted to be the one specifically to put him away and ironically in a cruel twist of fate it worked to his favor as the two broke each other’s counts giving him time to kick out. Jericho with a flying elbow to Douglas and a kickout. Jericho with a spinning toehold, Fans WOO as they think he was going for the figure four. Lionheart chants resume as he does go for the Figure Four this time and Douglas is in considerable pain.

Scorpio out of no where hits an extreme dropkick to Jericho and then drops the knee between the eyes of the Lionheart. Scorpio slowing the pace down as he thinks out a strategy to put out Jericho. Scorpio hits a nice powerful, powerbomb and does a taunt by dancing around a bit. Nothing of the Flash Funk quality unfortunately.

Chris Jericho taking advantage of Scorpio turning his back on him and dropkicked him into Douglas’s corner, and he refused to tag in. Jericho tagged him in and punched Jericho, Scorpio with a thrust kick and Douglas tagged Jericho back in and the fans laugh. Douglas set him up! Scorpio hits a tombstone to Jericho and then hit a tumbleweed and eliminated the reigning Champion, the fans surprisingly pop and at 27 minutes into the match, the CHAMPION has been eliminated.

Scorpio says one down, and two to go.

The Champion out first, who would of thought that? Especially considering Jericho had been the MVP to this point. One of the most underrated half an hour of his entire career if I can be completely honest.

Douglas comes in and runs fast to Scorpio and attempts a handshake and then Scorpio laughs. Fans chant Lionheart on his way to the back appropriately.

“The Franchise” Shane Douglas still pleading with 2 Cold Scorpio to form an alliance against Pitbull #2 even despite the fact he was backstabbing him all match long.
Scorpio then goes for a handshake and kicks him in the gut, followed by shots and backdrop to a great reaction. Great standing dropkick to Douglas, and a high kick to Pitbull #2 off the apron to the outside. Scorpio then with an abdominal stretch nicely applied off the ropes to Shane Douglas. He is wearing down Douglas who is getting “Pussy” chants from this Hostice ECW crowd who add to the atmosphere of the match. Scorpio riding the Franchise down on the mat, and Douglas being very careful with his back to the mat, and kicked out just in time.

Both men to there feet, a headbutt and then a reversal irishwhip, Shane Douglas bought himself time with a reversal belly to belly suplex to Scorpio but rolled the wrong way and couldn’t capitalize with a pinfall. Douglas climbed to the top, Scorpio met him up and hit a magnificent sunset flip and and a two. Scorpio with a thrustkick to Pitbull #2 coming in. Nice.

Scorpio had both men down with a scoop slam to Pitbull and then one to Shane Douglas on top of him. Lookign to kill two birds with one stone he goes to the top and misses the moonsault! DDT from Shane Douglas to Scorpio after a move backfired on Scorpio. Now Shane Douglas wants to form an Alliance with Pitbull #2!

Pitbull #2 looking to work with Douglas drove Scorpio with a super bomb from the top turning him inside out eliminating him. Shane Douglas immediately attacks Pitbull #2. The Franchise sends Pitbull 2 face frist into a busted open Pitbull 2 who at the beginning of the bout you wouldn’t have predicted him to make it this far, and he want to the ring post. A slugfest breaks out on the outside. Pitbull 2 then smacks the hell out of Shane Douglas on the ground. Brutality all around.

A couple of chairs brought into the ring with the final two men and they exchanged shots in the middle of the ring.

Shane Douglas then had Pitbull #2 with him in the center of the ring with one chair set up and the other chair also set up as the two faced each other. Pitbull 2 had Douglas set up for a powerbomb attempt perhaps into both steel chairs which would no doubt be a devistating blow.

“OH MY GODDDDD!” screams Styles as Pitbull #2 hits it and the place erupts! Pitbull #2 in almost a Cinderella like story given the nature of his performance and durability from the beginning of this clash was now the odds on favourite to win the whole thing after an impactful move such as that one, and the fact he made the final two!

Pitbull #2 then stands there looking tough while everyone chants the three letters you usually heard chanted during spots like that, and I don’t have to say what they were. Pitbull looked for something to finish off The Franchise and found a table under the ring. Pitbull #2 set up a table vertical in the corner. He proceeded to give him a hard forearm. Douglas reversed an irishwhip twice and hit a belly to belly suplex. A cover but Francine got on the apron. Douglas lifts her skirt and brings her in the ring. Douglas then goes for a kiss and connects with that.
Pitbull #2 sandwiched the ref by accident when charging for Douglas. A reversal as Pitbull picks up The Franchise and Francine out of no where throws sand in her man’s face betraying him.

Nice swerve.

Styles screams in his voice you could all picture “What the hell is going on here!?” Crowd was stunned, and you have to give it to Heyman for doing things like this before Vince or Eric were.

Francine then bends over and has Franchise written on her underwear. Nice. Pitbull 1 comes out and is pissed off. Pitbull #2 then gets fied up and continues the match and hits a clothesline and another two Shane Douglas. Pitbull 2 takes Douglas over the top with a clothesline to the floor. Pitbull 1 grabs Francine in the ring, and now Pitbull 2 comes in and the two get ready to put her through a table and everyone is standing.
What a moment.

Pitbull #2 set up a table and now both guys in Philly were going to double team her (not in the way they intented to earlier I imagine) and drove her through the table from the top, Styles screams ECW.

Fans chant it some more and The Pitbulls goes crazy.

Shane Douglas hits a DDT to Pitbull 1 on the injured shoulder, hit the TV title to Pitbull #2 and somehow he kicked out of Douglas’s cover.

It’s not over! A piece of the shattered table is driven into Pitbull 2 and he kicked out, AGAIN! Crowd goes crazy. This is amazing.

Douglas got brass knucks and connects and AGAIN he kicked out. One tough bastard for sure.

Now a CHAIN, what doesen’t Douglas have. A shot to the bloodied head and AGAIN he kicked out. A superhuman kickout and this fired him up more on adrenaline from the environment. A irishwhip to the corner and missed the spinkick. Douglas then brought in Pitbull 2 and won the match with a belly to belly.

In the end at 40:47 (Yeah, THAT LONG) “The Fanchise” Shane Douglas won the ECW Television Title in a magnificent fatal fourway, and he stumbles out with his new manager Francine.

He’s got the girl and he’s got the gold.

This is the best match from everybody included not named Chris Jericho that I’ve seen.

Underrated in a major way that it’s almost criminal. It it was not the length it was it could of easily been on his DVD.

I’ve yet to see a better match from an entertainment standpoint go this long, for fourty minutes it was NON-STOP. All kinds of awesome, even Styles brought his A game, the fans did as well. Everything flowed so perfectly here. A personal favourite of mine.
A big time gem on this DVD set or in the history of ECW and in each of these men’s career for that matter.

A classic match that makes you proud to be a fan of this sort of thing.

**** 1/2

6) “The Innovator of Violence” Tommy Dreamer vs “Crime Time” Brian Lee in a Weapons Match -ECW Hardcore Heaven 96

Here we have a match from the same night as the four corner’s one just previously reviewed on the DVD to this one from Heatwave 96.

Good to see the Innovator of Violence, or Silence according to Mick Foley circa 2006.

Tommy Dreamer was the heart and soul of ECW.

Here he faces Brian Lee. Remember him? Nailz from the DOA in the WWF. Or the Fake Undertaker in 1994 for that matter.

A weapons match that is full of everything.

Shot after shot, more shots then a Jenna Jameson movie likely in this one. A kid in a candy store was how Styles described Dreamer. The two exchange pan shots, garbage can shots viciously to the head area. Lee tries to open up Dreamer. Lee picks up both pans and smacks them together to the head of Dreamer. Dreamer hit a crate into Lee’s head. The two go into the crowd. Lee hits Dreamer with a chair to the head twice, fans chant for blood.

Both guys go to the corner of the building near the exit sign. Into the outside gate area where a ton of fans are standing and a poor camera job tries to catch the action.
Anything goes in ECW, and Vince likes to say that anything did in the WWF and he later copied this “lets take 2 guys outside going anywhere” type idea later calling it the Hardcore division.

Lee smacks Dreamer into a truck and then hard head first into the gate. Tommy was bleading in a big way and then he smacked Lee in the head with a chair and sent Crime Time into the gate.

The Camera kept following the action to the outside. Lee hit a vertical suplex on the street to a bloodied Dreamer. Fans chant ECW.

Both guys heading back towards the building and a bloodied Dreamer kept hitting Lee hard into the gate and another head shot with whatever the hell weapon he had in his hand, it sounded rough anyway. Dreamer dragging Crime Time by his hair and planting him head first into the truck.

Dreamer bloodied gets shoved back towards the ring by Lee. Lee picks up a chair and slams it against Dreamer on the concrete floor. Dreamer out of desperation continued to fight and threw a mailbox between the eyes of Lee. Another hard shot to Lee’s head. Dreamer then smashed a weapon to Lee, but he smacked a bloodied Dreamer and he went
Lee then took a trashcan and brutally planted it to his bloodied skull. Dreamer with a low blow and grabbed a Guitar and irishwhipped Lee, he ducked the Guitar shot and hit a Crime Time slam which was virtually a chokeslam. Dreamer was down.

Crime Time aka Brian Lee grabbed a baseball bat and a concrete block which he placed on Dreamer. Beulah ran in and it’s always nice to see her and Crime Time grabbed her throat. Tommy got up and then another ECW vixen flashed Lee, Beulah with a frying pan shot, Dreamer with a stop sign shot.

In the end at 10:51 Dreamer wins the Weapon’s match.
Good ending, nice little battle, very brutal but just shot after shot basically and I’m personally not a fan but do certainly respect the guts.

** 1/4

7) Sabu vs Rob Van Dam in a Stretcher Match -ECW The Doctor is In: August 3rd, 1996

This match ends only when a man is taken away on a stretcher.

Two of the best ECW veterans of all time go at it, and RVD facing the man who trained him, his mentor.

Here we go, this is a pretty famous match in a great feud.

This one also got a lot of time to work, the match begins.

Rob Van Dam with a high kick attempt and Sabu dodged it. Sabu with a dropkick to the knee and RVD rolls out of harms way. Both men focused and then Van Dam with a dropkick to the knee as Sabu waits in the corner, both guys feeling one another out in the beginning stage.

Sabu missed a right hand and Van Dam connects with forearms and high kicks to the mid-section using the top rope for leverage. Snapmare and a leg drop from the corner by RVD, Sabu from his back down on the mat kicked RVD in the face. Fans chant for both guys as they circle around one another. A tie-up and Sabu with a roll-up, and RVD then gets caught in a leglock by Sabu, a unique version and RVD grabs the bottom rope to break the hold.

Strange slow beginning from both guys but you could tell they wanted to set the pace in a methodical fashion.

Another tie-up and Van Dam back against the ropes and the official tells them to break it off. Van Dam with a cocky grin as both guys then go at it with another slugfest, Sabu with a shot and then face first to the buckle, irishwhip to the corner and a slingshot legdrop that gets the fans finally out of there seats. Then a slingshot headbutt by Sabu to follow it up. Irishwhip, RVD ducked it, an underhook into a powerbomb by Van Dam. Rob Van Dam then has Sabu down on the mat, goes on the outside ring apron tries to springboard, but Sabu hits a standing dropkick to RVD sending him to the outside. A slingshot summersault senton by Sabu sends RVD down as Styls screams OH MY GOD. Nice spot.

Sabu had Rob Van Dam on the outside and now and RVD fights back with a leg drop onto Sabu after sending him by the gaurdrail. RVD set up a table hanging on the rail and on the mat, Sabu hits a high kick to Van Dam and face first into the table. A chair to the top of the head of RVD by Sabu and then a hard shot. Van Dam set up on the top turnbuckle and Sabu caught RVD up high and Van Dam then turned it around with a spinkick that sent Sabu to the concrete. RVD threw a chair down to the face of Sabu. RVD with a knee drop from the top rope to Sabu’s face as he is laying on the mat.

Fans calling for the Stretcher and this is the first attempt to put Sabu away and the fans boo as they feel they haven’t seen enough. Fans chant for SABU including the two diehard Sabu fans in the front row, he rolls back in the ring. RVD drops the knee to Sabu and chokes him out raking his face in the process with his knee. Van Dam with a thrust kick to the chin. Fans chant “Safuc*inbu”.

RVD with a powerbomb to the mat. RVD shakes his head and is mocking Sabu. Van Dam drops his knees into the back of Sabu using the top rope for leverage. RVD then picks up Sabu by the hair and gives him a hard forearm to the face, RVD with an irishwhip, Sabu tried to land on his feet, legsweep by Rob Van Dam and a backwards splash. Rob Van Dam with a big shot to Sabu. Sabu caught RVD up high and then Sabu locked RVD up high but Rob Van Dam reversed a superplex and snapped Sabu’s throat across the top rope. RVD grabbed a steel chair from the crowd and threw it in the ring. Sabu dropkicked RVD out of the ring catching him coming in. Sabu with a shot but Rob Van Dam blocks it and from the outside apron goes to superplex him to the outside, Sabu then does one of his own dropping Rob Van Dam on the top rope. RVD laying on the middle rope and has his head on a steel chair. Sabu going up top and hit a legdrop to RVD in on his head ontop of the steel chair. Rob Van Dam in trouble as Sabu delivering kicks as he stopped Rob Van Dam’s punishment if only momentarily.

Sabu set up a chair in the ring, runs to the ropes and RVD went to dive but slipped, fans chant that he messed up, Sabu hit a legdrop to RVD. Sabu went to the top with a chair and hit a summersault hitting Van Dam head first with a rolling Arabian facebuster and then a chair to the face. Sabu dragging the leg of Rob Van Dam and then a kick to the face. Sabu went up high with the chair again and he dropped the leg to RVD again with a LEAPING Arabian facebuster this time which gains a round of applause. Sabu now wanting RVD to be carried out on a stretcher this time around, Styles said this might be it for RVD. Rob Van Dam stopped in the entrance way and elected to come back. He could barely stand. RVD came back in and Sabu set up a chair in the ring and Sabu clotheslined Rob Van Dam as if he was JBL, very stiff. Sabu off both ropes, triple jump moonsault off of the chair and ropes to RVD connects. Nice spot, unbelievable actually and the fans applaud deservingly so.

Sabu was so great at moves like that.

A cover but Sabu knows the match can’t end that way. Sabu then picked up RVD and set him up high on the top turnbuckle and gave him a shot to the face. Rob Van Dam went to jump off the top at the same time Sabu clotheslined him in mid-air, it looked like they both might of been unaware of what the other was doing, especially given RVD’s facial expression after the move. RVD falls on the stretcher but Sabu sets him up by the gaurdrail. Sabu with a nice springboard moonsault off the top rope onto RVD on the stretcher, and Sabu’s leg hit the steel gaurdrail and they set up a stretcher for Sabu. They go to take both men out and Sabu gets up and the fans cheer. Sabu hits a legdrop on RVD. Sabu not done, and the fans applaud. Sabu gets in the ring and Rob Van Dam walks back, or limps back to a chorus of boo’s.

Rob Van Dam irishwhipped to the ring post by Sabu and then RVD with a high kick to Sabu chair first to the face. Rob Van Dam with a moonsault off the steel gaurdrail to Sabu and both men are now down on the concrete floor. Sabu threw a chair to the head of RVD and hit successfully. Sabu irishwhipped RVD to the corner and a shoulder block by Sabu. Rob Van Dam up high set up on the top turnbuckle, air Sabu off the chair and a reverse victory roll in slow fashion takes Van Dam from up top to the canvas. A little sloppy but impressive none the less, both men were tired and Sabu’s legs had taken damage.

RVD catches Sabu in mid-air on the latest charge and a Fishermen’s buster/DDT from the top rope through the table set up on the mat and the gaurdrail. Nice.

Sabu chants. Match not over. RVD with high kicks to Sabu and dropping the chair viciously on Sabu, nothing fancy indeed. RVD irishwhipped Sabu but he reversed him to the buckle, Sabu went to jump off the top rope but Van Dam beat him to the punch as he springboarded in mid-air catching Sabu with a thrust kick. Nice.

RVD with a front facelock, Sabu blocked a fishermen’s buster and hit one of his own. Sabu set up a chair in the ring yet again and takes his time getting up obviously. Sabu off the top rope went to hit a splash to Rob Van Dam and he picked up the chair to block the impact and Sabu hit it. Rob Van Dam and Sabu both looked a bit sloppy but again the violence was still impressive. RVD with a spinning heel kick to the face of Sabu taking him over the top rope to the Stretcher off the apron. RVD rolls back in the ring and then watches the officials having control of Sabu. RVD tells them to wait. RVD then hit a moonsault off the top and hit the stretcher as Sabu moves out of the way, the back of his head hit the concrete on the way down. Van Dam wheeled out now and Sabu wins.

In the end at 24:4 Sabu got the win after a missed moonsault to the stretcher by Rob Van Dam.

This Match was good from a violent standpoint, but was extremely sloppy. Both men deserve credit for the spots but botch after botch after botch got frustrating as all hell.


8 ) Terry Funk vs Sandman vs Stevie Richards in a 3 Way Dance for the #1 Contendership for the ECW World Title -ECW Barely Legal 97

The winner of this match of course would then challenge for the ECW World Title directly after and this was the first PPV in ECW’s history so it was obviously important historically.

Could this match live up to the hype the event had?

Stevie Richards as he elluded to in the fabulous documentary of the Rise and Fall of ECW was beyond priviledged just to be included in this match.

April 13th 1997 was probably the most memorable show ECW ever put on says Heyman.

Three different styles going at it here and it`s pretty interesting, two men would be eliminated in this bout and one man would be the survivor. That`s how this works.
Stevie Richards was from Philly and “Big Stevie Cool“ got a big “bWo“ chant when his name was announced. Sandman gets a better ovation, and then the Hardcore Legend, or plain Wrestling`s Living Legend and now WWE Hall of Famer, Terry Funk got the best ovation.

“Terry“ chants break out and Sandman offers The Funker a beer, he says no and Sandman guzzles it down, spits it in Richard`s face and smacks the beer against his head.

Dreamer is on Commentary with Styles here and Beulah is there, I am pretty much in love with her.

Triple Side headlock and Sandman shoulder blocked Stevie and he fell to the mat, all three men off the ropes then stop and it looks awkward.

A tie-up between Stevie Richards and Funk and Sandman kicks Stevie Richards in the ribs. Funk chops Stevie and he fires back. Funk chops Sandman and the fans are in WOOOOOO mode. Funk pushed Sandman over and a schoolboy by Stevie who tripped him and got a two count. Funk going for the spinning toehold on Sandman and then Stevie Richards clotheslined him.

Both Sandman and Stevie Richards dropped elbows to Funk taking the older man out seemingly, Dreamer says this is like watching his Father get beat up. Stevie Richards slammed Terry Funk to the mat and got a two. Sandman picked up Richards and instead of planting him on Funk like he said he would, he hit a belly to back suplex, the bWo on the outside was outraged. Fans cheer the “cool“ double cross by Sandman who leaves ringside momentarily.

A hangman`s neckbreaker and a couple other blows take Stevie Richards down but he kicks out. Sandman tossed a Ladder into the ring and it connected Funk in the head. Sandman dropped back with the Ladder and it planted on Big Stevie Cool. Sandman levelled Funk out when he got to his feet. Beulah has a headset and she doesen`t speak, oh well.

A ddt by Sandman to Stevie Richards. The Ladder set up in the corner, Terry Funk and The Sandman climb both ends and brawl at the top. Sandman gets a few shots and Funk poses up high and then hits Stevie Richards with a moonsault off the Ladder. Stevie was not even close to Funk but he is 53 years old, so we can`t fault him and this was pretty amazing. Sandman then dropped the Ladder on Stevie Richards in the middle of the ring.

“EC DUB“ chants galore. Sandman is busted open and he took down both Richards and Funk.

Sandman scoops up Stevie and slams him on Funk.

Sandman picked up the Ladder and hit Richards, Funk knocked him down. Sandman back to his feet barely and then set up the Ladder in the corner of the squared circle. Stevie Richards reversed an irishwhip and sent Sandman to the corner hitting his back hard to the Ladder. Sandman kicked out. Richards slammed Funk and he kicked out. Sandman grabbed the Ladder and put it in the middle of the ring, while an elbow and a fist blow met Funk down on the mat by the two opponents.

Sandman climbed the Ladder as did Richards who both exchanged punches. Funk then pushed both of them off the Ladder. Funk picked up the Ladder and spinned around knocking out both Sandman and Stevie Richards a number of times. Dreamer calls this the greatest three way dance he has ever seen. That might be pushing it. However Funk`s performance here was definitely inspiring.

Funk met Sandman with a righthand and then he drilled Funk headfirst into the Ladder. Stevie Richards climbed to the top rope and pushed the Ladder up into the face of Funk and Sandman as the Ladder was set up on the ropes. bWo chants and Stevie Richards sets up for the Stevie Kick in Shawn fashion and met Sandman but he kicks out. Stevie Richards waited on Funk and met him with one, both guys covered Terry and he kicks out. Sandman picked up the Ladder and tossed it on Stevie on the outside. Sandman tossed Stevie Richards over the gaurdrail and to the concrete floor. Terry Funk hot hit with a shot by Sandman. Sandman then ran off the ropes and elevated himself over the top rope and dropped on the Ladder which hit Stevie Richards in the face. Funk grabbed a chair and hit Sandman and Stevie Richards back and forth with a chair. Funk looked absolutely crazy here. Funk threw Richards over the gaurdrail by the ring area. Sandman left once again to the back area for perhaps another weapon. Funk suplexes Stevie Richards with a corkscrew vertical suplex.
For the second time Sandman comes back and throws a weapon into the ring and it connects with Funk in the head to a huge crowd reaction. This time it was a trashcan. Sandman picked up Stevie Richards and suplexed him hard to the mat. Funk covered him and got a two count. Sandman and Funk both stand up and Stevie Richards is down on the mat. This three way dance has a very slow pace but the moves are definately good for the most part.

A spike piledriver by Funk to Stevie Richards as Sandman helps him out by jumping off the top and planting him down. Funk nailing Stevie and then Sandman botched a Ladder drop to him somewhat. Funk elevated Sandman into the ring and he came in with a Senton slingshot splash and Stevie Richards kicked out to a big reaction.
What was fascinating here was the fact all three guys were fan favourites. Sandman then went to hit Stevie Richards with a Ladder in another see-saw type move off the ropes to the middle rope, but it flew in the air and it ended up hitting himself, fans chant ECW. Sandman pissed off threw a chair now and hit Stevie this time with a weapon. Good aim I guess.

Dreamer calls Raven a bastard on commentary and it`s quite humerous. A double powerbomb to Big Stevie Cool and he is eliminated, the bWo help him out, some fans chant “bullshit.“

The Sandman grabbed Terry Funk and slammed him down. Funk gets up and Sandman grabbed Streamer`s under the ring with barbedwire wrapped around them. Funk hit The Sandman with a metal sheet and then put his shirt over his head blinding him and then used him as a punching bag. Funny stuff. The Funker grabs the barbed wire and hits Sandman`s bareback with it, some of it gets caught in his skin as its clear. Fans react accordingly, Styles gets nautious from the booth. Sandman gets out of it by smacking Funk with a metal sheet to the head. Sandman rushed Funk with some barbedwire and then went to the top and dropped the leg on Funk and he managed to kick out somehow. Big Stevie Cool still on the apron and he distracts The Sandman and Funk puts a trashcan over his head and smacks away at him and Stevie then gives him a Stevie kick. Funk goes up to the top rope and then hits a moonsault on Sandman who is covered in barbedwire and Funk covered Sandman. In the end at 28:40 Funk wins to a good pop.

This one was significant at the end of the day and still very good for what it was, but it was not nearly as great as once remembered.



They then show Raven bust Funk open right after he wins and an emotional Dreamer is disturbed by this sight. Funk is all bloodied and the fans chant for Tommy.
Raven stomped on Funk and just measured Funk with shot after shot. A bloodied Funk swung blindly with blood in his eyes and Raven grabbed a table and put him through it.
Raven gets on a mic and taunts Dreamer and the two taunt each other from the broadcast booth and the ring. Big Dick Dudley hit Dreamer with a trashcan shot. This all bought Funk some time. Raven DDT`s the official and points to Dreamer.
Dreamer grabbed Dudley by the throat and pushed him off the top ramp and he crashed through a table to one of the biggest OH MY GOD`s you`ll ever hear. Fans erupt with a chant. Raven stomped on a bloodied Funk.

Dreamer helps Funk win with an inside cradle and won the ECW title.

This was slapped on as a Bonus directly after the other match and Styles uses the “Do you believe in Miracles” line.

9) Terry Funk (c) vs Sabu in a No Ropes Barbed Wire Match for the ECW World Championship -ECW Born to Be Wired 97

Paul Heyman said this is the only match in history that ever “bothered” him because of how violent it was.

He said he never booked one like it because of that.

The level of violence upon us is truly disturbing warns Heyman.

Well if that doesen’t get you psyched for a match, what will?

Terry Funk by this point was a living legend and really starting to help put ECW on the map and add to the promotion`s credibility and of course was the ECW Champion now.

It is matches like this that helped implement the importance he brought to the table here against Sabu which is an appropriate match selection for a DVD with a title like this.

Terry Funk had the “Terry” chants out nice and loud as both guys got set to square off for the World title with the ropes surrounding them, nothing but pure barbedwire. Ouch.

Terry Funk and Sabu both get God like ovations and a standing ECW crowd is applauding both men for the dangers they are about to inflict on themselves and others.

Terry Funk was cornered and Sabu had a quick charge, but Funk the intelligent veteran would have none of that and also remained focused in the corner for any possible quick strike from Sabu to take the legendary Funker off his game.
Sabu knew he had to strike early and often here and take advantage of his all around craziness in this environment to the extreme.

Terry Funk and Sabu went for a punching war and the fans applauded. This match is exclusively for ECW home video and can’t be aired on TV as pointed out by Styles.
Sabu went to take out Terry Funk’s leg and was not successful he got on top and delivered a couple of shots. Terry Funk irishwhipped Sabu to the ropes and he stopped right before impact with the barbedwire. Sabu takes Funk down and then he slides underneath the ropes, if you want to call them that. Sabu connects Funk with some kicks and then a camel clutch once back inside the ring, the hold invented by his legendary hall of famer Uncle, the Sheik.

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