World Championship Wrestling adopted the concept of a wrestling Hall of Fame in 1993. The induction ceremony was attached to the Slamboree pay-per-view which was subtitled, in its first few years, as "A Legends Reunion". In most cases, the inductee was present to accept his Hall of Fame induction. However, WCW did not shy away from entering deserving legends posthumously Many of the living legends that did appear actually took part in matches or angles on the shows. There were rumblings in the form of rumor that the match between Nick Bockwinkel and Dory Funjk Jr. at the 1993 Slamboree was so good, the younger talent took exception to the legends wrestling on the card as it showed them up.


Sadly, the tradition only lasted for 3 years with a grand total of 17 inductees.The 1996 Slamboree dropped the tag line of "A Legends Reunion" and became a regular WCW event without the Hall of Fame ceremony. In fact, the WCW Hall of Fame ended entirely after 1995's Slammiversary and, for the most part, was not spoken of. For example, Dusty Rhodes worked for WCW through 1999 and was rarely, if ever, described as a Hall of Famer.


Class of 1993

Lou Thesz (Aloysius Thesz)

Verne Gagne (Laverne Gagne)

Mr. Wrestling II (John Walker)

Eddie Graham (Edward Gossett) (Posthumous inductee)


Class of 1994

Harley Race

"The Big Cat" Ernie Ladd (Ernest Ladd)

The Crusher (Reginald Lisowski)

Dick the Bruiser (William Afflis) (Posthumous inductee)

Ole Anderson (Alan Rogowski)

Masked Assassin (Joseph Hamilton)


Class of 1995

"Chief" Wahoo McDaniel (Edward McDaniel)

"American Dream" Dusty Rhodes (Virgil Runnels, Jr.)

Antonio Inoki (Kanji Inoki)

Angelo Poffo

Terry Funk (Terrence Funk)

Big John Studd (John Minton) (Posthumous inductee)

"The Dean" Gordon Solie (Francis Labiak)