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12/17/96; Daytona Beach, FL; Ocean Center

Doug Furnas & Phil LaFon defeated Pierroth & Cibernetico via disqualification
Flash Funk (w/ the Funkettes) defeated Salvatore Sincere
The Sultan (w/ Bob Backlund & the Iron Sheik) defeated Matt Hardy
WWF IC Champion Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Freddie Joe Floyd
The Undertaker pinned the Goon with the tombstone

12/17/96; Daytona Beach, FL; Ocean Center
the Honkytonk Man provided guest commentary for the show, subbing for Jim Cornette; featured clips from the previous night's Shotgun Saturday Night; included Kelly Kelly conducting an in-ring interview with Ahmed Johnson regarding his upcoming match at the Royal Rumble against Farooq:
Goldust (w/ Marlena) pinned the Executioner (w/ Paul Bearer) with a piledriver at around the 5:30 mark; after the bout, Bearer hit the Executioner in the head with the urn before leaving him in the ring; moments later, Goldust taunted Bearer, with Bearer then leaving ringside (the Executioner's last TV appearance)
Hector Garza pinned TL Hopper at the 4-minute mark with a standing moonsault following a missile dropkick
Rocky Maivia pinned Dr. X (Tom Prichard) at 4:38 with the shoulderbreaker
Bret Hart defeated the Sultan (w/ Bob Backlund & the Iron Sheik) via disqualification at around the 7:30 mark when Sheik tripped Hart from the floor; after the bout, Hart cleared the Sultan from the ring before Steve Austin came out of the crowd and attacked Hart; moments later, Austin dropped Hart with the Stunner before trapping Hart's ankle in a steel chair and stomping on it; Hart was helped backstage moments later by referees and officials

1/19/97; San Antonio, TX; Alamodome
aired live from the empty arena; featured Jim Ross conducting interviews with Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, and WWF World Champion Psycho Sid; included a closing segment in which Steve Austin interrupted Dok Hendrix & Todd Pettingill

1/21/97; Lafayette, LA; Cajun Dome

Farooq & Crush defeated Doug Furnas & Phil LaFon, Henry & Phinneas Godwinn, and WWF Tag Team Champions Owen Hart & Davey Boy Smith in a four way match
Ahmed Johnson defeated WWF IC Champion Hunter Hearst Helmsley via disqualification

1/21/97; Lafayette, LA; Cajun Dome

Vader defeated Ced Mann
Perro Aguayo vs. Abismo Negro
The Undertaker fought Marc Mero (w/ Sable) to a double count-out

1/21/97; Lafayette, LA; Cajun Dome

The Sultan defeated Goldust via count-out
Hector Garza & Octagon defeated Heavy Metal & Guerra
Farooq defeated Ken Reha
Steve Austin fought Vader to a double count-out

Aired live from Chattanooga, TN, the site of In Your House "Final Four"

2/17/97; Nashville, TN; Arena

Goldust defeated TL Hopper
Henry & Phinneas Godwinn defeated the Headbangers via disqualification when the New Blackjacks interfered
The Headbangers defeated the New Blackjacks via disqualification when the Godwinns interfered
Crush (w/ the Nation) pinned WWF Tag Team Champion Davey Boy Smith (w/ WWF Tag Team Champion Owen Hart) after Savio Vega held Smith's leg during an attempted suplex into the ring and held the foot down during the cover; after the match, Smith fired Clarence Mason as he and Owen Hart's manager - though Owen wasn't happy with the decision

2/24/97; New York City, NY; Manhattan Center

Bart Gunn pinned TL Hopper
Blackjack Bradshaw (w/ Blackjack Windham) pinned Henry Godwinn (w/ Phinneas Godwinn)
The Headbangers defeated Freddie Joe Floyd & Barry Horowitz (Horowitz' last WWF TV match)
Crush & Savio Vega defeated Goldust & Miguel Perez Jr. when Vega pinned Goldust after hitting him with a chair

2/26/97; Berlin, Germany; Deutschlandhalle
the final episode of Superstars to include exclusive matches, before being turned into a weekly recap show:
Salvatore Sincere defeated Alex Porteau
Doug Furnas & Phil LaFon defeated Aldo Montoya & Bob Holly
Ahmed Johnson defeated Leif Cassidy