Best of Portland Wrestling TV from 1980 - Volume 3 2 Disc DVD


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July & August 1980 & September of 1980.

Plenty of great interviews and angles throughout, including the likes of Roddy Piper, Ed Wiskoski, The Sheepherders, Jonathan Boyd, Buddy Rose (In a spandex Superman costume, YIKES!) and tons more!!!

This disc also marks the beginning of the Mike Popovich experiement. Popovich was a big star athlete for Oregon and apparently adores by promoter Don Owen. Popovich was given the old "fan out of the crowd" gimmick here where he was chosen from the crowd as a fan to take on Buddy Rose in a wrestling match. Popovich would get a push to the moon for about 2 months before he decided the bumps and traveling of the business weren't for him and he abruptly quit the profession.

* Buddy Rose & Ed Wiskowski vs. Sheepherders- Butch Miller & Luke Williams - 7/5/80

* Butch Miller & Luke Williams vs. Igor Volkoff & Rocky Della Serra - 7/12/80

* 2/3 Falls for the Northwest Championship: Rick Martel vs. Ed Wiskowski 7/12/80

* 2/3 Falls: Roddy Piper vs. Igor Volkoff - 8/16/80

* Buddy Rose vs. Mike Popovich - 8/23/80

* 2/3 Falls: Roddy Piper vs. Ed Wiskowski - 8/23/80

Lots of great interviews & angles with Piper, Rose, Wiskoski, Boyd, Stasiak, Rip Oliver and a whole lot more. This is the period where Buddy Rose finally removes the goofy mask with hair attached to reveal his hair is still growing in.

* Ed Wiskowski vs. Mike Popovich - 8/30/80

* 12 Man Battle Royal (w/Mike Popovich, Stan Stasiak, Rip Oliver, Buddy Rose, Eric Embry, Eric Wiskoski, Jonathan Boyd, Joe Lightfoot & more!) - 8/30/80

* Buddy Rose & Rip Oliver vs. Roddy Piper & Mike Popovich (partial match) - 9/6/80

* 2/3 Falls for the Northwest Championship: Buddy Rose vs. Roddy Piper - (Hot ROD WINS THE TITLE but not without bleeding profusely in the process) 9/13/80

* 2/3 Falls: Mike Popovich vs. Fidel Cortez - 9/27/80

Popovich would only remain around another 2-3 weeks after September.

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