Best of Northwestern Wrestling - Volume 1 DVD


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1:55:40 running time.

Nelson Royal interview
Nelson Royal vs. Black Diamond
Nelson Royal interview
Haystacks Calhoun vs. Bill Steele
Harley Race vs. Jumbo Tsuruta (Clips)
The Sheik vs. ???
Eddie Creatchman interview
Magnificent Zulu vs. Big Mac
Rick Martel vs. ??? (Finish)
Lord Athol Layton interview on a talk show
Rip Oliver attacks Billy Jack Haynes
Billy Jack Haynes interview
Rip Oliver/Matt Borne vs. Rocky Johnson/King Parsons
Ron Starr vs. Eric Froelich
Davey Boy Smith/Bruce Hart vs. Ron Hayter/???/???
Bret Hart vs. Bad News Allen (Ladder Match)
Cyclone Negro vs. David Morgan
Nick Bockwinkel interview
Nick Bockwinkel interview
The Assassin (David Sierra) vs. Manny Cruz
Roddy Piper/Billy Jack Haynes vs. Ric Flair/Rip Oliver
The Honky Tonk Man vs. Michael Allen
Honky Tonk Man interview
Al & Terry Tomko interview, interrupted by HTM & Tim Flowers
Rip Oliver vs. Billy Jack Haynes (Bench Press Challenge)
Rip Oliver interview
Snake Williams vs. Randy Rich
Snake Williams interview
Dynamite Kid vs. Al Madril (1st Fall)
Buddy Rose vs. Rip Oliver
??? vs. ???
Gene/Kelly Kiniski interview
Gene/Kelly Kiniski vs. ???/???
Edouard Carpantier vs. Sam Carafello
Serge Dumond vs. Silent Mackney
Bull Curry vs. ???
Luis Martinez/??? vs???/??? (Wild Studio Brawl)
Eric the Red vs. Buddy Austin
The Mongols vs. Dino Bravo/Luis Martinez
Dino Bravo/Luis Martinez interview
The Mongols vs. Terry Yorkson/Bobby Murcil
??? vs. ???
Buddy Rose/Rip Oliver vs. Jay Youngblood/Joe Lightfoot
Jay Youngblood/Joe Lightfoot interview
Jay Youngblood/Joe Lightfoot
??? vs. ???

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