Best of Northwestern Wrestling - Volume 3 DVD


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2:00:12 running time.

Ric Flair vs. Hack (Brett Wayne) Sawyer
Chris Adams/Hack Sawyer interview
Billy Jack Haynes vs. ???
The Sheik vs. Charlie Cook
Dynamite Kid vs. Great Gama
The Chris Colt Experience vs. Peter Caparella
The Chris Colt Experience interview
Edouard Carpantier vs. Waldo Von Erich
Dutch Savage/Stan Stasiak vs. Moondog Moretti/Goldie Rogers
Dutch Savage/Stan Stasiak interview
Buddy Rose video ("Day in the Life" set to Rocky theme)
Memphis Wrestling feature
Lou Thesz vs. Mike Marconi
Lou Thesz interview
Stan Stasiak vs. Luke Williams
Buddy Rose vs. Steve Pardee
Roddy Piper interview
Roddy Piper interview
Roddy Piper interview, Ed Wiskoski interrupts
Hans Schmidt vs. John Manrick
The Sailor Whites vs. Pete Parker/Ronnie Lee
The Sailor Whites interview
Fred Curry vs. Red Miller
Roddy Piper/Rick Martel interview (Piper smashes a full beer bottle over his own head)
Nelson Royal vs. Joe Marcus
Nelson Royal interview
Gino Brito/Spiros Arion vs. Eric Gregory/Ali Baba
Gino Brito vs. Tarzan Tyler
George Cannon vs. Rosie LaFrance

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