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"Macho Man" Randy Savage was one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Now that the mourning of the loss of the Madness has settled, we thought it would be more than appropriate to put up the Definitive "Macho Man" Randy Savage Early Years collection, 7 discs featuring a myriad of works from everywhere from his fathe's promotion ICW to Memphis, Puerto Rico, and beyond. This is a journey through the pre-fame years of a wrestler who did not just perform for us, but changed the art form of what we know as wrestling forever.

Disc 1
Randy Savage Music Video: War Machine
Randy Savage vs. Rougeau (silent 77)
Randy Savage vs. Ric McCord (79)
Randy Savage interview (79)
Randy Savage vs. Jim Pride (79)
Randy Savage/Keev vs. Poffo/Gibbs (79)
Randy Savage vs. Jim Pride/Rick McCord (79)
Randy Savage interview 9/80
Randy Savage/Orton promo 9/80
Randy Savage vs. Ric McCord 9/80
Randy Savage/Orton promo 9/80
Rogers vs. Poffo (Randy Savage comm and run-in) 10/80
Randy Savage $100,000 promo 10/80
Randy Savage/Roop promo 10/80
Wee Willie vs. Cupid 10/80
Randy Savage interview 10/80
Randy Savage $100,000 promo 10/80
Randy Savage promo 10/80
Randy Savage interview 10/28/80
Randy Savage/Orton promo 1980

Disc 2
Garvin vs. Orton (Randy Savage  run-in) 10/28/80
Randy Savage  $100,000 interview 10/28/80
Randy Savage /Orton interview 10/28/80
Randy Savage /Orton vs. Garvin/Roop (SP) 1981
Poffo vs. Broomfield (Randy Savage  run-in)
Randy Savage promo (Spanish dubbed)
Lawler/Pistol/Crusher Pez int
Randy Savage /Whatley vs. Felix/Martin Spanish Comm. 7/81
Pez/Savage promo (SP) 1981
Randy Savage vs. Cowboy Young/Miss Macho Man angle icw 1981
Randy Savage  Interview (garvin pics and woman beating) 10/81
Randy Savage /Whatley vs. garvin/Broomfield Spanish comm 10/81
Randy Savage vs. Ronnie Garvin Spanish comm
Randy Savage vs. Big Boy Williams 1982

Disc 3
Randy Savage vs broomfield cage (poor vq) 1/17/82
Randy Savage vs. garvin cage
No Freak Out! promo
Randy Savage vs. Jason Reeves (St. Louis)
Randy Savage & Butcher Salviccio vs. Chavo & Tiger Conway, Jr. (St. Louis)
Randy Savage Memphis Studio debut
Lawler’s Dad is Dead promo
Pre Cage Hype
Memphis Studio Debut (83)
Lawler vs. Randy Savage cage 12/12/83
Terry Taylor hype: “Fame”
Randy Savage vs. Terry Taylor 12/26/83
VTR: Dutch Mantel vs Randy Savage 1/16/84
Dutch Mantel/Randy Savage interviews 1/84
VTR: Mantel vs Randy Savage (Mantel Steals Robe) 1/24/84
Mantel / Randy Savage “Macho Man Country” interviews 1/84
Randy Savage Interview “Macho Man Country” 1/84
Randy Savage joins Jimmy Hart’s First Family
Randy Savage vs. Ken Raper
$5000 Battle Royal/Randy Savage attacks Mantel
Randy Savage vs. Crews
Randy Savage promos on Mantel, Lawler, etc...

Disc 4
Randy Savage interview block
Randy Savage interview
Lawler vs.  Randy Savage 4/9/84
Lawler vs. Savage 4/84
Jerry Lawler & JJ Dillon vs Jimmy Hart & Randy Savage 4/24/84
Randy Savage vs. Scott Shannon 4/84
Randy Savagepost loss interview
Randy Savage vs. Ric McCord 5/1/84
Macho Mania Getting Hot int.
Randy Savage promo 5/5/84
Randy Savage vs. Idol 5/7/84
(2)  Randy Savage promos 5/19/84
Randy Savage int on Idol
Neidhardt/Rude vs. Fabulous Ones
Randy Savage vs. idol 5/14/84
Highlights  Randy Savage/Idol
Rock N’ Roll vs. Poffo/ Randy Savage 6/25/84
Poffo/ Randy Savage vs. Scott Shannon/Ken Rapier Memphis 6/30/84
Randy Savage/Poffo Int & clips of match w/ R&R Memphis 7/7/84
Randy Savage/Poffo vs. Jim Jameson/John King Memphis 7/7/84
Poffo TNT video

Disc 5
Rock N’ Roll Express vs. Lanny Poffo/Randy Savage 7/9/84
Lanny Poffo/Randy Savage vs. Ken Raper/John King Memphis 7/14/84
Rock N’ Roll Express promo vid & Poffo/Savage Int. Memphis 7/14/84
10,000 promo
"$10,000.00 Triple Chance Two-Ring Battle Royal"
Randy Savage Interview on Ayala
WWC North American Champion Randy Savage vs. Hercules Ayala
Randy Savage vs Hurricane Castillo
Randy Savage vs. Rick Rude 9/3/84
Randy Savage Int.
Jerry Lawler vs. Rick Rude (savage saves) 9/8/84
promo 9/8/84
Jerry Lawler/Randy Savage Int.
Jerry Lawler/Randy Savage vs. King Kong Bundy/Rick Rude 9/10/84
Randy Savage Int.
Jerry Lawler/Randy Savage Int
Jerry Lawler/Randy Savage vs. Bundy/Rude No DQ 9/17/84
First Family Int. (Huge Brawl)
Jerry Lawler/Randy Savage Int.
Jerry Lawler/Randy Savage Int
Randy Savage & Valient interview 9/29/84
Savage bloody interview 9/29/84
Insane Valiant/Savage Int. Lynch Memphis 10/84
Studio Brawl 10/84
Insane Valiant/Savage Int. Lynch Memphis 10/84

Disc 6
Randy Savage/Jimmy Valient promo
Gilbert vs. Wilhoit (end) 10/20/84
Dirty White Boys vs. Randy Savage & Mark Batten 10/13/84
Randy Savage vs. Kurt Von Hess 10/20/84
Lanny Poffo vs. Gilbert (Savage interferes) Lynch Memphis 10/84
Randy Savage Int. Lynch Memphis 10/84
Randy Savage Int. Lynch Memphis 10/84
Randy Savage Interview on DWB Lynch Memphis 10/84
Randy Savagew/ Poffo vs. Gilberts (JIP) 11/84
Lanny Poffo/Randy Savage vs. Interns 1/13/85
Randy Savage attacks Mike Sharpe  (sharpe vs. poffo)
Randy Savage booking promo for ICW
Randy Savage vs. Adrian Street 1/28/85
Randy Savage, Lanny Poffo & Joe Lightfoot vs. Mr. Wrestling, Eddie Gilbert & Adrian Street (3/4/85)

Disc 7
Randy Savage & Lanny Poffo vs Lightfoot & Hagar
Randy Savage vs David Haskins
Randy Savage vs Jerry Lawler Highlights
Randy Savage attacks Photographer Jimmy Suzuki 4/6/85
Randy Savage attacks Lance Russell 4/21/85
Randy Savage vs. Jerry Oski (5/7/85)
Jerry Lawler/Randy Savage Piledriver footage
Jerry Lawler interview interview (piledriver)
Randy Savage goes nut
Randy Savage w/ David Shultz
Loser Leaves town Hype
Jerry Lawler vs. Randy Savage (Loser Leaves Town) (6/3/85)
Randy Savage VS Invader #3 - World Wrestling Council (Puerto Rico)
Randy Savage VS King Konga - WWC
Rock Warrior Music Video

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