Best of Wahoo McDaniel - 3 Disc DVD


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The best of the Chief!

Wahoo McDaniel disk 1

1. vs Ernie Ladd
2. Wahoo and Dick The Bruiser vs Ernie Ladd and Superstar Graham
3. Wahoo and Bill Watts vs Ernie Ladd and Superstar Graham
4. Wahoo and Dick The Bruiser vs Ray Stevens and Nick Bockwinkle
5. vs Superstar Graham
6. vs Superstar Graham (strap match)
7. Wahoo and Ole Anderson vs Ric Flair and Greg Valentine (lumberjack tag match)
8. vs Ric Flair
9. vs Ric Flair (rematch)
10. Wahoo, Dick Murdock, and Blackjack Mulligan vs Ric Flair, Harley Race, and Masked Superstar
11. vs Kim Duk (aka Tiger Chung Lee)

Wahoo McDaniel disk 2

1. vs Bobby Duncam
2. Wahoo and Dusty vs Bobby Duncam and Killer Karl Kox
3. vs The Spoiler
4. Wahoo and Chavo Guerrero vs Larry Lane and Juan Reynosa
5. Wahoo and Scott Casey vs The Grapplers
6. vs Tully Blanchard
7. vs Antonio Inoki (from Japan)
8. Wahoo and Frank Hill vs the Shiek and Abdullah The Butcher (Japan)
9. Wahoo and Frank hill vs Dos Caras and Mil Mascaras (Japan)
10. Wahoo and Jay Youngblood vs Charlie Fulton and Jim Nelson (aka Boris Zurchove)

Wahoo Mcdaniel disk 3

1. vs Gene Ligon
2. vs Rick Rude (strap match)
3. vs Arn Anderson (for the Southern Title)
4. Wahoo and Mark Youngblood vs Bobby Jaggers and "Mean" Mike Miller
5. Wahoo and Mark Youngblood vs Road Warriors
6. vs Arn Anderson (NWA TV title)
7. Wahoo and Blackjack Mulligan vs Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy and "Wild" Bill Irwin
8. vs The Missing Link
9. wahoo, Mike Graham, and Bugsy McGraw vs The Fabulous Freebirds
10. vs Abdullah The Butcher (bloodbath)

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