Classic Portland Wrestling Collection - Volume 16 - 20 DVD


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DISC #16

Portland TV Talk Show with Playboy Buddy Rose & Matt Borne - 15:00

9/5/81...1:28...Complete show w/original commercials...GREAT QUALITY!!!

NOTE: There was an obvious technical problem at arena this night at the ring mic didn't work and there was a very low hum over the first part of the TV audio.

Chris Colt vs Art Crews
King Parsons vs Terry Fargo
Playboy Buddy Rose/Rip Oliver Interview
Stan Stasiak vs Brett "Hacksaw" Saywer
Matt Borne Interview
Stan Stasiak Interview
Steve Regal/Stan Stasiak Interview
Playboy Buddy Rose Interview

DISC #17

9/12/81....1:28....Complete show w/original commercials...GREAT QUALITY!!!
Chris Colt vs Art Crews
Matt Borne Interview
Johnny Eagle Interview (talking about his open heart surgery)
King Parsons vs Mike Masters
Playboy Buddy Rose/Kim Song Interview
Playboy Buddy Rose/Kim Song vs Matt Borne/Brett Sawyer
Steve Regal Interview
Rose/Song Interview

DISC #18

9/26/81...1:32....Complete show w/original commercials...GREAT QUALITY!!!
Mike Masters vs Art Crews
Chris Colt vs Billy White Cloud
Playboy Buddy Rose/Kim Song Interview as Song breaks bricks with his head
Matt Borne/Steve Regal vs Buddy Rose/Kim Song
Regal/Borne Interview
Billy White Cloud Interview
Rose/Song/Borne/Regal post match Interview

DISC #19

10/3/81...1:32...Complete show w/original commercials...GREAT QUALITY!!!
King Parsons vs Terry Fargo
Brett "Hacksaw" Sawyer vs Mike Masters
Buddy Rose/Stan Stasiak/Mike Masters Interview
Buddy Rose/Stan Stasiak vs Matt Borne/Steve Regal
Steve Regal Interview
Mike Masters Interview
Buddy Rose Interview

DISC #20

10/17/81...58:00....GREAT QUALITY!!!
Tony Borne vs Hacksaw Sawyer
Stan Stasiak vs Art Crews (end of match)
Playboy Buddy Rose/Mike Masters Interview
Buddy Rose/Mike Masters vs Steve Regal/Matt Borne
Steve Regal Interview
Matt Borne/Tony Borne Interview
Buddy Rose/Mike Masters Interview

10/21/81...17:00...GREAT QUALITY!!!
Local Portland TV Talk Show with Matt Borne, Steve Regal, Playboy Buddy Rose, Mike Masters & Stan Stasiak

10/24/81...11:00...GREAT QUALITY!!!
Playboy Buddy Rose Interview....He announces that he's divorcing wife Toni Rae, Matt Borne's legit sister
Steve Regal Interview
King Parson/Mike Masters (start & end of match)
Matt Borne Interview
Rose/Stasiak/Masters Interview
10/31/81....8:00....GREAT QUALITY!!!
Kim Song vs Hack Sawyer (intro of match with Rose saying he's considering adding Song to his Army)
Buddy Rose/Mike Masters Interview (same as disc #15)
Borne & Rose match signing match interview  (same as disc #15)

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