Classic Portland Wrestling Collection - Volume 21 - 25 DVD


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DISC #21

4/10/82....1:28...Complete show w/original is grainy, but very watchable
Stan Stasiak vs Sivi Afi
Rocky Johnson Interview
Ric Flair vs Brett Sawyer
Curt & Larry Hennig Interview
Playboy Buddy Rose Interview
Ric Flair Interview
Dizzy Hogan vs King Parsons
Rocky Johnson vs Chung Lee
Ric Flair/Buddy Rose Interview

DISC #22

9/18/82....1:28...Complete show w/ original commercials...Frank Bonnema's last show
Tommy Rogers vs TG Stone
Shiek Ali Hassan vs Terry Gibbs
Terry Gibbs Interview
Rip Oliver vs Steve Pardee
Brett Sawyer Interview
Stan Stasiak Interview
Rip Oliver/Assassin Interview

Frank Bonnema mentions a show coming up with Roddy Piper where Frank will be the special ring announcer.  Frank says the show is on Oct. 10...Frank would pass away on Oct. 5.)

DISC #23

9/25/82...1:28...Complete show w/original is hosted by Dutch Savage & Chuck Grindell
TG Stone vs Steve Pardee
Mike Miller vs Terry Gibbs
Playboy Buddy Rose video promoting his return to Portland & match with Ric Flair
Rip Oliver vs Brett "Hacksaw" Sawyer
Buzz Sawyer video to promote his return to Portland to tag with brother Hacksaw
Brett Sawyer Interview
Another Rose video...this one with Vince McMahon

DISC #24

10/9/82...1:13....Complete show without commercials
The show begins with the announcement of the death of longtime Portland Wrestling announcer Frank Bonnema
Paul Ellering vs Stan Stasiak
Playboy Buddy Rose video with The Grand Wizard & Vince McMahon promoting his Portland match with Ric Flair
Chris Adams vs Mike Miller
Paul Ellering Interview
Rip Oliver/Shiek Ali Hassan/Assassin vs Hack Sawyer/Terry Gibbs/Steve Pardee
Sawyer/Gibbs/Pardee Interview

The Assassin vs Jesse Barr (joined in progress)
5/7/83.....Minor tracking issues
Jesse Barr vs Chris Colt

4/30/83....Minor tracking issues
Rip Oliver vs Jesse Barr

DISC #25

3/26/83...has some tracking issues
Playboy Buddy Rose vs Curt Henning
Curt Hennig Interview

Playboy Buddy Rose Interview....from his bed as Hennig has "injured" him

4/10/83...has some tracking issues
End of Curt Hennig/Billy Jack vs Convict/Ali Hassan match  (Convict is Ed Wiskowski, who played the gimmick for a few weeks)
Convict Interview
Curt Hennig Interview
Roddy Piper Interview from Atlanta promoting his upcoming Portland match with Ric Flair

4/23/83...has some tracking issues from time to time
Convict vs Curt Hennig - final fall
Curt Hennig Interview with Shiek Ali Hassan run in to bloddy up Hennig

5/7/83...has some tracking issues from time to time
Playboy Buddy Rose Interview as he returns from his injury
End of Assassin/Curt Hennig match as Rose runs in
Buddy Rose vs Ron Richie
Battle Royal featuring Buddy Rose, Curt Hennig, Assassin, Billy Jack, Chris Colt, Al Madril, Brian Adidas, The Shiek, Manny Cruz, Cheif Tapu & Great Tia
Buddy Rose/Curt Hennig post battle royal interview

5/14/83....tracking is still an issue from time to time
Roddy Piper Interview
Buddy Rose vs Curt Hennig
Buddy Rose/Curt Hennig Interview
Ric Flair Interview

6/25/83.....1:08...GREAT QUALITY!!!
Scott Ferris vs Ron Richie (partial)
Buddy Rose/Curt Hennig/Billy Jack vs Dynamite Kid/Rip Oliver/Assassin
Buddy Rose/Billy Jack/Curt Hennig Interview
Buddy Rose/Billy Jack Interview after Hennig is injured
Al Madril vs Chris Colt
Dynamite Kid/Rip Oliver/Assassin Interview

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