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Episode 26:

September 25, 1994: The FINAL Episode

- Stand by for the toughest, meanest raslin' you'll ever see!
- Doyle King kicks off the show runnong down the card.
- The "Ice Maid" segment with King Parsons. He tries to get out of doing anything by having the Witchdoctor call down Billy, a man in a pink top, to be the maid. Quite disturbing. It is said that if Iceman King Parsons doesn't live up to his end of the deal (he lost the match apparently, not sure we ever saw it) then the promoter would hold up all the Witchdoctor's men's wrestling cards and they'd never work there again.
- Moadib (Ahmed Johnson) versus Black Bart w/ Skandor Akbar (Moadib is working as a face)
- Backstage, the promoter is arguing with the Witchdoctor. Iceman King Parsons finally comes out in the Icemaid outfit!
- Al Jackson speaks to Doyle backstage
- Brandon Baxter and Jim Lord admire themselves in the mirror.
- Al Jackson versus Jim Lord w/ Brandon Baxter
- Promoter refuses to let Lord work unless Iceman agrees to fill his end of the deal. A deal is struck.
- Ice Maid is doing his job.
- Chaz Taylor, with blond blond hair, tells Doyle that Putski needs mental help.
- Scott Putski says it is a joke that he has to fight a lighweight.
- "American Heart Throb" Chaz Taylor versus "Polish Prince" Scott Putski
- The Witchdoctor is saying the time has come to let Iceman loose. It is. THey claim slavery.
- Marc Valliant speaks to Doyle King.
- Jimmy Garvin and Terry Gordy talk about the goofy people in Texas. Apparently they've gone heel.
- Jimmy Garvin, with full blown "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" intro, says he is going to get the strap from Chris Adams on next week's show.
- Chris Adams says he's always known what the Freebirds were about.
- "Courageous" Marc Valliant versus Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy w/ Jimmy Garvin
- End of show with Moadib going after the Freebirds and more.
- They make mention of next week's show. Next week's show never airs. THere were no promotions for the following week's GWF TV taping. The company folded on September 21. This episode appears to have aired around that time.

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