GWF Global Supercard Classics Set 006 - 3 Disc DVD

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We promise, these are not all rehashes of previous releases. There are a lot of duplicates like a pack of baseball cards. But, there's some unique Super Cards on most sets. Enjoy.

Auust 19th, 2013

Disc 1:

Episode 1: "Legends"

- Akbar and Harvey Martin start the show off again bickering.
- Brute Force versus Louie Spicoli and "Gorgeous" Gery Young
- Bull Pain w/ Samantha versus Chaz Taylor
- Last Man Standing - "Wild" Bill Irwin versus Black Bart w/ Skandor Akbar
- Billy Joe Travis versus Terry Garvin
- Tom Davis versus "Gorgeous" Gary Young
- Barry Horowitz versus Scott Putski
- Mixed Tag - Sam Houston and Candi Divine versus Bull Pain and Samantha
- Akbar and Martin wrap up the show bickering.

Episode 2:

- Clips of Sebastien costing Booker T a match with the Super Destroyer. He was "trying to help".
- Booker T starts the show with Doyle King talking about his troubles with Sebastien and Gary Hart.
- Terry Simms versus The Super Destroyer (Jackie Goldman on commentary)
- Crybaby Buxton goes at it with Brandon Baxter. Mike Davis makes the save.
- Steve Simpson versus Steven Dane (Black Bart on commentary)
- Booker T versus Alex Porteau (Mike Davis on commentary)
- Alex Porteau ends the show with an angry promo on Calvin Knapp.

Episode 3:

- Super Destroyer starts the show with Dyle King.
- Axl and Ian Rotten versus Manuel Villalobos and Calvin Knapp
- Lady K versus Blue Angel (Chaz Taylor on commentary)
- John Tatum w/ Jackie Goldman versus Mike Davis
- Booker T and Rod Price w/ Gary Hart versus Steven Dane and the Super Destroyer
- Booker T ends the show with Doyle King.

End of disc 1.

Disc 2:
Episode 4: "Legends"

- - Skandor Akbar and Doyle king kick off the show discussing the "Top 10 Challenge" from 1992.
- "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert versus Barry Horowitz
- Scott Putski versus Sam Houston
- Black Bart w/ Skandor Akbar versus Rattlesnake
- Terry Garvin versus Bull Pain w/ Samantha
- Scott Putski versus Black Bart w/ Skandor Akbar
- "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert versus Scott Putski
- "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert versus Terry Garvin
- "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert versus The Dark Patriot w/ Bruce Prichard
- Akbar and King wrap up the show.

Episode 5:

Clips of Rod Price elbowing Booker T at the end of last week's show causing the team to lose to the Super Destroyer and Steven Dane.
- Doyle King welcomes us to the show with Booker T and Stevie Ray.
- Ian Rotten versus Chad Starr
- Angel of Death versus Nakona of the Tribal Nation
- Calvin Knapp versus Kit Carsons
- Axl Rotten versus Larry Shane (Terry Simms on commentary)
- Tribal Nation versus Axl and Ian Rotten
- Booker T and Stevie Ray versus Alex Porteau and Steven Dane (John Hawk on commentary)
- Booker T and Stevie Ray finally snap and beat up on Sebastien to end the show.

End of Disc 2

Disc 3:

Episode 7: "Legends"

- THe Patriot versus Slammer fo Brute Forcz
- Eddie Gilbert versus Big Bad John
- Brute Forcz versus Chaz and Tug Taylor
- Light Heavyweight Title - Barry Horowitz w/ Bruce Prichard versus Ben Jordan
- The Patriot versus the Dark Patriot w/ Bruce Prichard
- Doyel King and Skandor Akbar bicker about the Patriot.

Episode 8:

- Clips of Steve Simpson and Mike Davis air to start the show.
- Steve Simpson cuts a promo on Rod Price and John Tatum with Doyle King to open the broadcast.
- Super Destroyer (Bill Irwin) versus Chaz Taylor
- Alex Porgeau versus Junior Hernandez
- John Hawk and Bobby Duncum Jr. versus "Bad Breed" Axl and Ian Rotten
- Steven Dane versus Calvin Knapp
- Steve Simpson versus John Tatum w/ Sebastien
- John Tatum and Sebastien rant and rave to end the show.

Episode 9:

- Gary Hart and Rod Price start the show with Doyel King to hype it.
- Light Heavyweight Title - Alex Porteau versus Mike Dahl
-TV Title Tournament - Steve Simpson versus "Maniac" Mike Davis
- Calvin Knapp versus Bullman Downs (Terry Simms on commentary)
- North American Title - Rod Price versus John Hawk
- "Phantom X" Sebastien versus Kit Carson
- Mike Lane versus Calvin Knapp
- Rod Price versus "Hacksaw" Butch Reed
- Booker T and Stevie Ray versus "Bad Breed" Axl and Ian Rotten

Episode 10:

- Tatum and Price cut Brave Sky's hair (CLIPPED)
- Tribal Nation discuss the before mentioned hair cutting.
- Rude Dog w/ Mike Davis vs Nakona (Black Bart on commentary)
- Bookek T and Stevie Ray vs Steven Dane and Alex Porteau
- Rainbow Brown vs The Nuke
- Rod Price and John Tatum w/ Sebastien and Gary Hart vs Tribal Nation Brave Sky and Nakona (John Hawk on commentary)

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