GWF Global Supercard Classics Set 007 - 3 Disc DVD

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Continuing August 19, 2013 and the entire August 20, 2013 airings:

Disc 1:

Episode 1:

- Gary Hart, Rod Price, and Sebastien open the show with Doyle King.
- Light Heavyweight Title - Alex Porteau (c) vs Mike Dahl (Chaz on commentary)
- Manuel Villalobos vs Crybaby Buxton (Brandon Baxter on commentary)
- TV Title - Mike Davis (c) vs Chaz Taylor (Manny Fernandez on commentary)
- John Tatum vs Brave Sky (Alex Porteau on commentary)
- Non Title - Rod Price (c) vs Al Perez ("Cowboy" John Mantell on commentary)

Episode 2:

- Light Heavyweight Title - Terry Simms and Alex Porteau going at it. (CLIPPED) (Miek Davis on commentary)
- Alex Porteau starts the show with David Webb.
- Crybaby Buxton vs Larry Greene (Gary Hart on commentary)
- John Tatum w/ Rod Price vs Jack Victory (Rod Price and Elvis on commentary)
- Tribal nation Nakona and Brave Sky versus Dale Wolfe and Nick Golden
- Light Heavyweight Title - Alex Porteau (c) vs Mike Dahl
- Booker T and Stevie Ray vs "Cowboy" John Mantell and Black Bart (Manuel Villalobos on commentary)
- Stevie Ray and Booker T end the show with Doyle King.

Episode 3: "Legends"

- Doyle King and SKandor Akbar welcome you to the "Legends of ESPN Wrestling" from the Spring of 1991.
- Texas Heavyweight Title - Eric Embry vs Bill Dundee - USWA (Dr. Tom Prichard on commentary)
- Danny Davis vs Steve Austin
- Jeff Jarrett vs "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert
- Jeff Jarrett and Bill Dundee vs Eric Embry and Gary Young
- Tom Prichard vs Danny Davis (Jeff Jarrett on commentary)
- - Chris Thompson vs The Dog of War
- Jeff Jarrett and Tom Prichard brawl.

Disc 2:

Episode 4: "Legends"

- Doyle King and Skandor Akbar welcome the fans to "Legends of ESPN Wrestling".
- Joe Joe" Night Train" Jackson vs Dog of War
- Tom Prichard vs Billy Joe Travis
- Steve Austin and Eric Embry vs Bill Dundee and Gary Young
- John Tatum vs
- Danny Davis vs El Grande Pistolero
- Bill Dundee vs Eric Embry
- Billy Joe Travis vs Awesome Kong

Episode 5:

- Highlights of Rod Price versus Brave Sky. Sebastien and John Tatum are involved as is Nakona of the Tribal Nation.
- Doyle King kicks off the show with the Tribal Nation.
- The Crusher versus Maddog Billy
- Booker T versus Alex Porteau
- Steven Dane versus Calvin Knapp
- Angel of Death versus Stevie Ray
- Tribal Nation versus Rod Price & John Tatum
- Doyle King interviews John Tatum, Rod Price, Gary Hart, and Sebastien.

Episode 6:

- - Doyle King starts the show with the newly formed team of the "Golden Gladiators" Mike Lane and Steven Dane.
- Booker T and Stevie Ray versus Kit Carson and Billy Steel
- TV Title Match: "Maniac" Mike Davis (c) versus "Hard Luck" Manuel Villalobos
- "Maniac" Mike Davus versus "Sensational' Steve Simpson
- John Hawk versus Mike Lane
- Steve Simpson teases "Friends and Family" to watch his back.

Episode 7:

- Black Bart starts the show with Doyle. This is clearly again a later show from perhaps April 1993.
- Action Jackson versus Shawn Barrett
- Mike Davis and the Angel of Death (Avenger) versus Sweet Daddy Falcone and Black bart
- North American Title - Rod Price (c) versus Scott Putski
- Booker T and Stevie Ray versus the Colossal Kongs
- Booker T, Stevie Ray, and Action Jackson wrap up the show.

Episode 8: "Legends"

Skandor Akbar and Harvey Martin welcome you to the 1993 season.
- Chaz and Terry Garvin versus Mike and Tom Davis
- Handsome Stranger versus Sean Somers
- Eddie Gilbert versus Sam Houston
- Renegade Warriors (Tribal Nation) versus Buster Blackhart & Tony George
- Bull Pain w/ Samantha versus Ben Jordan
- Black Bart and Rattlesnake versus the Dogs of War
- Sam Houston versus Buster Blackhart
- Terry Garvin versus Barry Horowitz

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