GWF Global Supercard Classics Set 015 - 2 Disc DVD


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Disc 1: September 19, 2013:

Episode 1:

- Craig Johnson and Scott Hudson kick off the show.
- Tag Titles - Chris Walker and Steve Simpson (c) versus "The Dogs of War" Butch and Mike Blackhart (Scott Anthony on commentary, hysterical)
- "Prime TIme" Brian Lee versus Mike Stetson
- Boni Blackstone speaks to a fan who asks why Brian Lee came to the GWF.
- "Private" Terry Danuiels versus Ed Robinson
- TV Title Tournament Finals - "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert versus The Handsome Stranger (Scott Anthony on commentary)
- Eddie Gilbert and Scott Anthony cut a promo with Craig Johnson on the stage.
- Brian Lee answers the question.
- Black Bart versus Tug Taylor
- 6 man Tag - "Wild" Bill irwin, Rattlesnake, and "Gorgeous" Gary Young versus Sweet Daddy Falcone, "Rugged" Rod Price, and "Hollywood" John Tatum w/ Skandor Akbar
- Black Bart and "Wild" Bill Irwin wrap the show, Bart made the save.

Episode 2:

- "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert starts the show with Craig Johnson. Gilbert is stood on a chair.
- One Man Gang versus Mike Stetson (Eddie Gilbert on commentary)
- Terry Garvin and Chaz Taylor versus "Dirty Davis Brothers" Mike and Tom Davis
- "Gorgeous" Gary Young versus "The Winner" Barry Horowitz
- The Handsome Stranger versusShaun Summers
- Boni Blackstone gets a question from a fan about Black Bart.
- Scott Anthony cuts a promo on the Handsome Stranger
- "Missouri Tiger" Jeff Gaylord versus Sweet Daddy Falcone w/ Skandor Akbar
- Tag Titles - Chris Walker and Steve Simpson (c) versus Black Bart and Tug Taylor (re-broadcast)
- Black Bart answers the fan's question with Boni.
- "Wild" Bill Irwin versus "Hollywood" John Tatum

End of Disc 1.

Disc 2: September 24, 2013:
A few reruns, but also some originals. We pick and choose so we're not just offering repeat episodes.

Episode 3: (Re-air)

- "Maniac" Mike Davis, Shawn Summers, and Alex Porteau stsrt the show. Davis has a water pistol and says, "I get to shoot me some indians. They think I'm crazy so they gave me a gun!" Oh, man.
- "Iceman" King Parsons versus "Cowboy" John Mantel
- "California Connection" John Tatum and Rod Price versus Ed Robinson and El Grande Colosus
- Non Title - "Polish Power" Scott Putski (c) versus "Sensational' Steven Dane
- "Wild" Bill irwin and "Tribal Nation" Brave Sky and Nakona versus "Maniac" Mike Davis, "Beach Bully' Alex Porteau, and Shawn Summers
- "Wild" Bill Irwin and "Tribal Nation" wrap up with David Webb!

Episode 4: (Re-air)

- A video package starts with Craig Johnson doing a deeper voice, I guess we're not supposed to know it is him?
- Craig Johnson and "The Expert" Bruce Prichard. Yep, we've gone back in time again. ugh.
- Highlights of Eddie Gilbert versus The Dark Patriot. Ends up being an attack on Gilbert by Bruce Prichard, Scott Anthony, Barry Horowitz, and The Dark Patriot.
- North American Title - The Dark Patriot w/ Bruce Prichard versus Chaz Taylor
- Tag Titles - "Coast to Coast Connection" John Tatum and Rod Price versus Gary Young and Scott Putski
- Joe Pedicino discusses Big Bad John joining Global in the Newsroom.
- Glboal pays respects to Buzz Sawyer and Tojo Yamamoto.
- Point Counterpoint with Steven DeTruth and Scott Hudson. Arguing over bounties.
- Brut Forcz talk about collecting the bounty.
- The Patriot says he will explode the Patriot Missile in his face. Might need the paper towel Bounty after that.
- Boni Blackstone talks to The Patriot about challenging The Dark Patriot to get the belt back.
- Kiss my Foot Match: Eddie Gilbert versus Big Bad John w/ Bruce Prichard
- Jerry Lynn versus Barry Horowitz
- Bruce Prichard and the Dark Patriot talk about taking on The Patriot.
- Bruce Prichard gloats over what he accomplished today.

Episode 5:

- Highlights of Terry Simms versus Chaz Talor for the Light Heavyweight Title. Billy Joe Travis attacks the ring.
- Terry Simms opens the show with the Light Heavyweight Title with David Webb.
- "Rugged' Rod Price versus "Sensational" Steven Dane w/ Skandor Akbar
- "Iceman" King Parsons versus Dody Coyote
- Teen Beat with Brandon Baxter
- "Tribal Nation" Brave Sky and Nakona versus "Maniac" Mike Davis and Geekoid #1
- "Hollywood" John Tatum versus "Goreous" Gary Young w/ Skandor Akbar (John Mantell in commentary)

Episode 6:

- Highlights of Gary Young and Steven Dane winning the tag titles from Putski and Simms
- Skandor Akbar starts the show with David Webb. Webb says when the rematch happens, every time Akbar stands up out of his seat, he has to pay $500.
- "Ebony Experience" Booker T and Stevie Ray versus "Cowboy" John Mantell and Geekoid #2
- Highlights - Six Man Tag: "Maniac" Mike Davis, Alex Porteau, and Shawn Summers versus "Wild" Bill Irwin and Tribal nation
- "Maniac" Mike Davis versus Dody Coyote
- Teen Beat with Brandon Baxter
- "Polish Power" Scott Putski and Terry Simms versus
- Gary Young, who returned to the Sportatorium during the above match, wraps the show with Terry Simms and Scott Putski.

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