GWF Global Supercard Classics Set 016 - 3 Disc DVD


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Disc 1: September 26, 2013:

Episode 1:

- David Webb starts the show running down the card. He then interviews Tribal Nation.
- "California Connection" John Tatum and Rod Price versus Billy Joe Travis and "Maniac" Mike Davis
- Terry Simms versus "Psychotic" Ed Robinson (Chaz Taylor on commentary)
- "Polish Power" Scott Putski versus Kris Germany
- "Tribal Nation" Brave Sky and Nakona versus "Cowboy" John Mantell and JR Striker (Rod Price and John Tatum on commentary)
- "Wild" Bill Irwin versus "Maniac" Mike Davis (John Mantell on commentary)
- "Cowboy" John Mantell wraps with David Webb at ringside. Mike Davis leans through the ropes and screams, "I get to shoop me a cowboy!" LOL

End of Disc 1.

Disc 2: September 26, 2013:

Episode 2: "Legends"

- Doyle King does a voice over in front of a graphic to start this week's show.
- "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert versus "Quick" Rick Garren
- Al Perez versus The Soultaker
- Rattlesnake versus Sweet Daddy Falcone w/ Skandor Akbar
- Handsome Stranger versus SHaun Summers (Scott Anthony on commentary)
- Al Perez versus Steven Dane
- TV Title: "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert versus Sam Houston (Scott Anthony on commentary)
- "Renegade Warriors" Chris and Mark Youngblood versus Tony George and Butch Blackhart
- "Wild" Bill Irwin versus "Palm Beach Heart Throb" Scott Anthony

Episode 3: "Legends"

- Tug Taylor and Terry Garvin versus Ed Robinson and Barry Horowitz
- "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert versus Terry Garvin
- Sam Houston versus Bull Pain w/ Samantha
- "Wild" Bill Irwin versus Sweet Daddy Falcone w/ Skandor Akbar
- The Patriot versus Scott Anthony
- Light Heavyweight Title: Lightning Kid versus Chaz Taylor
- Tag Team Titles - "Coast to Coast Connection" Rod Price and Sweet Daddy Falcone (c) versus Steve Simpson and Scott Putski

End of Disc 2:

Disc 3: September 29, 2013:

Episode 4:

- Featuring matches taped November 29th - December 6th, 1991
- Craig Johnson opens the show with "Gorgeous' Gery Young discussing Eddie Gilbert.
- Highlights - TV Title: "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert versus "Gorgeous" Gary young
- Jerry Lynn versus Buster Blackhart (Flamboyant Freddie Fargo on commentary)
- Sam Houston says he's got a trump card up his sleeve.
- Mike Davis w/ Tom Davis versus Ben Jordan (Gary Young on commentary)
- Newsroom segment with Joe Pedicino
- "The Younger Point of View" with Brandon Baxter. He's a baby! Talks about Garvin/Taylor versus the Davis Brothers in a cage.
- Tag Titles: Steve Simpson and Scott Putski versus "Coast to Coast Connection" Rod Price and John Tatum (c) w/ Skandor Akbar
- Tag Titles: Black Bart and Rattlesnake versus "Coast to Coast Connection" John Tatum and Rod Price w/ Skandor Akbar and Sweet Daddy Falcone
- Eddie Gilbert wraps the show with Craig Johnson

Episode 5: (Re-air)

Joe Pedicino and Craig Johnson start the show to wrap 1991 with a "Year in Review" episode.
- Highlights: The Patriot won't accept a cheap win and gives back the TV title.
- Highlights: The Patriot versus Al Perez (Rematch - CLIPPED)
- Cactus Jack versus Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy (Considered "Match of the Year")
- Bill Irwin and Black Bart cut a promo with Craig Johnson on the California Connection.
- A recap of the entire story of "The Boss" and the "Cartel" including the announcement that it was not Max Andrews after all.
- Bull Pain versus Sam Houston
- Light Heavyweight Title - Lightning Kid versus Chaz Taylor (Upset Match of the Year... Not sure why. Scott Anthony on commentary)
- A look at the stars who left Global. Rasta the Voodoo Man, Axl Rotten, Big Bully Busick, Cactus Jack, and others. Honest commentary on why they left.
- Scott Hudson talks about his tough decision about where he's going to be going next.
- The Dark Patriot discusses says he's the following of The Patriot, his background and dark side.
- Joe Pedicino and Craig Johnson wrap the show.

- 2 more episodes were to air on this night but the network instead aired an Arizona State Sun Devils football replay instead. That is on the disc. Heck of a game, but probably not what you were looking for here!

End of Disc 3.

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