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The guys at the cable network were airing INCREDIBLE STUFF for the first time in over 2 decades at the end of October. They then, for 2 weeks in observance of the World Series, aired no wrestling for weeks on end. When they returned, they did not continue airing the same time period of stuff and that literally was like a punch to the gut. But, this is the final set from October 2013 and damn is it good stuff!

Disc 1: Octrober 23, 2013:

Episode 1:

- Craig Johnson kicks off the show. The Patriot, beltless and with a damaged eye, cuts an angry promo on Bruce Prichard and the Dark Patriot.
- Bull Pain w/ Samantha versus Ben Jordan (Skandor Akbar on commentary)
- Sam Houston and "Gorgeous" Gary Young versus Black Bart and Sweet Daddy Falcone w/ Skandor Akbar - Rockin' Robin with a run-in
- Barry Horowitz is backstage with Eddie Gilbert and James Beard. Beard is going to weigh Horowitz to see if he qualifies as a light heavyweight. Bull Pain runs in the room saying Samantha and Rockin' Robin are fighting and he needs help to break them up, when Beard helps, Gilbert replaces the scale with a rigged one that only goes up to 236 pounds.
- Light Heavyweight Title - Jerry Lynn (c) versus Barry Horowitz
- Rockin' Robin versus Samantha
- Billy Joe Travis versus "Gorgeous" Gary Young
- "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert cuts a promo on the bounty on his head.

End of Disc 1.

Disc 2: October 23, 2013:

Episode 3:

- "Wild" Bill irwin kicks off the show with Bruce Prichard, Bruce is flying solo.
- Tag Team Titles - "California Connection" John Tatum and Rod Price versus Terry Garvin and Scott Putski (Eddie Gilbert on commentary)
- Steven Dane versus Ben Jordan
- Newsroom looking at Ric Flair winning the Royal Rumble... No clips, just Pedicino mentioning it.
- Point Counterpoint with Steven DeTruth and Scott Houston discussing Black Bart's heel turn.
- "Wild" Bill Irwin versus Black Bart w/ Skandor Akbar
- "Throw in the Towel Match" - Sam Houston w/ Baby Doll versus Bull Pain w/ Samantha
- Scott Anthony speaks to Boni Blackstone about the bounties on The Patriot and Eddie Gilbert. Scott has a pink thing on his head and looks a bit like Timmy Turner from the Fairly Odd Parents. Ah, early 90's fashion.
- Baby Doll and Sam Houston challenge Bull pain and Samantha to a mixed tag match. Match never happens as Babyu Doll does not wrestle and Tom Davis' wife Candi Divine fills in. Baby Doll pulls off her top and shows her wrestling gear at the end of the episode.

Episode 4:

- "Hot Stuff' Eddie Gilbert starts the show with Craig Johnson. Johnson shows him the "bounty" poster calling for Gilbert's head.
- Bull Pain and Samantha rant about the fact she's banned from ringside this week.
- The Patriot versus Billy Joe Travis
- Sam Houston versus Bull Pain (SICK DDT by Pain in this one)
- Newsroom with Joe Pedicino.
- Boni Blackstone speaks to Sam Houston about Samantha.
- The Dark Patriot versus Ben Jordan (They sure like this match)
- The Patriot says he can't wait to face The Dark Patriot during an interview with Craig Johnson.
- TV Title: First Person Who Throws a Punch Loses - "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert versus Terry Garvin
- "Top 10 Challenge" Preview Clips
- The Dark Patriot says he will finish the job next time he touches the Patriot.

Episode 5:

- Round 1 of the "Top 10 Challenge" this week.
- Bruce Prichard and Craig Johnson start the show.
- Highlights: 2 of 3 Falls: The Patriot versus Scott Anthony
- Scott Anthony cuts a promo with that pink thing on his head. No word on where Cosmo and Wanda are.
- Round 1: "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert versus "The Winner" Barry Horowitz
- Round 1: Scott Putski versus Sam Houston (Bull Pain attacks Sam)
- Newsroom with Joe Pedicino getting opinionated on the bounty situation.
- Point Counterpoint with Steven DeTruth and Scott Hudson discussing the Top 10 Challenge.
- Boni speaks to the fans about the tournament.
- Round 1: Black Bart w/ Skandor Akbar versus Rattlesnake
- Round 1: Terry Garvin versus Bull Pain w/ Samantha
- Round 1l: Scott Anthony versus Gary Young
- James Beard introduces us to the new referee Esposito.
- Bruce Prichard and Craig Johnson wrap the show.
- Highlights - Looking ahead at Round 2.

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