Pro Wrestling USA - The Final 2 Episodes DVD


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Pro Wrestling USA June-July 1985

int Butch Reed
int Rick Martel
Curt Hennig vs Mike Moore
int Nick Bockwinkle & Ray Stevens
Freebirds vs Larry Winters & Apollo Athens
Buck Zumhoff & Steve O vs Mark Pole & Kalua int Buddy Rogers
Sgt Slaughter vs Larry Zybisco int Larry Zybisco

Bobby Dunkum vs Mike Richards
Kamala vs Sgt Slaughter
Buck Zumhoff & Steve O & Kenny J vs the Freebirds
Buddy Roberts vs Larry Winters
Larry Zybisco vs Mike Jones
6 man match Buck Zumhoff & Steve O & Curt Hennig
vs Nick Bockwinkle & Ray Stevens & Bobby Dunkum
Jim Brunzel vs Nacho Berera
Ray Stevens vs Ken Jones
6 man match Steve Regal & Bobby Dunkum & Billy
Robinson vs Baron von Rashke & Brad Reingans &
Buck Zumhoff
Road warriors squash video is very dark

Pro Wrestling USA August-September 1985

Rick Martel vs Nick ???
Road Warriors vs Fabulous ones
Sgt Slaughter training vid
Terry bam bam Gordy vs Jerry Crusher Blackwell
Wild Bill Irwin vs ???
int Sgt Slaughter
Sgt Slaughter & Greg Gange vs Blue Mask & ???
Boris Zurkoff vs Larry Winters
Nick Bockwinkle & Larry Zybisco vs Jim Londis & Larry
Sgt Slaughter vs Kalua
Freebirds vs Brian & John oriely & Larry Winters
Road Warriors vs Davey G & Danny White
Curt Hennig & Tom Zenk vs Larry Clarke & Randy
Sgt Slaughter vs Boris Zurkoff
Buck Zumhoff vs Steve Regal
Curt Hennig & Tom Zenk vs Nick Bockwinkle & Larry Zybisco

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