Pro Wrestling USA TV 1985 February 09 - 23 DVD


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- Rick Martel versus Tom Stone
- Sgt. Slaughter promo
- "Road Warriors" Hawk and Animal versus Mike Richards and Rick Staski
- Road Warriors promo.
- "Jumpin'" Jim Bronzel versus The Masked Superstar
- Jim Bronzel promo.
- Jimmy Garvin promo.
- King Tonga w/ Sheik versus Tom Zenk
- "Nature Boy" Ric Flair music video set to Patty Smyth's "The Warrior"
- Kendo Nagasaki versus Jimmy Do (?)
- Sheik, Tonga, and Nagasaki promo.
- Masked Superstar promo.


- Terry Funk versus Jake Miliman
- Terry Funk segment... After he wrestled. Good timing, right?
- "Nature Boy" Ric Flair music video, same one.
- Jimmy Garvin promo.
- "THe Youngbloods" Jay and Mark Youngblood versus Scott Dorey and Tony Leoni
- Rick Martel promo.
- King Tonga w/ Sheik versus Joe Peevey
- Masked Superstar and King Tonga promo
- Sgt. Slaughter and Jerry Blackwell versus Nick Bockwinkel and Tom Stone
- Jerry Blackwell and Sgt. Slaughter promo.


- "Road Warriors" Hawk and Animal versus Rick Gatner and Bob Ricksteiner (?)
- Ric Flair promo.
- Bob Backlund versus Drew Hustle
- Sgt. Slaughter and Jerry Blackwell promo.
- Masked Superstar versus Mike Richards
- Superstar and Tonga promo.
- Larry Zbyszko versus Jimmy Doo (?)
- Jimmy Garvin promo.
- Curt Hennig, Jim Bronzel, and Greg Gagne versus Terry Funk, Nick Bockwinkel, and Steve Regal

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