TCW Texas Championship Wrestling TV circa 1991 DVD


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After World Class and the USWA were no more in Dallas, two groups tried to reclaim the hearts of Dallas wrestling fans. One was ESPN backed Global Wrestling Federation. The other was Gary Hart's upstart group Texas Championship Wrestling which ran out of the Metroplex in northern Dallas. While Global tried to be the "Global Dome" and seem bigger than it was, Gary Hart's TCW was more down to earth and tried to stay true to the Dallas wrestling style and history. Many of the guys who would ultimately become cornerstones of the GWF worked these early shows before Global started. But, so did some other big names in wrestling history. See if you recognize any of them!

We will try and get a date on the episode as we usually try and do. So far, no such luck.

Date: 1991 (?)

- Host: Bill Mercer
- Metroplex in Dallas, Texas
- Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy takes apart a car talking about the Dragon Master
- Iceman King Parsons interview
- California Stud accepts.
- Steve Austin and the California Stud (Rod Price) versus Iceman King Parsons and Matt Bourne
- Highlights: Texas Title: Kevin Von Eric versus Angel of Death
- Gary Hart says he's held up the Texas Title.
- Terry Garvin versus "Cowboy" Tony
- Dawn Batiste interviews Terry Garvin backstage
- Dragon Master clip from New World Sports in Japan
- Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy versus The Dragon Master w/ Ali Farooq
- Angel of Death promo
- Kevin Von Erich promo
- Dawn Batite interview Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy
- Gary Hart does a promo about "Samoan Savages" Samu and Fatu
- Bill Mercer says the fans should thank Channel 27 for airing Texas Championship Wrestling

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