L.A. Olympic Auditorium from 1982-1983 Set 4 - 5 DVDs


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SHOW #26
tag team elimanation match
chavo guerrero v victor rivera
pampero firpo v miguel garcia/romero

SHOW #29
carlos mata v allen"bad news" coage
-{judo jacket
romero/mr.mexico/big ben v ben gali/coloso colosetti/victor
chavo guerrero v twin devil #2
-{judo jacket
john tolos v mando guerrero

SHOW #35
cowboy tom pritchard v butcher brannigan
romero v the medic
great goliath v mando guerrero
john tolos/ron starr v al madrill/walter

SHOW #36
great goliath v cowboy tom pritchard
al madrill v john tolos
romero/apollo alesko v ron starr/the hood
jack evans v chief running hill-{indian strap

SHOW #42
coloso colosetti/allen coage v carlos mata/mando
big ben v victor rivera
pistol pete v al madrill
romero/mr.mexico v the twin devils

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