Classic Wrestling Battles 2 Disc DVD


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Professional wrestling was bread-and-butter programming in the early days of television during the 1950s. Long before Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and Andre the Giant became household names, a generation of strongmen, led by the likes of Dick the Bruiser, Gorgeous George and "Haystack" Calhoun, reached levels of popularity that few who followed in their footsteps could ever match. These legends of the mat became wrestling’s first super-villains, and through their outlandish and often outrageous escapades, both incensed and captivated audiences around the world. “Classic Wrestling Battles” revisits the glory days of professional wrestling, with more than a dozen classic matches involving many of the stars who started it all.

Disc 1
Gorgeous George VS Jessie James
Killer Kowalski VS Ed Carpemtier
Buddy Rogers VS Pat O'Conner
Jerry Lawler VS Randy Savage
Detroit Battle Royal
Princess Little Dove VS Diamond Lil
Haystacks Calhoun VS Killer Brooks
Bruiser,Cruiser & Little Cruiser VS Bobby Heenan & The Blackjacks
Antonio Rocca VS Primo Carnera
Antonio Rocca VS Don Johnathon
Antonio Rocca VS Johnny Valentine
The Fabilous Kangaroos/Jerry Graham VS Antonio Rocco/Miguel Perez & Ricky Starr
Killer Kowalski VS Vern Gagne
Killer Kowalski VS Gene Stanley
Tony Galato VS Natie Brown
The Great Togo VS Bobby Mannagoff
Gloria Baratini VS Nell Stewart
Masked Marvel VS Gorgeous George

Disc 2
The Barvarian Boys VS Skull Murphy/Brute Bernard
The Fabulous Kangaroos VS Mighty Atlas/Moose Cholak
Bruno Sammartino VS Hans Schmidt
Bulldog Brower VS Bearcat Wright
Buddy Rogers/Magnificent Maurice/Johnny Barend VS Bobo Brazil/Art Thomas/Dory Dixon
The Tolos Brothers VS Bob Nandor/Chet Wallick
Yukon Eric VS Fritz Von Erich
Argentina Rocca/Miguel Perez VS The Graham Brothers
Bobo Brazil VS Sky Hi Lee
Ed Carpentier VS Skull Murphy
Heidi Lee Morgan VS Wendi Richter (Cage Match)

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