Classic Mountain Wrestling TV - 1994 - 12 Disc DVD


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This was a 1993 Year in review episode

1. Rock & Roll Express v. jobbers
2. The Bullet v. Dick Murcoch
3. Heavenly Bodies v. jobbers
4. Down & Dirty with Dutch – Brian Lee
5. Dirty White Boy v. Brian Lee
6. Bruise Brothers v. Moondogs (both teams fight all over the arena and in the back as well! Great brawl!)
7. video – DWB & Kimberly
8. Tracy Smothers v. Chris Candido
SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV 1/15 – 1/22/94

1. Tracy Smothers v. Chris Candido
2. Down & Dirty with Dutch – DWB
3. Chris Candido v. Ricky Morton (BTC TV Title. Candido wins the match when Bobby Blaze and Robert Gibson
call Morton to the back for an emergency.)
4. We get to the back to find that Morton’s Dad has collapsed in the back and the babyfaces are trying to help him while they wait
for an ambulance. We find out later that Jim Cornette had thrown Drano in Paul Morton’s eyes.
5. Heavenly Bodies v. jobbers (Robert Gibson runs out and attempts to attack Cornette and the Bodies. DWB & Bobby Blaze
restrain Gibson)
6. Bobby Blaze v. Brian Lee

7. Moondogs v. Jason Herd & Robbie Eagle
8. Brian Lee v. DWB (Chris Candido runs in to attack DWB.)
9. Int – DWB. Despite their previous differences, Tracy Smothers and DWB agree to join forces against Candido & Lee
10. Louie Spicolli v. Jeff Victory
11. Down & Dirty with Dutch – DWB tells of how Ricky Morton’s father Paul Morton & Jim Cornette got into a confromtation with
Cornette throwing
Drano in Morton’s eyes. Dutch Mantell interviews Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies.
12. Prince Kharis v. jobber
13. DWB v. Chris Candido (BTC TV Title. Brian Lee runs in and chokes DWB out with a chair. Smothers runs in to make the save.)
SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV 1/29 – 2/5/94

1. Chris Candido v. Louie Spicolli
2. Bruise Brothers v. Moondogs
3. Down & Dirty with Dutch – Jim Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies
4. Rock & Roll Express v. Jason Herd & Jason West
5. DWB v. Killer Kyle (Brian Lee & Chris Candido run in to triple team DWB.)
6. Int – DWB & Tracy Smothers

7. Moondogs v. Jason West & Jeff Victory
8. Jason West & Jeff Victory vs. Moondogs Rex & Spot .
9. Bobby Blaze vs. Brian Keyes.
10. “Down & Dirty with Dutch” with The Dirty White Boy.
11. Chris Candido v. Robbie Eagle (Tracy Smothers interferes, and Robbie Eagle pins Chris Candido to win the SMW TV
12. The Heavenly Bodies vs. The Rock-n-Roll Express .

SMW – 1994/02/13 – Knoxville, TN – “Sunday Bloody Sunday”
01. Anthony Michaels v The Hornet
02. Chris Candido v Tracy Smothers
03. Helmet On A Pole Match: Doug Furnas & Mike Furnas v Heavenly Bodies
04. Texas Death Match: The Bullet v Terry Funk
05. SMW Tag Titles: Rock’n Roll Express v Heavenly Bodies
06. SMW Title – Chain Match: Brian Lee v Dirty White Boy
07. Cage Match: Bruise Brothers v The Moondogs
Running Time: 150 minutes – Source: VHS

SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV 2/12 – 2/19/94

This is mainly a review episodes covering the various matches and feuds that are leading to the upcoming Sunday Bloody Sunday card.

1. Well Dunn vs. Bobby Blaze & Anthony Michaels.
Matches 2 & 3 are from Sunday Bloody Sunday
2. DWB v. Brian Lee (From Sunday Blood Sunday. DWB beats Lee in a chain match to win the SMW Heavyweight Title)
3. The Bullet v. Terry Funk (The Bullet defeats Funk in a Texas Death match to reinstate Bob Armstrong as the
commissioner of Smoky Mountain Wrestling.)
4. Press Conference – Bob Armstrong signs the Thrillseekers, Chris Jericho & Lance Storm to wrestle in Smoky Mountain Wrestling
5. Rock & Roll Express v. Heavenly Bodies (closing moments of a 1hr time limit draw between the two.)
6. SMW TV Champ Robbie Eagle v. Larry Santo.
SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV 2/26 – 3/5/94

1. The Hornet vs. Robbie Eagle to win the SMW TV Title.
2. Video – The Thrillseekers
3. “Down & Dirty with Dutch” with The Heavenly Boides & Jim Cornette.
4. Brian Lee v. Anthony Michaels.
5. The Rock-n-Roll Express & Bobby Blaze v. The Heavenly Bodies & Killer Kyle. (The heels vs.
Morton BLOODY!)

6. Chris Candido v. Pat Rose.
7. Cornette is irate because he just found out that a LOSER LEAVE TOWN match has been signed between the Rock & Roll
Express and the Heavenly Bodies.
8. Well Dunn v. Robbie Eagle & Larry Santo
9. The Dirty White Boy v. SMW TV Champ The Hornet
10. Tracy Smothers v. Tom Pritchard.

SMW – 1994/03/10 – Marietta, GA
01. 1-2-3 Kid v Bobby Blaze
02. North Georgia Title: New Jack v Hillbilly Festus
03. Tracy Smothers v Chris Candido
04. Ron Garvin v Kevin Sullivan
05. Lex Luger v Mike Rotundo
06. Dirty White Boy & Dirty White Girl v Brian Lee & Tammy Fytch
07. Scott & Steve & Bob Armstrong v Well Dunn & Owen Hart
08. SMW Tag Titles: Heavenly Bodies v Rockn Roll Express
09. Cage Match: Bob Armstrong v Jim Cornette
Running Time: 180 minutes – Source: VHS
SMW – 1994/03/12 – Johnson City, TN
01. Mike Furnas v Jeff Victory
02. Ladder Match: Tracy Smothers v Chris Candido
03. Thrillseekers v Infernos
04. Bob Armstrong v Dick Murdoch & Jim Cornette
05. Dirty White Boy & Girl v Brian Lee & Tammy Fytch
06. 60 Minute Marathon Match: Rock’n Roll Express v Heavenly Bodies
Running Time: 120 minutes – Source: VHS
SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV 3/12 – 3/19/94

1. Bobby Blaze v. Larry Santo.
2. Pat Rose v. The Dirty White Boy
3. Video – Thrillseakers
4. Killer Kyle v. The Hornet (Kyle defeats the Hornet to win the SMW TV Title.)
5. The Rock-n-Roll Express v. Well Dunn

6. Tracy Smothers v. Jason West.
7. Bobby Blaze v. Larry Santo.
8. Thrillsseekers v. The Masked Infernos (Chris Jericho & Lance Storm make their SMW debut, and the girls are going
9. Tracy Smothers v. Chris Candido in a “ladder” match.
SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV 3/26 – 4/2/94

1. Well Dunn v. Bobby Blaze & Jason West
2. SMW TV Champ Mike Furnas v. Mike Sampson.
3. Workout Video – The Thrillseekers
4. Int – Thrillseekers
5. The Rock & Roll Express will be wrestling the Heavenly Bodies at the Bluegrass Brawl in a Loser Leaves Town match inside
a steel cage. Eddie Marlin of the USWA and none other than Vince McMahon of the WWF express interest in signing which
ever team loses the match.
6. Int – Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies
7. “Down & Dirty with Dutch” with The Rock-n-Roll Express.
8. The Dirty White Boy v. Killer Kyle

9. The Rock-n-Roll Express v. The Masked Infernos.
10. Thrillsseekers v. Larry Santo & Mike Sampson.
11. SMW TV Champ Mike Furnas v. Inferno #1.
12. “Down & Dirty with Dutch” with Tammy Fytch, Peggy Lee Leather, & The Dirty White Girl.
13. Prince Kharis v. Bobby Blaze.
14. Brian Lee & Chris Candido v. The Rock-n-Roll Express
SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV 4/9 – 4/16/94

1. Thrillsseekers v. The Hornet & Mike Sampson.
2. Video – Thrillseekers
3. Bob Armstrong v. Jim Cornette & Bruiser Bedlam (Bluegrass Brawl)
4. “Down & Dirty with Dutch” with Darryl Van Horne & Prince Kharis. Prior to this though, Tammy Fytch calls out Dirty White
Girl Kimberly for a match. But Fytch brings out Peggy Lee Leather who beats the hell out of Kimberly. When Dutch
Mantell tries to break it up, SHE BODYSLAMS DUTCH TOO!
5. Rock & Roll Express v. Heavenly Bodies (In Progress from Bluegrass Brawl. The RnRs win the SMW Tag Titles and
force The Heavenly Bodies out of SMW)
6. Int –The Rock & Roll Express celebrate their victory
7. Int – Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies
8. Video – The Heavenly Bodies say a tearful goodbye to Jim Cornette as they pack their bags and leave Smoky Mountain.
9. SMW TV Champ Mike Furnas v. Larry Santo.
10. The Dirty White Boy & Dirty White Girl v. Brian Lee & Tammy Fytch

11. Thrillsseekers v. Chris Hamrick & The Hornet.
12. Bob Armstrong v. Jim Cornette & Bruiser Bedlam (Bluegrass Brawl)
13. Bruiser Bedlam v. Mike Furnas (Bedlam wins the SMW TV Title.)
14. Brian Lee v. Ricky Morton (Turns into a brawl between the Rock & Roll Express and Brian Lee/Chris Candido)
15. Rock & Roll Express v. Heavenly Bodies (In Progress from Bluegrass Brawl. The RnRs win the SMW Tag Titles and
force The Heavenly Bodies out of SMW)
SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV 4/23 – 4/30/94

1. The Rock-n-Roll Express v. Killer Kyle & Dark Secret.
2. SMW TV Champ Bruiser Bedlam v. Bobby Blaze.
3. clips of Ricky Morton v. Brian Lee from last week.
4. Int – Rock & Roll Express
5. Brian Lee & Chris Candido v. Anthony Michael & Chris Hamrick.
6. SMW Champ The Dirty White Boy v. Prince Kharis (The masked Samurai runs in and blows mist in DWB’s eyes like the
Great Muta does.)

7. Well Dunn v. Anthony Michaels & Bobby Blaze
8. Promo – Jake “The Snake” Roberts, who will soon be coming into SMW. Very Good promo, as Jake sets his sites on SMW
Champion Dirty White Boy.
9. Kendo the Samurai v. Brian Logan.
10. Int – Thrillseekers – Well Dunn interferes and challenges the Thrillseekers to a match.
11. Footage of Jim Cornette managing Yokozuna. Against Randy Savage
12. Promo – Randy Savage, who will be wrestling Bruiser Bedlam. At the upcoming Volunteer Slam III on 5/20/94.
13. Int – Jim Cornette & Bruiser Bedlam
14. SMW TV Champ Bruiser Bedlam v. Tracy Smothers.
15. Thrillsseekers v. Killer Kyle & Inferno.
SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV 5/7 – 5/14/94

1. The Dirty White Boy v. Dark Secret.
2. Rock &Roll Express v. Chris Candido & Brian Lee (clips of a match from Johnson City where Candido & Lee win the
SMW Tag Team Titles.)
3. Video – Thrillseekers
4. SMW TV Champ Bruiser Bedlam v. Chris Hamrick
5. Promo – Bruiser Bedlam & Jim Cornette
6. Int – Jake Roberts makes his SMW and confronts DWB.
7. Thrillseekersv. Well Dunn

8. DWB v. James Adkins
9. Bruiser Bedlam v. Anthony Michaels
10. Rock &Roll Express v. Chris Candido & Brian Lee (clips of a match from Johnson City where Candido & Lee win the
SMW Tag Team Titles.)
11. Jake Roberts v. DWB (Roberts wins the SMW Heavyweight Title.)
SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV 5/21 – 5/28/94

1. Tracy Smothers v. jobber (Bruiser Bedlam and Jim Cornette bloody Smothers after the match.)
2. SMW TV Champ Bruiser Bedlam vs. Brian Logan.
3. Jake Roberts v. DWB (From last week. Roberts wins the SMW Heavyweight title.)
4. Ricky Morton vs. Chris Candido

5. Randy Savage v. Bruiser Bedlam (From Volunteer Slam)
6. Jake Roberts v. DWB (Volunteer Slam)
7. Lots of additional clips of previous matches and angles are included
SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV 6/4 – 6/11/94

1. Rock-n-Roll Express v. Killer Kyle & James Adkins.
2. Randy Savage v. Bruiser Bedlam (From Volunteer Slam)
3. Well Dunn v. Brian Logan & Anthony Michaels.
4. Kendo the Samurai v. Chris Hamrick (Kendo wins the vacant SMW TV Title.)
5. SMW Tag Champs Brian Lee & Chris Candido v. Mike Furnas & Bobby Blaze. (The Rock & Roll Express run in
and attack the heels)

6. Tracy Smothers v. Brian Logan.
7. Int – The Rock & Roll Express dump a bucket of cow $h*t on Tammy Fytch’s head!
8. Bruiser Bedlam v. James Adkins & Chris Hamrick in a “handicap” match
9. SMW TV Champ Kendo the Samurai v. The Dirty White Boy.
SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV 6/18 – 6/25/94

1. Thrillseekers v. Chris Hamrick & Larry Santo.
2. The Rock & Roll Express come out to the interview set with a big gift for Tammy Fytch.
3. Fytch and the SMW Tag Champs Brian Lee & Chris Candido come out to open the gift. When she opens it, Female
Wrestler Bambi comes out and throttles Fytch! The Rock & Roll Express comes out and the 3 of them chase the heels off.
4. Int – Jake Roberts. Roberts is now bald after having lost a Hair v. Hair match to Konnan in Mexico.
5. Jake Roberts v. James Atkins. (Jake is having trouble with his Samurai and finds out that this Samurai is actually allied
with DWB. Jake eventually finds The real Kendo the Samurai and they rush to the ring to brawl with DWB and his own
6. Tracy Smothers v. Kendo the Samurai (Smothers wins SMW TV Title.)

7. Scott & Steve Armstrong v. Larry Santo & James Atkins.
8. SMW TV Champ Tracy Smothers v. Chris Hamrick.
9. The Dirty White Boy v. Joe Cazana
10. Timothy Well v. Lance Storm.
SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV 7/2/94 – 7/9/94

1. The Rock & Roll Express v. Joe Cazana & Chris Hamrick.(Chris Candido & Brian Lee run in and attack the RNRs.
Tammy gets revenge for dumping cow manure on her head by cutting Ricky Morton’s hair!)
2. Timothy Well v. Lance Storm. (From last week)
3. Int – Thrillseekers
4. To protest Smoky Mountain Commissioner Bob Armstrong, JIM CORNETTE is now the president of his own Union F.I.T.E
(The Federation of International Thugs & Eliminators). We see a video featuring Bruiser Bedlam, who displays his strength by carrying
around a wheelbarrow with five big men in it, and Bruiser Bedlam again holding a back truck with his legs.
5. RECAP OF the awesome Jake Roberts vs DWB feud.
6. Bruiser Bedlam v. Larry Santo.
7. SMW TV Champ Tracy Smothers v. Killer Kyle. ( Tracy is supposed to wrestle James Atkins, but Cornette scares Atkins
into “going on strike”. and Kyle takes his place. Tracy wins, but Bedlam, Candido and Lee all attack Smothers.
The Rock & Roll Express and Steve & Scott Armstrong run in, and Bob Armstrong cleans house with a baseball bat! )

8. Int – DWB, who had regained the SMW Heavyweight Title from Jake Roberts during the past week. Actually, the true story
is that Jake simply left SMW without giving any kind of notice whatsoever as to why he was leaving, and was never heard
from in SMW again.
9. Scott & Steve Armstrong v. Steve Skyfire & Chris Hamrick.
10. Int – Bob Armstrong & Tracy Smothers who will be teaming up with a mystery partner against Bruiser Bedlam & The Funk
Brothers. Armstrong (who has resigned as SMW commissioner in order to wrestle in the match) reveals a new stipulation to the match and the
match is now a “Coward Waves the Flag” match.”, where in order to win, the other team must wave a white flag.
Cornette will be the flag man for his team and Bob Armstrong reveals his flag man to be Ron Wright at the Night of Legends.
11. Jim Cornette does a hilarious promo where he agrees to the stipulation, but only if he gets to sign an additional 6man tag match
of his own choice. That match will take place at Fire on the Mountain the night after the Flag match and will be a Texas Death
12. Bob Armstrong then reveals that the third man on his 6man team is ROAD WARRIOR HAWK! Cornette is beside himself!
13. The Rock-n-Roll Express v. The Masked Infernos.
14. Int – Rock & Roll Express. They’ve signed for a hair vs. hair match against Brian Lee & Chris Candido.
15. THE FANS PRESENT A CAKE TO THE THRILLSEEKERS- Jim Cornette comes out and tells the Seekers
how sick he is of them. And when Jim Cornette is in the same room with a babyface and a cake, you can guess what happens next.
16. A “FAN’S HOME VIDEO CAMERA” captures footage of the Thrillseekers being jumped in a parking lot by two masked
assailants, accompanied by Jim Cornette. The Thrills take a vicious beating, with Lance getting his head slammed in the car’s
trunk. The Thrills accuse The Heavenly Bodies of the attack, and the road is cleared for the Bods to return to SMW for one
match at the upcoming Night of Legends supercard.
17. Int – Heavenly Bodies
18. SMW TV Champ Tracy Smothers v. Brian Lee (Candido tries to interfere, but the Rock & Rolls make the save.
SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV 7/23/94 – 7/30/94
1. JIM CORNETTE and BRUISER BEDLAM “go on strike”, and picket the TV show in response to bringing in
Road Warrior Hawk. It goes on for about the first 20 minutes of the show until Bob Armstrong runs them off with a bat.
2. Chris Candido v. Scott Studd (Candido wins the vacant SMW TV Title.)
3. Int- Cornette and Bedlam who are still picketing outside the ring.
4. The Gangstas v. Anthony Michaels & Chris Hamrick. (1994’s Best Gimmick, The Gangstas make it’s debut,)
5. Int – New Jack (Mustafa is there, but almost never talks.) New Jack quickly earns the title of the absolute best talker
in the business at the time with an INCREDIBLY racially charged promo that sets the Southern Confederate flag waving

SMW audience to a near riot, referencing OJ Simpson and Louis Farrakhan! Folks, the heat that New Jack & Mustafa
get has to be seen to be believed!)
6. Thrillseekersv. Brian Logan & Steve Skyfire

This was a recap episode covering all of the feuds leading up to next week’s Night of Legends supershow.
SMW – 1994/08/05 – Knoxville, TN – “Night Of The Legends”
01. Killer Kyle vs. Doug Furnas
02. SMW Tag Team Titles: Dick Slater & Bob Orton vs. Ron Garvin & Mongolian Stomper
03. Rock & Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) vs. Chris Candido & Brian Lee
04. SMW Heavyweight Title: Dirty White Boy vs. Terry Gordy
05. Heavenly Bodies (Tom Pritchard & Jimmy Del Ray) vs. The Thrillseekers (Chris Jericho & Lance Storm)
06. Bob Armstrong & Tracy Smothers & Road Warrior Hawk vs. Terry & Dory Funk, Jr. & Bruiser Bedlam
Running Time: 150 minutes – Source: VHS
SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV 8/6 – 8/13/94

1. The Dirty White Boy v. Brian Logan.
2. JIM CORNETTE INTRODUCES the newest member of FITE, Chris Walker, and shows clips of Walker
attacking DWB after a battle royal, and putting him in a backbreaker. Cornette’s commentary is hilarious here.
3. Thrillseekersv. Anthony Michaels & Chris Hamrick.
4. The Gangstas v. Scott Studd & Steve Skyfire.
5. Int – Gangstas (Newjack does another fiery promo and the network puts a disclaimer on the bottom of the screen: “The views
of the Gangstas are not those of Smoky Mountain Wrestling or this Station. The station also bleeps out several parts of the promo.)
6. SMW Tag Champs Brian Lee & Chris Candido v. Armstrongs .

7. Tracy Smothers v. Bruiser Bedlam in a “dock fight” match.
8. The Rock-n-Roll Express & Bambi v. Brian Lee, Chris Candido, & Tammy Fytch.
Knoxville’s “Night of Legends” card 8/5/94- this was actually a very good match, much to everone’s surprise.
10. RICKY MORTON INTERVIEW- Ricky offers a platter full of excuses for not getting his head shaved,
even though the Rock & Rolls lost the hair match to Lee & Candido. I love SMW, but they have to get out
of this bait-and-switch attitude that killed off the old NWA.
11. THE GANGSTAS do another racially charged interview from “Night of Legends”, 8/5/94 with Jim Ross holding the mike. The Gangstas
now set their sights on the Rock & Roll Express.
12. THE HEAVENLY BODIES vs THE THRILLSEEKERS from “Night of Legends”, 8/5/94- most of this match aired on TV. This bad day
early for Chris Jericho, who broke his wrist earlier that day. He wrestles in a cast, and the Bodies give him a beating. Chris blades with the
WRESTLING. I’d go further and say that along with Fonzie losing 30% of his blood to Beulah, and the infamous Mass Transit incident,
this has to be (unintentionally) one of the BLOODIEST MATCHES OF ALL TIME! Jericho is completely covered in the red stuff from
head to toe, and the ref and the Bods are wearing plenty of it too. Not for the weak at heart!
13. THE ROCK & ROLL EXPRESS vs CHRIS CANDIDO & BRIAN LEE, jip from “Night of Legends”, 8/5/94- The
R&R’s win the match and the tag
titles. The crowd goes crazy over the title change.
14. Rock & Roll Express v. Chris Candido & Brian Lee (From the following night where Ricky Morton and Tammy’s hair was on the
line. The
Gangstas interfere, leading to Candido & Lee winning the match. But before Morton could get his head shaved, the RNRs wind
up brawling with Candido & Lee. Lee & Fytch escape, leaving Candido in the ring TO GET HIS OWN HEAD SHAVED!)
15. Promo – Rock & Roll Express lays out a challenge for the Gangstas.

SMW – 1994/08/13 – Morristown, TN
01. Lance Storm & Dirty White Boy v Heavenly Bodies
02. Bob Armstrong v Killer Kyle & Jim Cornette
03. King Of The Mountain Tournament: Ricky Morton v Jimmy Del Ray
04. Ricky Morton v Killer Kyle
05. Ricky Morton v Chris Candido
06. Chris Candido v Robert Gibson
07. Robert Gibson v Tracy Smothers
08. Tracy Smothers v Bruser Bedlam
09. Bruiser Bedlam v Dirty White Boy
Running Time: 120 minutes – Source: VHS
SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV 8/20 – 8/27/94

1. Anthony Michaels v. Dan Dubiel.
2. The Gangstas v. Steve Skyfire & Brian Logan. (The locals in Saltville, VA, were ready to riot over the Gangstas.)
3. The Dirty White Boy v. Chris Hamrick.
4. Bruiser Bedlam v. Dan Dubiel.
5. The Dirty White Boy v. Bruiser Bedlam.
6. The Rock-n-Roll Express v. Chris Candido & Brian Lee (The RNRs win the SMW Tag Team Titles and Tammy fires Lee on
the spot! Lee and Candido then fight it out until Tammy blinds Lee with hairspray. )

7. The Gangstas v. Chris Hamrick & Dan Dubiel (they now draw an “X” on the heads of the defeated opponents.)
8. SMW Champ The Dirty White Boy v. Killer Kyle. (DWB gets the pin, but Bruiser Bedlam runs in and helps Kyle
and Jim Cornette vs. on DWB.
9. TAMMY FYTCH & CHRIS CANDIDO introduce Boo Bradley, who walks on all fours and barks like a dog. Hey, he’s not the
only one who’d do that for Tammy, right?
10. CHRIS CANDIDO vs LANCE STORM- Lee interferes and cost Chris the TV title- 3 ***
11. HEAVENLY BODIES vs ROCK & ROLL EXPRESS- The R&R’s agree to let the HB’s wrestle in one TV match,
provided they can have Bob Armstrong in their corner.
SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV 9/3 – 9/10/94

12. Tracy Smothers v. Brian Logan.
13. SMW TV Champ Lance Storm v. Chris Hamrick.
14. Bruiser Bedlam v. Doug Dalton.
15. Hilarious segment, as Jim Cornette tries to find out who the new Commissioner of SMW will be.
16. The Rock-n-Roll Express v. The Gangstas (Morton gets the pin, but the Gangstas have the last laugh, as they and their
“security force” pound Morton with nightsticks. It looks a lot like the 1991 Rodney King beating- a coincidence? Right…. )

17. Chris Candido v. Steve Skyfire.
18. SMW Champ Lance Storm v. Boo Bradley (Candido runs in for the DQ. Chris Jericho tries to help, but he can’t do much
as his arm is in a sling. )
19. The Gangstas v. Doug Dalton & Anthony Michaels
20. Killer Kyle & Bruiser Bedlam v. Tracy Smothers & The Dirty White Boy (Bob Armstrong is supposed to team with Tracy, but
Cornette’s men wipe him out before the match. Cornette KO’s DWB with the racquet, and Bedlam gets the pin.
Armstrong then returns to clean house with a baseball bat. )
SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV 9/17 – 9/24/94

1. The Gangstas v. The Rock & Roll Express (WILD brawl from Johnson City. The dressing room empties, but it’s no use as
the four brawl all over the building and into the parking lot. Morton smashes New Jack’s head into the hood of Jack’s Corvette, and the
alarm goes off!
2. A.C. Connor (D-Lo Brown) v. Mike Maraldo.
3. Bruiser Bedlam v. Steve Skyfire.
4. The Dirty White Boy v. Mike Maraldo
5. JIM CORNETTE & BRUISER BEDLAM jump Dirty White Boy. DWB had been threatening to strip Cornette and whip him
with a belt, so Corny turns the tables and does some whipping of his own. When DWB recovers, Cornette runs for his life.
6. Chris Candido & Boo Bradley v. Lance Storm & Brian Lee.

7. The Gangstas v. Anthony Michaels & Brian Logan
8. Boo Bradley v. Lance Storm (Bradley wins the SMW TV Title.)
9. Bob Armstrong v. Killer Kyle (Cornette runs in for the DQ and Bruiser Bedlam runs in as well. DWB makes the save)
SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV 10/1 – 10/8/94

1. SMW TV Champ Boo Bradley v. Brian Lee. (Boo uses a chain to get another win.)
2. JIM CORNETTE DOES A SCATHING INTERVIEW, running down both DWB and his wife, Dirty white Girl. This sets off a
DWB v Bedlam brawl, where bedlam uses a loaded glove to KO DWB, then Corny & Bedlam whip DWB with a belt.
3. OLE ANDERSON sends in an interview, announcing that his son Bryant is coming to SMW. Bryant looks just like Ole did in
1974, and says his “gimmick” is no gimmick at all.
4. Lance Storm v. Steve Skyfire.
5. ROCK & ROLL EXPRESS vs THE GANGSTAS- Gangstas apparently win the SMW tag belts using the nightstick. But
Bob Armstrong informs the ref, who restarts the match.

6. Commentator Bob Caudle announces the following the Gangstas v. RNR match from last week, the RNRs have been stripped
of the SMW Tag Titles and Gangstas have been given the tag belts.
7. The Dirty White Boy v. Steve Skyfire.
8. SMW TV Champ Boo Bradley v. Mike Maraldo.
9. ROCK & ROLL EXPRESS vs THE GANGSTAS- From last week. The Gangstas apparently win the SMW tag belts using
the nightstick. But Bob Armstrong informs the ref, who restarts the match.
10. BUT IT’S NOT OVER- The next week, Bob announces the Gangstas have been given the tag belts, as they had contacted
a civil rights lawyer, and SMW “had to ” give the belts to the Gangstas, or face a “multi-million dollar” lawsuit.
11. A CRAZY VIDEO of the Gangstas partying with their newly won tag belts in “The Hood” with virtually everyone in
sight brandishing weapons.
12. Robert Gibson v. Inferno Brimstone.
13. BATTLE ROYAL: Robert Gibson and Gangsta New Jack are the last remaining wrestlers. They brawl to a DDQ, then
Mustapha Saed comes in to help his partner. The dressing rooms empty to break it up. Gibson then goes for revenge by
attacking the Gangstas during their interview, and the dressing rooms empty again! Where was Ricky Morton? A clip
later airs of a badly beaten Morton, who says the Gangstas attacked him in the arena parking lot before the matches
SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV 10/15 – 10/22/94

1. Tracy Smothers v. George South (3:41).
2. The Gangstas v. Sean Casey & Brian Logan
3. Cornette, after tormenting Bob Armstrong for the last year, challenges him to one more match at this coming Thanksgiving
Thunder with a man of Cornette’s choosing with the stipulation that if Armstrong loses, he must leave Smoky Mountain forever.
Armstrong agrees on the stipulation that if Armstrong wins, Cornette will have to kiss his feet.
4. BRYANT ANDERSON vs STEVE SKYFIRE- Bryant debuts, with father Ole at his side- Bryant looks just like Ole did 20
years ago.
5. BOO BRADLEY vs SCOTT STUDD- CACTUS JACK appears at ringside, distracting Boo, who loses the TV title.
6. Int – Cactus Jack!, who says he sees a kindred spirit in Boo Bradley.

7. CACTUS JACK vs CHAD AUSTIN- Chad is billed from “Extreme, PA”- get it? Cactus wins a good match, the announces
his goal in to save Boo Bradley from Tammy Fytch. Tammy comes out to yell at Jack, who responds by asking for a hug-
8. Int – Rock & Roll Express, with footage of Ricky Morton after the hellacious beating he took in the parking lot a couple of
weeks ago.
9. SECURITY CAMERA FOOTAGE of the Gangstas in a bar, boasting about everything they’ve done to the Rock & Rolls.
The R&R’s burst into the bar, and pound the Gangstas with everything that’s not nailed down. The Gangstas bring this
tape to the police, and have the Rock & Rolls arrested! It’s all far-fetched, but it’s at least viable, unlike similar WCW angles. This was
even funnier because the bartender was not let in on the angle, and didn’t know that the brawl was
supposed to take place. HE WENT NUTS!
10. SMW TV Champ Scott Studd v. Sean Casey (2:07).
11. Lance Storm & Brian Lee v. George South & Steve Skyfire (1:57)
12. JIM CORNETTE announces he’s bringing in Abdullah The Butcher to destroy Bob Armstrong at Thanksgiving Thunder.
13. DIRTY WHITE BOY vs BRUISER BEDLAM, loser gets 10 lashes from the winner. DWB surprises Cornette by bringing
in Ron Wright to manage him. Wright’s interference leads to a DWB win, and Bruiser takes his lashes. It’s then
Cornette’s turn to feel the strap but all hell breaks loose- Bedlam decks, and Corny tosses powder in DWB’s eyes, then
handcuffs him to the ringpost. DWB watches helplessly as Cornette gives Ron a whipping! Hot, hot angle- TOTAL MAYHEM!
SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV 10/29 – 11/5/94

1. Bryant Anderson v. Scott Studd (Anderson wins the SMW TV Title.)
2. Video – Abdullah the Butcher, who will be facing Bob Armstrong at Thanksgiving Thunder
3. CACTUS JACK tries to talk Boo Bradley into breaking from Tammy Fytch- Boo seems interested until Tammy whispers
something in Boo’s ear, which makes him go nuts, attacking Jack. A pretty good brawl then ensues.
4. Chad Austin v. Bruiser Bedlam (2:18
5. Ricky Morton v. New Jack.( the match lasts about :45, then Gibson and Mustapha run in for the DDQ. Another wild
brawl follows, with the dressing rooms emptying and New Jack juicing heavily. The show cuts off with the brawl still
going strong.)

6. Brian Lee & Lance Storm v. Inferno Brimstone & Brian Logan
7. CACTUS JACK INTERVIEW- Boo Bradley comes out to apologize for last week’s brawl. He says that Chris Candido, Tammy
Fytch, and “Boots” are his only friends. Tammy then comes out with Boots, Boo’s pet cat, and threatens harm to her if Bradley
does not obey her (yes, a stupid angle). Cactus then says that Bradley is not the first man who has let “his fascination with
pussy lead him astray”!! Wow, you mean some TV stations were pissed over a little thing like that?
8. Int – Brian Lee & Cactus Jack
9. Promo – The Gangstas (with DLo Brown, who talk about the Ghetto Street Fight that they’ve signed with the Rock & Roll
Express for Thanksgiving Thunder.
10. Boo Bradley v. Chad Austin (Tammy brings Boo’s cat to ringside, threatening Boo with it.)
11. SMW TV Champ Bryant Anderson v. Sean Casey (4:13)
12. The Gangstas and the Rock & Roll Express (This was the rest of the footage from last week that was cut off when the
show went off the air.)
13. Int – Rock & Roll Express
SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV 11/12 – 11/19/94

This is mainly a review episode, where all of the angles leading into Thanksgiving Thunder are covered.
The only TV match is SMW TV Champ Bryant Anderson v. Tracy Smothers (Bryant gets a clean win, and Tracy offers a
handshake but Anderson takes a cheap shot! )

1. Boo Bradley & Chris Candido v. James Adkins & Anthony Michaels
2. SMW TV Champ Bryant Anderson v. George South via submission.
3. SMW Champ The Dirty White Boy v. Bruiser Bedlam in a “strap” match.
SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV 11/26 – 12/3/94

1. Tracy Smothers v. James Adkins.
2. SMW TV Champ Brant Anderson v. The Nightmare
3. JIM CORNETTE OFFERS THE GANGSTAS “the opportunity of a lifetime” by offering to manage them. But they
sneer at the “white preppy” Cornette, saying they’ll never need a “redneck” like him. Corny is humiliated!
4. Boo Bradley v. George South.
5. Chris Candido & Tammy Fytch continue to hold Boo Bradley’s cat hostage to keep Boo doing what they want.
6. Int – Cactus Jack, who still wants to liberate Boo Bradley from Candido & Fytch.
7. The Gangstas v. Brian Lee & Lance Storm (The Gangsta’s pal D-Lo Brown interferes liberally, and Chris Candido gets
involved to cost Lee the pinfall. Candido then hides under the ring, but Cactus Jack is awaiting for him. When Candido
appears, he gets smashed in the head with a trashcan.)
8. DIRTY WHITE BOY agrees to defend the title against a mystery man represented by “L.A. Sports Agent” Robert Harmon.

9. JIM CORNETTE PLOTS TO GET EVEN with the Gangstas by offering to manage his lifelong enemies, the Rock &
Roll Express, and to everyone’s surprise, the accept Jim’s offer to manage them during the “Christmas Chaos” tour.
HISTORIC ANGLE – as Jim Cornette has spent most of his career trying to destroy the RRX. Imagine how bad the
Gangstas must be to make Cornette willingly work with his most hated enemies the Rock & Roll Express?
10. Steve Armstrong v. D-Lo Brown . (This match was for the vacant SMW TV Title. The Gangstas run in, but Scott
Armstrong runs them off with a lead pipe. )
11. A “SUBMISSION EXHIBITION”- Bryant Anderson makes James Adkins submit. Tracy Smothers then puts the figure-four on
Anthony Michaels, but Bryant attacks Smothers, “injuring” his shoulder. This sets up a series of submission matches between the
12. CACTUS JACK vs CHRIS CANDIDO- Cactus is blinded by Tammy’s hair spray, Bradley runs in for the DQ)
SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV 12/10 – 12/17/94

1. George South v. Bruiser Bedlam .
2. Brian Lee v. The Nightmare (Lee wins the vacant SMW TV Title.)
3. We get a look at the Rock & Roll Express and their new manager Jim Cornette talking strategy about how to take out the
Gangstas. Needless to say, the discussion isn’t going very smoothly and the RNRs order the cameras turned off.
4. Int – Jim Cornette
5. THE SMW CAMERAS VISIT BOO BRADLEY, who has been forced to live in a boiler room, and is constantly mistreated by
Candido and Fytch.
6. Int – Cactus Jack & Brian Lee
7. SMW Tag Champs The Gangstas v. Steve & Scott Armstrong

8. Tracy Smothers v. The Nightmare
9. SMW TV Champ Brian Lee v. Inferno #1.
10. DIRTY WHITE BOY and “California Sports Agent” Robert Q. Harmon sign a contract for DWB to defend the SMW title
against an unknown opponent. Buddy Landell (one of my all-time faves) then makes a surprise appearance, and tries to suffocate
DWB with a plastic bag! Great to see the ultra-talented Landell back on TV.
11. JIM ROSS INTERVIEWS THE ROCK & ROLL EXPRESS, and lists all of the rotten things Jim Cornette has done to the
R&R’s since 1984- Cornette runs out to stop Ross, but the heat is high between Cornette and his two new charges.
12. The Gangstas v. Brian Logan & Steve Skyfire
13. Int – Buddy Landell
14. Cactus Jack v. Boo Bradley.
SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV 12/24 – 12/31/94

1. The Dirty White Boy v. The Nightmare.
2. Buddy Landel v. Steve Skyfire
3. SMW TV Champ Brian Lee v. D-Lo Brown.
4. The Rock-n-Roll Express v. The Masked Infernos. (A historic moment, as the R&R’s are managed by Cornette. The
Gangstas his the ring, and Cornette runs away- but returns to the ring with three tennis racquets, which he and the
R&R’s pound the Gangstas with)

6. JERRY LAWLER SENDS IN AN INTERVIEW, hyping his upcoming matches vs DWB- he antagonizes the “East Tennessee
rednecks”, doing almost a carbon copy of Andy Kauffman’s 1982 interviews, when he taunted Memphis fans.
7. BRUISER BEDLAM chews out his manager, Jim Cornette, claiming Corny spends too much time with
the Rock & Roll Express.
8. Bryant Anderson v. Anthony Michaels

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