Hoodslam Bioslam 06/15/2019 DVD


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Hoodslam Party World Rasslin Presents Bioslam 06/15/2019
The Mad Bladder in Action!
In the renal system, we'll pay a visit to a sentient bladder! And you KNOW you can't talk renal without mentioning MB's close friend, the 1-2-3 Kidney! Sounds good.
Luigi Primo vs. Bull DeCroix
In the colon, we'll see Luigi Primo, an extremely Italian pizza chef, do battle with Bull DeCroix: a train-obsessed railyard cop! What do Luigi's pizzas and Bull's train tracks have in common? You shouldn't put quarters on either! Even so, one of these competitors is bound to get FLATTENED!
The Dumpster Babes vs. The Platinum Partners
The cloaca...the most mysterious of all organs! Are we going to have a wrestling match there? "Unfortunately yes!" Crybaby and Sweetie Tuff -- these 2 magical beings are PWR's newest tag team: THE PLATINUM PARTNERS! Can the BLINDING RADIANCE of their bond weather the garbage storm of PWR's NASTIEST, MARRIEDEST COUPLE -- Pink Eye and Babyface? It's time...for Baby Time!

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