USWA Dallas TV - Volume 6 - Dissc 36 - 42 DVD

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Billy Joe Travis vs. Terrence Garvin

Brickhouse Brown vs. Dog of War

Chris Adams vs. Steve Austin (Football vs. Karate Match)

Jerry Lawler & Jeff Jarrett vs. Gary Young & Sweet Daddy Falcone


Billy Joe Travis vs. Ed Robinson

Jerry Lawler Promo

Gary Young + Jeff Jarrett

Steve Austin vs. Chris Germany

Chris Adams Promo

Gary Young vs. Barry Usher

Jeff Jarrett vs. Johnny Rand

Austin-Adams Recap

Steve Austin Interview

Chris Adams vs. Night Stalker

Angel of Death vs. Bubba Fangman

Rock N Roll RPMs vs. Marc Burns & Frogman Leblanc

Skip Young & Steven Dane vs. Dog of War & Black Knight

Jerry Lawler Promo

DISC 38 (Tracking Faults)

John Tatum Interview

Mike Davis vs. Skip Young

Bill Dundee Interview

Eric Embry – PY Chu Hi Recap

John Tatum vs. Bill Dundee

Rock N Roll RPMs Interview

Kevin Von Erich vs. Angel of Death

Jeannie vs. Toni


Chris Germany & J.P. Mulaula vs. Rock N Roll RPMs

Rod Price vs. Shane West

Gary Young – Jeff Jarrett Recap / Jeff Jarrett Interview

Jerry Lawler Promo

Austin – Adams Cage Recap / Chris Adams Interview

Chris Adams vs. Roy Collins

Jeff Jarrett vs. Jimmy James

Steve Austin vs. Mark Burns

Skip Young vs. Ed Robinson

Devastation Inc. w/ Terry Taylor Interview & Jerry Lawler Phone Call

Eddie Gilbert Promo & Music Video

Billy Joe Travis vs. Bubba Fangman

Angel of Death – Billy Joe Travis Recap

Devastation Inc. + Billy Joe Travis


Skip Young vs. Mark Burns

Gary Young & John Tatum vs. Barry Usher & Chris Germany

Austin – Adams Cage Recap

Chris Adams vs. Ed Robinson

Jeff Jarrett Interview / Jerry Lawler Promo

Jeff Jarrett vs. Pretty Boy Collins

Steve Austin vs. Dog of War

Chris Adams & Chris Von Erich Interview

Sweet Georgia Brown Interview

Rod Price vs. David Hinkell

Terrence Garvin vs. J.P. Mulaula

Billy Joe Travis & Steven Dane vs. Rock N Roll RPMs


Billy Joe Travis Interview / Billy Joe Travis vs. Pretty Boy Roy

Angel of Death Interview

Jeff Jarrett Interview

Percy Pringle Interview

Austin – Adams Cage Recap

Steve Austin Interview

Steve Austin + Chris Adams

Steve Austin vs. J.P. Mulaula

Gary Young Interview

Rod Price vs. Skull Jones

Skip Young vs. Tim Talltree (Iceman Parsons Interferes)

Chris Adams + Steve Austin

Iceman Parsons Interview

Iceman Parsons vs. Chris Germany

John Tatum vs. Shane West

Steve Dane, Jimmy James, Barry Usher vs. Rock N Roll RPMs & Louis Spicolli


Young-Jarrett Feud Recap

Steven Dane vs. Kevin Dillinger

Skandor Akbar Interview

Chris Adams & Chris Von Erich vs. Steve Austin & Percy Pringle

Toni Adams Interview

Jeff Jarrett vs. Gary Young

Jeannie Adams Interview

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