Best of Portland Wrestling from the 1970's - Volume 3 DVD


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Pull 'em up and get ready for some wrestling action from Portland Wrestling as our series of the Best of Portland Wrestling continues!

Match......Rogers vs Steve Pardee (Don Owen announces that this is the final live 8:30 TV show. Beginning the next week, the show would start to be taped delayed.) 9/8/79
Interview...Stan Stasiak & Steve Pardee (accepts "hair match" with Rose) 9/8/79
Match......Rose vs Adonis (Rogers & Steve Pardee are chained to each other) 9/8/79
Interview...Rose 9/8/79
Interview...Adonis (His final Portland TV appearance as he would lose a loser leave town match three days later.) 9/15/79
Match......Rose vs Pardee in a hair match (and someone ends up getting his head shaved in the ring!!!) 9/15/79
Interview...Rose 9/15/79
Match......Rose vs Jim Gagne 12/1/79
Match......Sheephearders vs Piper & Stasiak with Dutch Savage as referee (second & third falls joined in progress) During this match is another legendary moment found in these long lost tapes as Playboy Buddy Rose steals Roddy Piper's kilt & sets it on fire in the TV interview area ("The Crow's Nest") & it looked for a time like the fire could get out of control. The show was shown on a 90 minutes tape delay. Some people watching didn't know this & called the Portland Fire Department when this was on TV. When the PFD arrived, the Portland Sports Arena was locked up, dark & empty.
Interview...Piper with his burnt kilt 12/1/79
Interview...Rose (has lines caused by damaged video) 12/1/79

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