Best of Portland Wrestling from the 1970's - Volume 5 DVD


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More classic wrestling that is virtually impossible to find elsewhere is now on the site as we bring you Disc 5 of the Best of Portland Wrestling from the 1970's!

Match......Rose, Wiskowski & Sam Oliver (Ron) Bass vs Savage, Mayne & Young. Rose & Wiskowski end up turning on Bass & make him a bloody mess!!! 10/22/77
Interview...John Anson 10/22/77
Interview...Lonnie Mayne 10/22/77
Interview...Rose & Wiskowski with Bass run in 10/22/77
Match......Rose & Bass 11/5/77 (does have some tape damage lines)
Interview...Wiskowski 11/5/77
Interview...Skip Young/Gino Hernandez 11/5/77
Interview...Savage 11/5/77
Interview...Bass 11/5/77
Interview...Rose & Wiskowski 11/5/77 (poor video quality due to tape damage)
Interview...Johnny Eagles 12/3/77 (all 12/3/77 events have a somewhat iffy quality simply because it looks to have been taped off a TV with a "rabbitt ears" antenna that weren't properly adjusted, but are still VERY watchable! Remember, these were recorded in the days way before cable!!!)
Match......Rose & Wiskowski vs Bass & Mayne 12/3/77
Interview...Rose & Wiskowski 12/3/77...Rose is covered from head to toe in blood!!!
Interview...Bass & Mayne 12/3/77....a classic Lonnie Mayne interview as he EATS GLASS during the entire interview!!! This is one of Mayne's final appearances on Portland television as he left the area in mid-December 1977.

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