Classic Portland Wrestling Collection - Volume 01- 05 DVD Set


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11/28/81...both shows total 1:53...GREAT QUALITY!!!
Mike Masters vs Art Crews (Buddy Rose & Rocky Johnson run in)
Chung Lee vs Billy Whitecloid
Rose's Army: Buddy Rose, Stan Stasiak, Mike Masters & Matt Borne Interview
Buddy Rose/Stan Stasiak vs Rocky Johnson & King Parsons (2/3 falls)
Steve Regal/Rocky Johnson Interview
Buddy Rose Interview (Rocky Johnson joins and gets bloodied up)

Rose's Army Interview
Matt Borne/Buddy Rose vs Rocky Johnson/King Parsons (2/3 falls)
Buddy Rose/Mike Masters Interview
Steve Regal Interview
Rocky Johnson/King Parsons/Hack Sawyer Interview


5/8/82....complete show w/ commercials after the first match is joined 1:15
Curt Hennig vs Billy Whitecloud (joined in progress)
Rocky Johnson vs Mike Miller
David Schultz Interview
Andre the Giant & Brett "Hack" Sawyer vs Matt Borne/ Rip Oliver/Dizzy Hogan (2/3 falls)
Curt Hennig Interview
Tommy Rogers Interview
Andre/Brett Sawyer/Rocky Johnson Interview

7/14/84....23:00....GREAT QUALITY!!!
Buddy Rose/Matt Borne Interview...Rose returns to Portland & bloodies Borne as he turns heel
Intro of Hack Saywer/Buck Ramstead match
Buddy Rose Interview....strange that KPTV didn't bleep Rose calling Borne "a pussy"
Most of second fall of Saywer/Ramstead match
Tom Pritchard Interview
Matt Borne Interview

12/21/85....6:00....GREAT QUALITY!!!
The infamous "Santa Rip" incident....That match itself between Billy Jack Haynes & Diamond Timothy Flowers wasn't anything special. Both Billy Jack & Rip Oliver had been out of Portland for a few months. This was Billy's first match back. Nobody expected Oliver back. This was a surprise to everyone because "Santa" had been walking around the arena for over an hour tossing out candy to kids, as you'll see at the beginning of the clip. Also, as you'll see, Portland TV cut away before Santa hit the ring as they didn't want kids to Santa taking a tire iron to BJH.


5/15/82....complete show w/ commercials 1:29
Chris Adams vs Dizzy "Brutus Beefcake" Hogan
David Schultz vs Sivi Afi
David Schultz Interview
Curt Hennig vs Rip Oliver (2/3 falls)
Brett Sawyer/Tommy Rogers Interview
Chris Adams Interview
Hennig/Oliver Post Match Interview


5/22/82....complete show w/ commercials 1:27
Matt Borne vs Brett Sawyer
David Schultz vs Chris Adams
David Schultz Interview
Mike Miller/Dizzy Hogan vs Brett Sawyer/Tommy Rogers (2/3 falls...Miller has BLONDE hair!!!)
Rip Oliver/Matt Borne Interview
Curt Hennig Interview
Brett Sawyer/Tommy Rogers Interview


Buddy Rose & Hulk Hogan as a tag team in Japan....I don't know who they are wrestling as the audio is in Japanese
Buddy Rose Interview as he talks about being back from Japan
Buddy Rose/Matt Borne vs Brett Sawyer/Tommy Rogers (2/3 falls....Borne turns on Rose)
Rip Oliver Interview
David Schultz Interview
Matt Borne Post Match Interview

6/30/84....55:00 w/ commercials....GREAT QUALITY!!!
Mike Miller/Assassin/Mr. Ebony (Tom Jones) Interview
Matt Borne Interview
Tom Pritchard/Brett Sawyer vs Mike Miller/Mr. Ebony (2/3 falls)
Buddy Rose Interview
Tom Pritchard/Brett Sawyer Post Match Interview.....Pritchard is covered in blood.

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