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DISC #11

6/29/85....Complete show w/commercials (last two commercial breaks edited)....1:22....GREAT QUALITY!!!
Steve Simpson vs Diamond Timothy Flowers
Steve Pardee vs Playboy Buddy Rose
Bobby Jaggers/Ricky Vaughn Interview
Billy Two Eagles vs Karl Steiner
Mike Miller/Karl Steiner Interview
Jerry Grey vs Mike Miller
Mega Maharishi/Playboy Buddy Rose Interview
Bobby Jaggers/Ricky Vaughn Interview

7/6/85....12:00....GREAT QUALITY!!!
Mega Maharishi/Playboy Buddy Rose Interview
Ricky Vaughn vs Karl Steiner (third fall only)
Mike Miller/Karl Steiner Interview
9/28/85....10:00....GREAT QUALITY!!!
End of Billy Jack Haynes vs Rip Oliver match with a Bobby Jaggers heel turn run in
Rip Oliver/Bobby Jaggers Interview

DISC #12

2/16/85....25:00...GREAT QUALITY!!!
Bobby Jaggers vs Ed Wiskowski - joined in second fall (Wiskowski is starting to grow a beard to prepare for his Mega Maharishi gimmick, which would start in a few weeks.)
Billy Jack Haynes introduces Ricky Vaughn to Portland Wrestling
Bobby Jaggers interview as he debuts the new PNW heavyweight belt
Complete 20/20 segment on Pro Wrestling with the infamous David Schultz slap of John Stossel

4/20/85....Complete show w/ commercials joined at start of first match intros...1:25....GREAT QUALITY!!!
Karl Steiner vs Don Running Bear
Mega Maharishi vs Billy Two Eagles (Don Owen calls him Billy Two Rivers!)
During intro of the above match Rip Oliver returns to Portland after a six month absence and demands a TV match with Billy Jack Haynes
Road Warriors vs Steve Olsonoski/Jerry Monti in a taped match to promote the Road Warriors coming to Portland
Rip Oliver vs Billy Jack Haynes
Bobby Jaggers Interview
Mike Miller Interview
Billy Jack Haynes Post Match Interview

DISC #13

10/7/89...Complete show with commercials..GREAT QUALITY!!! 1:30
Show features commentary by Scotty the Body (AKA "Raven")
Grappler Interview
" Beetlejuice" Art Barr vs Ed Moretti
Al Madrill vs Carl Styles
Carl Styles, Steve Doll & Art Barr Interview
Scotty The Body vs Rex King with Jonathon Boyd handcuffed in the Crow's Nest
Jonathon Boyd vs Steve Doll
Al Madrill's "Fiesta Garden" with matches announced for next week's TV Title tournament
Rip Oliver vs Grappler with all wrestlers out of the building...Debut of Rip's son Larry as he tries to make the save.
Rip Oliver Interview
Bill Francis vs Brian Adams (match is still going as the show ends)
Incomplete Matches...30:00...GREAT QUALITY!!!

Jules Strongbow vs The Great Tia (end of match)
Matt Borne vs Al Madrill (first 4:00)
Billy Jack vs Scott Ferris (end of match)
Playboy Buddy Rose Interview
Jules Strongbow, Billy Jack & Curt Hennig Interview

Curt Hennig/Buddy Rose/Billy Jack Interview
Rip Oliver/Assassin vs Billy Jack/Buddy Rose (complete third fall only)

DISC #14

4/8/89....Complete show with no commercials 1:11
Show features commentary by Scotty the Body (AKA "Raven")
Carl Styles vs Joey Jackson
Brian Adams vs Nord The Barbarian - strap match...Adams is tied up and attacked with gallons of milk and boxes of Cherrios (???) by Nord and The Grappler
Grappler Interview
Col. DeBeers vs Art " Beetlejuice" Barr
Carl Styles & Brian Adams attack Playboy Buddy Rose & Al Madrill with straps
Playboy Buddy Rose vs Top Gun (David Sierra)
Interview with Portland Radio Personality Bill Prescott, who offers $500 to anyone who gets a picture of The Grappler without his mask. Grappler & Nord confront Prescott as Rowdy Roddy Piper makes the save.
Steve Doll vs Scott Peterson
Buddy Rose's "Rose Garden" with Scotty The Body, Scott Peterson & Beetlejuice
Kangaroo Jonathon Boyd vs Al Madrill
Steve Doll attacks Scotty The Body in the Crow's Nest as he's doing color on the Boyd/Madrill match

4/30/83...with original commercials...38:00
Rip Oliver vs Jesse Barr (joined in progress)
Shiek/Assassin Interview
Curt Hennig vs Shiek in Iranian Death Match
Rip Oliver/Assassin Interview
Curt Hennig/Billy Jack Interview

DISC #15

11/9/80...complete show w/ no commercials....1:12...GREAT QUALITY!!!
Buzz Sawyer vs Tiny Anderson  (Sawyer is called Buzzsaw Kane)
Kangaroo Jonathon Boyd Interview
Destroyer (David Sierra) vs Eric Emery
Playboy Buddy Rose & Rip Oliver Interview
Rose/Oliver vs Jay Youngblood/Joe Lightfoot
Destroyer Interview
Rose/Oliver Interview w/ Boyd run-in

10/31/81....15:00....GREAT QUALITY!!!
Playboy Buddy Rose/Mike Masters Interview
Matt Borne vs Mike Masters (intro & end of match only)
Borne & Rose match signing match interview
Steve Regal Interview

11/7/81....36:00....GREAT QUALITY!!!
Stan Stasiak, Buddy Rose, Mike Masters Interview
Playboy Buddy Rose vs King Parsons (Rocky Johnson debuts with a run in)
Steve Regal/Matt Borne Interview
Rocky Johnson vs Stan Stasiak
Playboy Buddy Rose vs Rocky Johnson
Buddy Rose Interview

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