Classic Portland Wrestling Collection - Volume 26 - 30 DVD


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DISC #26

7/23/83...1:00...7/23/83....GREAT QUALITY!!!
Curt Hennig/Scott Ferris (joined in progress)
Rip Oliver/Assassin Interview
Rip Oliver//Assassin vs Buddy Rose/Billy Jack
Buddy Rose/Billy Jack/Curt Hennig Interview
Curt Hennig Interview
Rip Oliver/Assassin/Buddy Rose/Billy Jack/Curt Hennig post match interview

11/12/88...1:00...GREAT QUALITY!!!
Al Madril vs Mike Golden
During the above match, Playboy Buddy Rose attacks Rex King in the Crow's News and start cutting his hair as Top Gun makes the save
Top Gun Interview
Scott Petersen vs Abudda-Dein...Grappler & Steve Doll run in
Grappler/Abudda-Dein/Matt Borne Interview
Buddy Rose vs Art Barr
Buddy Rose Interview
Grappler vs Top Gun....ends with a Buddy Rose & Matt Borne run in
Mike Golden/Scott Peterson/Steve Doll Interview
Buddy Rose/Matt Borne/Grappler/Abudda-Dein Interview

DISC #27

9/3/83....1:00....GREAT QUALITY!!!
Brian Adias vs Mike Miller
Al Madril vs Jules Strongbow
Dynamite Kid/Rip Oliver/Assassin Interview
Dynamite Kid/Assassin vs Playboy Buddy Rose/Curt Hennig
Buddy Rose/Curt Hennig/Billy Jack Interview (2x)
Rip Oliver/Dynamite Kid/Assassin Interview

9/10/83...1:15...Complete show w/ a few commercials...GREAT QUALITY!!!
Scott Ferris vs Sivi Afi
Mike Miller vs Al Madril
Rip Oliver/Dynamite Kid/Assassin Interview
Playboy Buddy Rose/Curt Hennig/Billy Jack vs Dynamite Kid/Rip Oliver/Assassin
Buddy Rose Interview
Rip Oliver/Dynamite Kid/Assassin Interview
Buddy Rose/Curt Hennig/Billy Jack Interview

DISC #28

12/3/88....1:06...complete show with no commercials
Top Gun vs Abudda-Dein (coal miners glove match w/Buddy Rose run-in)
Al Madril vs Steve Doll
Top Gun Interview
Super Clash III Promo
Art Barr vs CW Bergstrom
Abudda-Dein/Buddy Rose Interview (2x)
Steve Doll/Scott Peterson vs Buddy Rose/Art Crews
Top Gun/Steve Doll/Scot Peterson Interview

Bonus footage:

WCW: Dennis Condrey/Randy Rose/Paul E. Dangerously attack Jim Cornette/Bobby Eaton/Stan Lane

AWA/ESPN: Scott Hall/Curt Hennig vs Playboy Buddy Rose/Doug Somers (Col. DeBeers run-in)
Curt Hennig/Scott Hall Interview
Shawn Michaels/Marty Jannetty Interview
Marty Jannetty vs Buddy Rose (Start and end of match with Michaels & Sommers run-ins)
Shawn Michaels/Marty Jannetty Interview
Shawn Michaels/Marty Jannetty vs Buddy Rose/Doug Somers (in their classic bloodbath match)

DISC #29
1/5/86....1:05....GREAT QUALITY!!!
Ed Wiskowski vs Jerry Grey
Cuban Assassin vs Mondo Guerrero
Mike Miller/Mr. Ebony Interview
BATTLE ROYAL with Tom Pritchard, Bobby Jaggers, Billy Two Eagles, Don Running Bear,
Mike Miller, Mr. Ebony, Cuban Assassin, Ed Wiskowski, Jerry Grey, Kendo Nagasaki,
Mando Guerrero & Sivi Afi
Bobby Jaggers Interview
Mike Miller vs Don Running Bear
Tom Pritchard Interview
Mike Miller Interview

1/12/85...1:01....GREAT QUALITY!!!
Bobby Jaggers vs Sivi Afa
Cuban Assassin vs Jerry Grey
Kendo Nagasaki/Ed Wiskowski Interview
Billy Two Eagles/Don Running Bear vs Mike Miller/Mr. Ebony
Mike Miller/Mr. Ebony Interview
Cuban Assassin Interview
Tom Pritchard Interview

DISC #30

1/19/85....1:02....GREAT QUALITY!!!
Mike Miller vs Jerry Grey
Bobby Jaggers vs Mr. Ebony
Bobby Jaggers Interview
Tom Pritchard vs Cuban Assassin (bloody)
Mike Miller Interview
Tom Pritchard Interview

1/26/85....50:00....GREAT QUALITY!!!
Kendo Nagasaki vs Mando Guerrero
Bobby Jaggers vs Mike Miller (Jaggers presented with new PNW belt)
Ed Wiskowski/Kendo Nagasaki Interview
Bobby Jaggers/Mike Miller post match interview after Miller steals new belt

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