Best of Jerry Lawler 1974-1989 - 4 Discs

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This set covers Jerry 'The King' Lawler's career from 1974 through 1989, and includes:
The King's beginnings in 1974, managed by Sam Bass.
See him insulting the early announcers and Lance & Dave too, facing The Stomper, Jackie Fargo, Tommy Rich, thrown down bleachers by Robert Fuller, Rocky Johnson challenge match on TV.
His 1st song and music video for “Bad News”, Lance goes to the recording studio as Jerry records "Cadillac Man"(1st ever appearance of Jimmy Hart, then simply a musician helping Lawler record and write songs), Adam West(BATMAN) visits the studio and is greeted by The Evil King! (has to be seen!), see as the Bill Dundee feud begins and they capture tag titles as a team.
A series of matches and funny interviews including their long match with Bill’s hair at stake.
See Bill's wife attack Jerry on TV! Jerry and Bill become partners and Jimmy Valiant interrupts their interview with Lance.(It turns into an argument that ends up very heated).
His problems with not helping Wayne Farris into the wrestling business turn into a hated feud with the Legendary Tupelo
Concession Stand brawl, Jimmy Valiant interrupts The King's concert at the MSC violently, Austin Idol breaks Jerry's hand and greets his title match with Prof. Toru Tanaka with some ink!
Lawler backstage after his win over Superstar Billy Graham for the CWA World Title, fighting Nick Bockwinkle(Belt vs. Belt)
Breaking his leg at the beginning of 1980 and his return
RARE match against Hulk Hogan as Jimmy Hart interferes and becomes Lawler's rival for years to come
Joe Leduc feats of strength
CRAZY interviews and matches against Lawler.
See the worst injury Jerry ever suffered!
Hart brings in Dream Machine to face Jerry after his year layoff with a broken leg.
Machine attacks him in the coliseum and gets tarred & feathered on TV the following week.
Handsome Jimmy comes back as Southern Champ and Lance shows clips that don’t sit well with Lawler.
King faces Kamala trying to find a way to hang on during their matches.
The bloody Terry Funk match that led to their infamous Empty Arena Challenge match! (This is the UNCENSORED VERSION with Terry screaming curses at Lance.)
Andy Kaufman feud with tons of clips leading into their legendary match. Features their "David Letterman" appearance (COMPLETE INTERVIEW with UNCENSORED Andy that never made it to TV!!)
One and only appearance of Ric Flair on Memphis TV as Lawler cons him into a World Title Match Live!
The Dundee/Lawler feud coming to a boil again. F
ace off interviews lead to their Legendary Loser Leaves Town match(ENTIRE match is shown!)
Rick Rude's Valet, Angel, finds out why she shouldn't interfere in his matches!
Jerry is presented with a Mexican Award that turns out to be from Las Vegas..., teaming with Austin Idol against the Road Warriors, their new friendship gets trashed over a title shot.
A series of matches lead to the hair match that shocked Memphis!
While defending promoter Eddie Marlin in the studio parking lot, Jerry is hit by a car!

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