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Long before he revolutionized the world of Sports Entertainment as the middle-finger sticking, beer guzzling, "What" yelling, Rattlesnake of the WWF, even long before his semi-fame as a member of the Dangerous Alliance and Hollywood Blondes in WCW, Steve Williams was "Stunning" Steve Austin, a hot rookie in the legendary WCCW/USWA promotion based out of Dallas, Texas. This bargain priced DVD chronicles 5 of his matches out of his rookie year in the USWA.


1. Eric Embry and Steve Austin w/ Tojo Yamamoto vs. "Gorgeous" Gary Young and "Superstar" Bill Dundee:
Embry was THE top star of the USWA in the late 80's and early 90's. Young and Dundee were stars out of the Memphis territory (which merged with World Class to form the USWA). This is a good old-school tag match. The match itself gets off to a slow start but totally picks up toward the middle to a really hot finish. Notable thing about this match: Dr. Tom Pritchard, currently a WWF official, was doing color commentary for this match. One of his quotes (paraphrased), Im very impressed with this rookie Austin. He'll be big one day. I don't think even Pritchard had any idea.
2. Austin w/ Jeanie Clark vs. Big Al Clinton:
Clark was Austins valet at the time and was in fact his wife. Clinton (WHO???) is this REALLY big, flabby, fat guy who was the jobber of the day for Austin. This is a basic jobber squash for Austin notable for a few things: 1 - Austin delivers some pretty mean lip to Clinton showing some of that Rattlesnake thrash-talking a good 7 years before hand, 2 Austin delivers a Superfly splash!!! (???) and 3 in typical heel fashion, Jeanie gets some post-match shots in on Clinton.
3. Missouri Tiger Jeff Gaylord, Sheik Braddock and Austin w/General Skandor Akbar vs. Gentleman Chris Adams, 'Maniac' Matt Borne and Eric Embry:
lord and Braddock were two USWA workers. Akbar was a top heel manager in the territory for YEARS. Adams, who passed away in 2001, was a legendary top talent in Texas for almost two decades and was in fact Austins trainer. Borne was a prolific worker throughout the South and had a stint in WCW as Big Josh. He is probably best known though as the original Doink the Clown in the WWF. This was a solid match with tons of nice spots and great action. The crowd was very hot for this one.
4. Austin w/ Jeanie vs. Jimmy James:
Another jobber squash for Austin. Decent spots.
5. Austin and Percy Pringle III vs. Chris Von Erich and Chris Adams:
Pringle was a heel manager in the USWA and throughout the South. He is best-known as WWF/Undertaker manager Paul Bearer. The late Chris Von Erich was the youngest and smallest of the legendary Von Erich wrestling brothers. Unfortunately his limited size and health did not allow him to excel as his brothers did and that led him to suicide shortly afterward. This match was a payoff match to a feud between Pringle and Von Erich and the crowd was HOT for this match. Tons of comedy spots with Von Erich and Pringle. Austin's top feud in the USWA was in fact with Adams where they did a 'student vs. teacher' angle. Austin and Adams did most of the work here. All in all, very fun and entertaining. 10 minutes. 3 ½ stars.

MATCHES - Disc 2
1. Steve Williams vs. The Punisher (Undertaker).
2. Steve Willaims vs. "Medicine Man" Chris Youngblood.
3. Steve Austin vs. "Gentleman" Chris Adams.
4. Steve Austin, Gary Young, Jeff Gaylord & Skandor Akbar vs. Eric Embry, Jeff Jarrett, Bill Dundee & Percy Pringle (Paul Bearer) - 8-Man Toughman Texas Tornado Match.
5. Steve Austin vs. Chris Adams.
6. Steve Austin & Jeannie vs. Chris Adams & Toni.

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